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曹操和刘备死后 孙权为什么不能统一天下



Why can't we unify the world? This is a problem that many readers are concerned about. Next, let's get to know with you and give you a reference.


Sun Quan's army, playing defense on the edge of the Yangtze River, can also play a bit of momentum. Once it pulls out, it will invade and surely be run. So, really don't expect Sun Quan to come out.


He died in March 220, and then in June 223. To be able to live, Sun Quan was able to live. He lived for 70 years and died in 252 ad. Nearly 30 years have passed since the death of Cao Cao and Liu Bei.


If this is a turbulent time and Sun Quan is a real hero, he should really rule the world. However, the world is not chaotic and Sun Quan is not a real hero.


1. The three countries are a game of equilibrium. Heroes give way to the situation


At the beginning of the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the world was completely disrupted by political chaos. At this time, the world is full of low fruits.


According to one Prefecture, they are the great warlords, such as Jingzhou and Yangzhou; according to one county, they are also the great lords, such as Liu you according to Dantu and Kuaiji. There are countless vassals in the state and county, and these people are all little monsters who are upgraded to fight monsters.


So, at this time, heroes have their place.


Four generations and three gongs, according to Bohai County, fought all over Hebei, Qinghai, Youhe and four prefectures, called Hebei Yuan Shao, dominating the world.


Cao Cao, who started by Chen Liu, easily went down to Yanzhou, then took the emperor to unify the whole northern world.


Sun Quan's elder brother, who was also a tyrant in troubled times, was forced to fight, so he separated the whole three Wu areas in the east of the river.


These people are heroes, but heroes can achieve great feats in such turbulent times. Because the chaos is full of drooping fruits, as long as the hero moves, he can easily take counties and easily make separatism.


However, the three countries are different.


After Liu Bei joined Yizhou, the situation of three parts of the world has become. In the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the chaos was over, and Cao Cao, Sun Quan and Liu Bei were the three dominant families.


The people of land counties and households are either Liu Bei's, Cao Cao's or Sun Quan's. If they want to rob them, they have to rob them from these three people. And those who can rob land and people can only be Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan, the three most powerful and ruthless roles.


In the past, a county was to be conquered; a county is to be swept up, which can be occupied by a city and a land. The world is full of drooping fruits. However, it's not so simple to rob a city and a land, because it must be one of the three countries behind you. You must have the strength to serve a country, so that you can rob a city and a piece of land. The world has no drooping fruit.


This is the situation. In this situation, heroes have no place to fight. We can fight for strength.


2. Not only did the eastern Wu not have the ability to conquer the world, the key was that it did not have the ambition to conquer the world


Among the three, Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan are determined to unify.


Why should Cao Cao unify?


It's not only to coerce the emperor to order the princes, but also to have this strength. Since we have the strength to carry out reunification, why not? The battle of Chibi is the battle of reunification, and Cao Cao was the first to fight. But then he failed.


Why did Liu Bei unify?


Because Liu Bei played the banner of reviving the Han Dynasty, and reviving the Han Dynasty would have to be unified. This is the legitimacy of Liu Bei group.


Cao Cao's legitimacy is based on the emperor's coercion, while Liu Bei's is based on the restoration of Han Dynasty. Therefore, Cao Cao and Liu Bei need to unify.


But that's not the case with Sun Quan.


The supporters behind Sun Quan are the jiangdonghao people, who have little ambition to unify. The central plains are in such a mess. Why wade in this muddy water. Moreover, the unity is not unified, and it has nothing to do with the jiangdonghao people, because no matter who is in the world, they are singing and dancing. Therefore, before the battle of Chibi, the interior of the eastern Wu was divided into the main battle faction and the main peace faction. The main he faction is the jiangdonghao. In the eyes of these people, it doesn't matter whether Sun Quan or Cao Cao is in charge.


This is the internal situation of Soochow.


Therefore, it is OK for these people to fight on the Yangtze River, that is, to defend themselves against external humiliation at their own doorstep. In particular, they robbed Jingzhou together with Sun Quan. Jingzhou is also their own land. If they fight down, they will get benefits. Therefore, they all want to think and work hard together.


However, once the northern expedition is to be carried out, it will be different. These guys really don't help. Therefore, Sun Quan is sitting in Sanwu and Jingzhou, but he can't even reach the Huaihe River. Even if Sun Quan wants to reach the Huaihe River, it's useless. The Jiangdong haos behind don't work hard.


3. Is Sun Quan a real hero?


In the battle of Chibi, Sun Quan showed his head. He fought with Liu Bei and Cao Cao and fled to the north. And after the battle of Chibi, Sun Quan, Liu Bei and Cao Cao gave Liu Biao's Jingzhou.


After the battle of Chibi, Sun Quan's only and beautiful war was that of crossing the river in white, sneaking attack and the following, and finally driving Liu Bei's forces out of Jingzhou.


In addition, Sun Quan's achievements are really sorry for his reputation.


In 215 ad, Cao Cao and Liu Bei fought in Hanzhong, so Sun Quan went to attack Hefei. As a result, Cao Cao didn't bother at all. As soon as the general came out, Sun Quan was killed without any armour. This is to steal chicken without eating rice.


In 226 ad, Cao Cao not only died, but also Cao Pi, Cao Cao's son. This is the best time to make a sneak attack. Therefore, Sun Quan went to steal chicken again, but he was rejected by others.


In 228 A.D., during the first northern expedition, Cao Wei did not even look at Sun Quan, but directly transferred the southern elite troops to the central government for support. In the autumn of that year, with the cooperation of Zhuge Liang and Hanzhong troops, Sun Quan got something, but he just robbed some people and money, and there was no big action.


In A.D. 232, Sun Quan then made small moves to contact gongsunyuan in Liaodong and sent an emissary to Liaodong with great gifts from the sea. As a result, gongsunyuan cut off the emissary of the eastern Wu and gave it to Cao Wei. This almost didn't enrage Sun Quan.


In 234 ad, Sun Quan was going to attack Hefei again. As a result, Sun Quan didn't dare to fight, so he withdrew immediately.


In 241 ad, Sun Quan came up with the idea of sending Quan Cong to attack Huainan and Lu'an, but the result was nothing.


When Cao Cao died, Cao Pi succeeded. When Liu Bei died, he took over the shift smoothly. At the time of Sun Quan's death, there was a struggle between the two palaces, and no decent one was chosen.


Therefore, Sun Quan is not a real hero. If he had a little ability, he would take advantage of Zhuge Liang's and repeated northern expeditions to push forward the Huaihe River to the north.


Finally, three points are summarized:


First, the three countries have entered the game equilibrium state, and the significance of heroes is not great, and the situation is fundamental. Therefore, when Cao Cao died and Liu Bei died, Sun Quan could not change the situation.


The second is that the eastern Wu also has its own problems. The local forces of the eastern Wu only want to be local tyrants in the south, and they have no ambition to drive the Central Plains.


Third, looking at Sun Quan's achievements, he can only be regarded as the king of guarding the city, far less than his father and brother sun CE in creating achievements.


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