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Both Han Xin and Xiang Yu were the best military strategists of the period. Li Wanfang, a scholar of the period (the descendant of Li meieying, a famous minister), once commented on Xiang Yu's "divine bravery, which is unique for thousands of years". Xiang Yu believes in force and is brave and good at fighting. His fighting is characterized by bravery, so he is called "God of war" by later generations.


During the Chu and Han Dynasties, the people's evaluation of Hanxin was that "there was no one like a scholar and a little was not born". Hanxin '.


Therefore, Xiang Yu's invincibility lies in "bravery", while Hanxin's invincibility lies in "strategy". Hanxin's strategy focuses on intelligence, while Xiang Yu's bravery lies in bravery. In terms of tactics, Hanxin makes a comparison, and we can see why Hanxin is called the soldier fairy.


During the Chu and Han Dynasties, Xiang Yu and Han Xin were two rare military wizards in a thousand years. Han Xin's Road started from the northern expedition. He used the strategy of "beating the West with a strong voice" to win the battle. He used the tactics of breaking through and finally defeated Xiang Yu. There were many defeated generals under Han Xin, four of whom were famous.


Han Xin's stills


(I) Wei Wangbao


Wei Bao was a nobleman of the state of Wei during the Warring States period and the descendant of King Wu of Zhou Dynasty. Because of his fiefdom in Wei, he took Wei as his surname. After the outbreak of peasant uprising in the late Qin Dynasty, Wei Bao pacified more than 20 cities in the state of Wei and became king by himself. After the fall of Qin, Wei Bao was granted the title of king by Xiang Yu.


After pacifying the three Qin Dynasties, the soldiers went out to find Xiang Yu to fight. Seeing Liu Bang's strength greatly increased, Wei Wang Bao joined Liu Bang's team to march to Pengcheng, the capital of the West. What makes Wang Bao of Wei is that Liu Bang's 560000 allied forces can't defeat Xiang Yu's 30000 elite soldiers. The Han army is almost the same. At this time, Wang Bao of Wei feels that Chu is strong and Han is weak. In addition, the fortune teller predicts that his wife will have a son in the future, so he rebelled against Han and stood on his own.


After rebelling against the Han Dynasty, Wei Wangbao immediately mobilized elite troops to guard Puban, in order to prevent the Han army from crossing the Yellow River. At the same time, he ordered to block the Yellow River Ferry near the Jin pass. Wei Wangbao was not a straw bag. He was very good at fighting, and was also a very excellent strategist.


After Liu Bang heard about it, he sent Hanxin to pacify the rebels. Hanxin adopted his old method. Han Xin sent some troops to pretend to cross the river in Linjin pass, and gathered a large number of boats in Linjin pass, this time to attract the attention of the Wei army, and then led the main force of the Han Army to the Shaoliang ferry in Xiayang, the upper reaches of the river, to steal from here, in order to directly attack Anyi, the capital of Wei state.


After hearing the news, Wei Wangbao immediately withdrew his troops and returned to the army. On the way, he heard that Anyi was occupied, but he had no choice but to flee. Han Xin took advantage of the victory to pursue and captured Wei Wangbao to Xingyang, and the state of Wei was destroyed since then.


Photos of King Wei and leopard


(II) Chen Yu


Chen Yu was a famous man of Wei state in the Warring States period. After the collapse of Wei state, Chen Yu fled to live in seclusion in waihuang. At the end of the year, Chen Yu ushered in a great turning point in his life. After all, he was a criminal wanted by the court. He could change his destiny by uprising.


In the first year, Chen Yu joined Chen Sheng and became a counselor under Chen Sheng. Later, Chen Sheng sent Chen Yu to follow Wu Chen to attack Zhao. After Wu Chen conquered Zhao, he became the king of Zhao and appointed Chen Yu as the general.


After Wu Chen was killed by Li Liang, the traitor, Chen Yu and his remaining troops rebuilt the state of Zhao, and established Zhao Xie, the descendant of Zhao's royal family, as the king of Zhao. When Xiang Yu was granted the title of king of Changshan by Zhang Er when he was granted the title of Prince of the 18th route, Chen Yu was dissatisfied with the fact that he only granted a marquis to Zhang Er, so he drove Zhang Er out of the state of Zhao and established Zhao Xie as king of Zhao.


Later, Chen Yu also took part. Because of the discord with Liu Bang, he chose to rebel against Han. After Han Xin's northern expedition to wipe out Wei and Dai, his next goal was Zhao state. If Han Army wanted to enter the territory of Zhao state, they had to pass Jingxing pass. The terrain of Jingxing pass was very dangerous, and it was easy to defend and hard to attack.


Zhao Wangxie mobilized about 200000 troops from all over the country to garrison in jingxingguan, while the Han Army had only 30000 troops. In terms of military strength, the Han Army had no advantage. Han Xin stationed his army 30 Li from jingxingkou. In the evening, Hanxin sent two thousand lighters with two thousand red flags to ambush in Fushan, not far from the Zhao army's barracks. The next day, when the Han and Zhao armies were fighting, they changed the Zhao flag into the Han flag.


Han Xin sent ten thousand Han troops to sneak across jingxingkou in the dead of night to form an array on the East Bank of mianmanshui, showing the enemy that there was no way for the Han Army to go, so as to make Zhao army despise the enemy and lure the enemy deeper.


At dawn, Han Xin led the remaining 10000 troops to challenge Zhao Jun. after a while, Han Jun threw down the flag and drum and pretended to be defeated to join the army on the East Bank of mianman river. Everyone in Zhao Jun ran to pick up the flag and drum and wanted to take it back to ask for rewards. The army was in a mess.


After Zhao's busy work, he chased the Han Army to mianmanshui and launched a decisive battle with the Han army. Zhao army could not break through the attack for a long time and was ready to fight again the next day after the withdrawal. It was found that all the flags of Zhao camp had become Han flags. Zhao army mistakenly thought that Zhao camp was occupied, so they all fled and fled. Han Xin launched a fierce attack on Zhao army when it was in great turmoil. 200000 Zhao troops were completely destroyed and Zhao state was destroyed.


Zhao Wangxie's stills


(III) Longhe


After Han Xin destroyed Zhao, his next goal was to form an alliance between Qi and Chu after the war of Pengcheng. In June 204 BC, Han Xin led his army to attack the state of Qi. Tian Guang, king of Qi, was defeated and fled to Gaomi. At the same time, Tian Guang turned to Xiang Yu for help. Xiang Yu sent long Ji and led half of his troops to reinforce Tian Guang. The Allied forces of Qi and Chu were about 200000, while Han Xin's troops were less than 50000.


At this time, some people proposed to Longji that the Han army should dig deep trenches and turn to defense. Then they sent people to the state of Qi to spread the news that the king of Qi was not dead, and the reinforcements of the state of Chu had arrived. Then more than 70 cities of the state of Qi that had already fallen to the Han would revolt collectively, and then the Chu army would attack again. Isn't that a matter of capture?


Long Ji is headstrong and doesn't accept it. He thinks that Han Xin is a timid person. He doesn't know that long Ji can see that Han Xin is timid. Reading historical books, he can find that Han Xin has always been a famous general who is brave and good at fighting. Long Ji didn't listen to other people's good policies, which eventually led to his own tragedy.


In November 204 B.C., the Han Army and the Qi Chu allied army formed an array across Weishui. Han Xin ordered people to make 10000 sandbags overnight to block the upper reaches of Weishui and build temporary barrages. Then he led half of the army across the river to fight against Longhe. After a while, Hanxin pretended to be defeated and fled back to the original place.


Longji thought that Hanxin was really a coward, so he crossed Weishui to pursue the Han army. At this time, Hanxin ordered the soldiers in the upper reaches of Weishui to remove sandbags, and the river rolled down, cutting the Chu army into two sections. The Han army would wipe out the Chu army that had crossed Weishui, and the dragon would be killed. The Chu army that failed to cross the river could only watch its commander being killed, but it could do nothing. The Chu army fled in a flash and fled everywhere. Han Xin took the opportunity to wipe out the remaining Chu army. The Chu army was not dead but captured, and 200000 Chu troops were destroyed.


(IV) Xiang Yu


Xiang Yu can be said to be an invincible general. In the Pengcheng war, Liu Bang's 560000 allied forces were not rivals of 30000 Chu forces. Liu Bang thought he was not Xiang Yu's opponent, so he learned from the Pengcheng war. In the war of Cuan Xia, he handed over the military command to Han Xin. For Han Xin, no matter how many troops he had, he could make a reasonable distribution. Liu Bang could only rely on Han Xin if he wanted to defeat Xiang Yu.


In November 202bc, Hanxin and Nanxia met with Liu Bang in CHENXIAN county. Xiang Yu withdrew to longxia in the East. In the next month, all the Han armies met in longxia. The Chu army had 100000 troops and the Han Army had 600000 troops.


In the past three years of Chu Han war, Han Xin and Xiang Yu did not face to face each other. The two famous generals who had never lost the war launched a decisive battle to decide the fate of Chu Han.


Han Xin divided 600000 Han troops into six formations in three depths, with the first route as the main force, about 300000 people, personally led by Han Xin, Kong Xi as the left wing, Chen he as the right wing, mainly attacking Xiang Yu. The second route is mainly used to support Hanxin's reserve team, about 100000 people, led by Liu Bang. The third route, led by about 200000 people, prevented the Chu army from raiding from the rear.


After fighting with Xiang Yu for a while, Han Xin pretends to be defeated. Xiang Yu seizes the victory and pursues him. Han suddenly kills Kong Xi and Chen he from the flank. At the same time, Han Xin and Liu Bang attack the Chu army back and forth, and Xiang Yu retreats to the stronghold.


In the dead of night, Han Xin ordered the Han Army to sing the songs of Chu. Xiang Yu mistakenly thought that the Han Army had occupied all the Chu land, and his morale was depressed. Xiang Yu led 800 cavalry to escape to Wujiang. There were only 28 cavalry left when he arrived at Wujiang. Xiang Yu fought with the Han army with a short weapon. One killed hundreds of Han Army, and suffered dozens of injuries. At last, he committed suicide in Wujiang. He was only 31 years old.


Still photos of Xiang Yu


Han Xin fought almost half of the battle for Liu Bang. He never lost in his life and created a historical miracle. Finally, he defeated Xiang Yu, who was invincible, and became the first general in the early Han Dynasty. Han Xin's military achievements are the best in the world. He made Liu Bang.


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