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YY小洲怎么火的 2019年YY小洲怎么封了


When it comes to YY anchor Xiaozhou, I think everyone should be very familiar with him. This anchor is very popular, and he is also a gold medal anchor under YY. He is not only a anchor, but also a domestic original MC singer. But how was he sealed in nineteen? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!


What's the fire in YY


Speaking of this small continent, friends who often watch his live broadcast should know that his live broadcast content is very good, with a lot of talents, being able to shout wheat, sing songs and tell jokes. Such a versatile male anchor is really rare. And there are some original songs. On the other hand, Xiaozhou's EQ is very high. He knows how to communicate with people, how to expand his contacts and so on, which are all the reasons why he can get angry.


What happened to YY in 2019


As for why Xiaozhou was closed in 19 years. The reason for being sealed is really his own fault, which is entirely caused by his own song. At that time, he and other anchor Lianmai, in the process of live broadcast of Lianmai, abused the typhoon victims directly with swearing, and there were many insults to the country. He even wore this national flag T-shirt to say that "saying that I am a traitor is praising me". Such a speech is really treacherous! In the end, the studio was closed directly. Many netizens also asked to permanently close the studio, but the YY platform is very maintenance of Xiaozhou.


At that time, it was a very serious incident. Although he closed his live room, he never made a public announcement, so he would be unsealed later.


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