With bronze as a mirror, a man can correct his clothes; with history as a mirror, he can know his ups and downs; he can know his gains and losses. What is the story of our master, ad Yuyi?


The original name of this princess is yuanyuyi, and it is called "Princess Langya" by later generations. Her birth was extremely noble. Her grandfather was her brother, the chief minister of power in the court, and the most famous rich man at that time. Her family's wealth was enough to match the national treasury. Her father was a descendant who could inherit the title. According to the regulations at that time, her identity should be "Princess". However, due to her prominent family background, the royal family specially named her "Princess".


At that time, the country was in chaos. When Emperor Xiaoming ascended the throne, all the situation worsened. Inside, there is Hu behind the scenes, which makes the whole court a mess, and the private life is even more offensive. Outside, there are all kinds of unrest, and people's lives are miserable. Emperor Xiaoming didn't want to be subject to his mother all the time, so he planned to take soldiers to the imperial city and force Hu family to hand over power. But I didn't expect that the Empress Dowager knew this in advance. Hu was so angry that he joined his servants to poison him to death and ordered that a three-year-old child should be made a new emperor.


Hu's practice shocked both inside and outside the imperial court. Then erzhurong took the opportunity to attack the imperial palace with his soldiers, caught the Empress Dowager and the young emperor, and threw them into the river. From then on, the country split into peace. Later, the rebels killed most of the royal family members and senior officials, killing yuanyuyi's grandfather and father. At that time, yuanyuyi was still very young, but she was reduced from a Royal Princess to a servant with low status.


Somehow, she came to an official named sun Teng. She was a princess of a dynasty. She was not only very beautiful, but also had noble temperament that ordinary women didn't have. So sun tenggang began to attach great importance to her. But she didn't think that this man didn't want to marry her, but regarded her as the singer in her own house. Since she came into the house, she not only had to serve the host, but also performed singing and dancing when the host entertained guests, pouring tea and wine for others to accompany her, which made her feel extremely humiliated. What's more, it didn't take long for sun Teng to get tired of her and drive her out of the door directly. She was forced to live in the street.


In 547, Gao Huan, the minister who actually controlled the power of the Eastern Wei Dynasty, died of illness, and Gao Cheng, his eldest son, became the second real person in power at that time. In that year, Gao Cheng suddenly met yuanyuyi like a beggar on the way. Although her clothes were ragged, she still had a peerless face. Gao Cheng fell in love with her and immediately accepted her as his concubine.


Since then, yuanyuyi has been favored by her husband. This time, she doesn't need to be forced to perform songs and dances every day, and she lives a very happy life every day. Later, when her husband heard about her encounter, he felt more affection for her and asked the emperor to confer the title of a princess on her. Although her husband dotes on her very much, he is also a very lustful man in his heart. Long ago, her husband became famous and often asked his friends to search for beauties for him.


Gao Cheng was very happy after he had yuanyuyi, and he also showed off to his friends: "although you find many beauties for me, there is no one comparable to the one I found myself." When her husband's friends heard about it, they immediately went home to see her face. When her husband learned about her friend's thoughts, he proudly brought yuan Yuyi out to meet the guests. It can be seen that although Gao Cheng dotes on her, he only regards her as his "booty".


Soon after, her husband heard that she had another sister named yuan Jingyi, who was also very beautiful, so he tried to get to know her sister. At that time, her elder sister had already married and had children, but secretly had contacts with Gao Cheng, so the two sisters began to serve the husband together. Later, Gao Cheng asked the emperor to make her sister a princess. Her sister was very happy and more attentive to her brother-in-law. What's more, Gao Cheng also promoted her sister's husband and son, not only to promote their family, but also to reward a lot of treasures.


However, in Gao Cheng's heart, she still dotes on Yuan Yuyi more, so she specially lets her live in her office place all the time, so that the two can be together at all times. Generally, the office is strictly guarded. In order not to make her feel bored, her husband specially ordered to relax the surrounding security, so that she could have unbridled exchanges, but unexpectedly caused a disaster.


There is a servant named Lanjing in Gaocheng '. Since then, there has been no record of yuanyuyi in history books.


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