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The fate of small people is generally a tool for big people to gain status, wealth and reputation. Most of them are like boats losing oars and rudders on the river. They can only drift with the current and have no ability and qualification to dominate the fate.


In the last year, the rule of the Han Dynasty was directly shaken. First of all, he made a mess, broke into Chang'an with his "wolf like tiger" and burned, killed and looted. Dong Zhuo, with the ambition of not being a minister, made a great deal of terrorist rule and abused the imperial palace.


Situ uses the beauty scheme, one female and two Xu, and one arouses Dong Zhuo and his enemies, except Dong Zhuo.


But the Han Dynasty was too sick to go back to heaven. The warlords with troops in their hands are no longer diligent in the king's affairs, but strive to seize the territory. Therefore, in the Central Plains, there is a tragedy of "white bones exposed in the wild, without crows for thousands of miles".


Xing, the people suffer, perish, the people suffer. When this kind of Dynasty is going to die, people will suffer even more.


A hero comes out of a troubled world. Cao Cao stands out in the surging tide of the times. He killed Lu Bu, defeated Liu Bei, killed Liu Biao, demoted, killed "


He was forced to occupy the time of the day by the emperor's order. The counselors and generals let him occupy the harmony of people, but the only thing that made him sleepless was Hebei.


How can one sleep on the side of the couch!


Yuan Shao thinks so too, but he is a man of great ambition, lack of courage, mean and ungrateful. He is headstrong. He has many soldiers and unclear command. He will be arrogant and give different orders.


When yuan shaobu came down to Cao Cao, Xu you did not let Cao Cao's backward performance down to meet him. He offered Cao Cao a plan to burn the black nest and cut off Yuan Shao's supplies. Yuan's army was in chaos. Yuan Shao was defeated without fighting. He threw down 100000 troops and fled back to Hebei with 800 guards.


Of course, I didn't write so much about the wit and bravery of meeting Cao Cao again, but about the follow-up work to see how miserable people were born in the Three Kingdoms era.


After the war of Guandu, Yuan Shao only lost 70000 soldiers. In fact, Yuan Shao's strength did not weaken much. Yuan Shao still occupied four prefectures, namely Hebei, Qinghai, Youhe and Hezhou, with several hundred thousand members.


For Cao Cao, Yuan Shao was still the most important opponent threatening his unification of the north. Therefore, Cao Cao did not rest his troops, but sent them to Qingzhou to attack Yuan Tan.


Yuan Tan is the eldest son of Yuan Shao. Yuan Tan, a general who was good at fighting and was very resourceful in the process of pacifying Hebei Province, was dissatisfied with Yuan Tan's preference for his youngest son and his brothers were mutilated.


In the fraternal duel, Yuan Tan killed yuan Shang. Of course, Cao Cao made a lot of efforts in the dark. Now only Yuan Tan is left. Cao Cao turns his gun and starts to clean up Yuan Tan.


However, Yuan Tan was not easy to provoke. According to the natural danger of the Yellow River and the resistance in the corner, he turned out to be a bone that was hard to chew and nearly broke Cao Cao's two front teeth.


It was the first month, the coldest time in the north. The river was covered with thick ice, so Cao Cao's warships could not pass.


So Cao Cao went all over the place to enlist civil servants to make ice. These farmers, who are dozens of miles around, are driven here like pigs and sheep. They are naked, yellow and skinny, shivering in the cold wind.


At that time, there were many people who fled, so Cao Cao issued an order and said, "if anyone dares to escape, cut off“


People only pay attention to heroes when they read history. Few people pay attention to the lives of the people under the heroes' swords and horses. However, it inadvertently records the next neglected detail, which adds a little smoke and fire to this historical book.


"Three Kingdoms" wrote: a villager because of hard labor, so he fled in the middle of the night, but he lost, and returned to the site.


According to Cao Cao's law, to escape is to behead. So he came to Cao Cao and turned himself in for leniency.


He said: "prime minister, I fled to the middle of the road, and then I thought, Duke Cao killed Yuan Shao and beat Yuan Tan, which is a good deed for heaven. How can I escape? So I came back, please forgive me. "


Cao Cao was very lenient and said, "I gave the order. I'm afraid it's hard to obey it if you don't obey it. Now you're back and kill you again. You're not benevolent. Well, you can sneak back. Don't let the soldiers see you. "


Seeing that Cao Cao was so amiable, the villager kowtowed like a chicken pecking at rice and stumbled out of Cao Cao's account.


This villager seems to have picked up a life, but if you think so, you underestimate Cao Cao too much.


The seemingly understatement in the records of the Three Kingdoms thoroughly exposed Cao Cao's hypocrisy and treachery.


"Later, the people hunted for officials and killed them“


Who divulged the news that the villagers fled and returned? Did the villagers come out first, or did they expose themselves, or was it directed by Cao Cao? No one knows. It's always not written in the historical books, and it's not easy for us to speculate.


I guess it was Cao Cao who looked at the grateful villager with an imperceptible smile on his face. As soon as he glanced at the guard around him, the soldier's mind would tell the official in charge of it.


So the official caught the villager and made a "chicken" to kill the monkey!


From the experience of this unnamed little people, you can see how hypocritical those rulers who speak for the well-being of the people are.


In the troubled times, how miserable the common people are. Their lives are worthless, but the tools for heroes to realize their own private wishes. When we read history and look up to the hero, we must think about the mountains of corpses that fell beside him.


Some of these people were killed by him, some died because of him.


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