Do you know the story of taking western medicine for the first time.


"Kangxi Dynasty" is a wonderful TV play, which many viewers applaud. But you may not know that in fact, in the whole TV series, there is a bridge that is not accurate. This bridge is the process of Kangxi taking western medicine. How to take western medicine? If you want to know, let Xiaobian uncover the secret for you:


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In the Kangxi Dynasty, which starred in it, a classic bridge was performed. In the 32nd year of Kangxi, Emperor Kangxi was just 40 years old. After years of savings and management, Gerdan, the leader of Junggar tribe, finally had the capital to fight against the Qing Dynasty, so he launched a fierce rebellion, and the frontier areas of the Qing Dynasty began to ignite a raging war.


In order to quickly pacify the rebellion, Emperor Kangxi decided. But at the time of the victory of the Qing army, Emperor Kangxi himself suffered from severe malaria. The high fever and coma for many days made the Emperor Kangxi once. This not only frustrated the morale of the army, but also made the princes in the city of Beijing have begun to fight for the throne.


At this time, two European missionaries passed by. Hearing of Emperor Kangxi's illness, they gave quinine, a special western medicine for malaria treatment. After Kangxi took quinine, he recovered as expected, annihilated the geldan tribe at one stroke, and successfully quelled the riots in the palace.


When many audiences saw this place, they made a sweat for Emperor Kangxi, and they still couldn't help exclaiming at the magic of Western medicine by Western missionaries. But what Xiaobian wants to tell you is that the interpretation of this bridge is not accurate, and there are many loopholes in it. As we all know, as Emperor Kangxi's son, his personal safety is absolutely guaranteed. Emperor Kangxi can't drink the medicine sent by strangers, even if it is a special drug for malaria treatment.


In this case, what's the real situation of Emperor Kangxi taking quinine? In the TV series of the Kangxi Dynasty, before Emperor Kangxi took quinine, his imperial concubine tried the medicine twice. After it was determined that no one had poisoned it, Emperor Kangxi took it. However, this is obviously not reliable. Even if the Emperor himself is a man of ten thousand gold, at least the imperial concubine is also a "mouse" who can not be used as a test drug first.


At that time, the true situation was that European missionaries did not get the trust of ministers in the court after presenting quinine. Instead, they were suspected to be spies sent by Gerdan, even when they were strictly monitored. All the officials of the long-standing eunuch sea knew that if Emperor Kangxi really died of illness, the consequences might be unimaginable.


The Qing Dynasty had just established itself in the Central Plains. After the Great Campaigns of pacifying San Francisco, exterminating Zheng's family, and fighting against tsarist Russia, the country had just shown signs of peace. At this time, if Emperor Kangxi returns to heaven, the army may face a disastrous expedition. With the wanton struggle of the Royal sons in the court, the situation will immediately become a pot of porridge. At that time, Gerdan will collude with the folk anti Qing forces, and the Great Qing will be in danger.


At this critical moment, some conservative ministers still adopted a conservative attitude and did not agree to allow Emperor Kangxi to take western medicine, which resulted in the division of the officials into two groups. Seeing that Emperor Kangxi's condition was getting worse, the ministers were all in a hurry, and then they came up with a compromise to find someone to test the medicine.


At that time, there were many malaria sufferers in the Qing army. The ministers specially asked people to find three soldiers with the most serious illness, and they immediately took the western medicine quinine (the powder milled from the skin of cinchona). After only one night's work, the three soldiers immediately changed from fever and coma, and all the diseases disappeared.


However, the crown prince who followed the emperor's personal expedition did not agree with the emperor's medication. The reason is simple. The emperor's body is of ten thousand gold. How can a soldier drink medicine to be sick compared with an ordinary soldier? The emperor is not necessarily able to.


There was no way. The three ministers who accompanied them personally sacrificed their lives to test the medicine. After taking the medicine, they proved that the medicine was safe. Seeing this situation, the crown prince was forced to believe in the efficacy of quinine. In line with the purpose of "dead horse as living horse doctor", he carefully served the Emperor Kangxi and took quinine.


After the same night, Emperor Kangxi recovered quickly. He was still bedridden at the beginning and was able to walk down in the morning, which surprised the ministers. Next, the emperor rewarded the soldiers who had been "brave to test medicine" and the three ministers who had been testing medicine, and thanked them for "saving" the future of the Qing Dynasty.


The process of Emperor Kangxi serving QUINING is not simple. On the one hand, it's the safety of the emperor's life. On the other hand, it's the unpredictable efficacy of foreign medicine. When the two aspects are intertwined, it's hard to choose between them. What Xiaobian wants to say is that he believes in science, and finally Kangxi picks up a life, denies science, and Kangxi's life is gone. History has no hypothesis. This is a truth The truth.


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