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In the great world of Fengshen, yuxu explained that he didn't pay much attention to his younger martial brother, that is, those disciples of jiejiao master Tongtian. He even didn't leave a face to scold before he killed the immortal. He said that he didn't care about his roots and actions, and he kept all his mind. He also summarized those disciples of jiejiao as "people speak and animals act".


However, it's surprising that the first heaven worshipers who pay special attention to "origin" and "root practice" acquiesced to and even directly guided the disciples who collected the "human speech and animal behavior". They are:


Pak Jian


1 ghosts


The sea waves, the whirlwind, the wind waves, the waves snow practice; the water waves, the waves rolling thunder; a moment of cloud and fog connected, haze four together, covering the mountain. Ziya was shocked and said, "strange! Strange!" when he was looking at it, he saw the huge waves separated. Now he was naked and shouted, "great immortal! The wandering soul has been buried for thousands of years."


The buried ghost of a thousand years is Baijian. Baijian used to be the general under his command. He was a member of the same status as houqing and yinggou, who later became the ancestor of zombies. Therefore, he had some abilities, so that he entered the eyes of the God in the beginning of the year. On the one hand, he sent one of the twelve immortals to give Baijian life, and on the other hand, he arranged Jiang Ziya to take care of him personally.


Jiang Ziya


Under the arrangement of the first emperor, Bai Jian, a ghost who has been wandering for thousands of years, once worshipped Jiang Ziya as a teacher and became a master and apprentice, followed Jiang Ziya's orders to build and guard the Fengshen platform, and was responsible for selecting and leading the dead souls to the list in the later Fengshen war, according to the above list. He became the first Fengshen At the head of the three realms, he is in charge of the three hundred and sixty-five immortals.


1 person


The reason why Baijian was looked upon by Yuanshi Tianzun was that he had a good family background, but this mortal can be accepted as an apprentice by Jiang Ziya, which is what we say goes "shit luck". He and Jiang Ziya met for the first time. When he saw Jiang Ziya fishing with a straight hook, he thought Jiang Ziya was an old man with a confused brain, so he went up to teach him how to make a hook.


Ziya said, "I prefer to take it straight, not from the middle of the curve, but from the part of the brocade scale, only to catch the king and the waiting. "Wuji said:" look at your face and mouth. You are not like a prince, but like a living monkey. "Ziya also said with a smile," I don't think your face and mouth are very good. I went to the city today and killed people. "




At first sight, Jiang Ziya and Jiang Ziya made irreverence remarks, saying that Jiang Ziya's "stupid" mouth and face were like Wuji, a "living monkey", and he was a typical ignorant village woodcutter without culture. Next, I don't know if it was fate or what Jiang Ziya did. Wu Ji, who was carrying firewood for the market, killed people.


Therefore, Jiang Ziya took Wu Ji as his apprentice under the threat of "to live, to worship the master". He taught him martial arts, six towers and other knowledge. Through Wu Ji's words, Jiang Ziya penetrated his fame into the ears of Xibo marquis. Finally, he felt that King Wen hired great sages and stepped into the battle field of God worship in the world. As an apprentice of Jiang Ziya, the village woodcutter Wuji also made his own goods with the Marquis of Xiqi, and became a military general with a heavy hand. Later, he enjoyed the prosperity of the golden house and lived happily ever after.


6 monsters


Among the six monsters, one of them is the same as Bai Jian, who entered the first heaven's eyes and instructed Jiang Ziya to accept: "you go here, go to the North Sea, and there is another person waiting for you. I will pay you the flag of central Wuji. There is a Jane in the flag. When you are in a hurry, you will know it. "


Dragon beard tiger


Jiang Ziya followed the instructions of the first emperor of heaven, and then came to the North Sea after going to Kunlun. As a result, according to the plan of the first emperor of heaven, he took a monster like a camel, like a goose, like a shrimp, like a half ear, like a fish, like an eagle in hand, like a tiger in foot as his apprentice. He was the product of love between the dragon and the leopard. He was born as a thousand year old monster, like a dragon, a beard and a tiger.


The appearance of the dragon, beard and tiger is terrible, but for some reason, they are deeply loved by Yuanshi Tianzun. When he was swept by Wu Culture in the feudalism war and fell to his head and died, Yuanshi Tianzun specially modified the life style for him, filled his name on the list of gods, and named his appearance as the God's throne, namely Jiuchou star.


In addition to the dragon beard tiger, which was awarded the nine ugly stars, Jiang Ziya had five other monster disciples who were little known. They were the five animals that Jiang Ziya had taken in when he first came to Kunlun. At that time, song Yiren built a small building in the back garden. When he was in the upper beam, five huge fanged monsters came to burn the building with the fierce wind, black fog and fire.


Five way God


Ziya wears his hair and sticks out his sword: "good evil animal! He has destroyed the building several times. He has a fierce heart. Today, he is full of crimes and should be killed.". All the monsters cried out, "go to the immortals and be merciful. For many years, the little animal got the way, and at that time, he defied the heaven's face and hoped to beg for mercy and forgiveness. ". Ziya said, "you five animals are ordered by me to go to Xiqi mountain and wait for your orders."


These five animals are cattle, dogs, pigs, sheep and chickens. When Jiang Ziya arrived at Xiqi, the five animals came to pick up: "once in Chaoge, they were sent by their teacher and served in Xiqi mountain. I know that my benefactor has been driving. I'm here to meet you. At that time, Ziya saw that it was the five gods who came to pick it up.


It is clear here that Jiang Ziya and five animals are apprentices. However, the five animals who make great efforts to make themselves glow in the feudalism disaster and achieve good results later have become the first group of special beings who can become gods without being on the feudalism list. Therefore, carrying bricks can become a God.


This is what these disciples are like. By comparison, some of them enjoy the wealth of the world, some of them are listed as gods, and some of them can become gods without being listed. In the end, whoever ends best should be the one who wanders for thousands of years, because after the gods were sealed, almost no one can surpass him.


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