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Elfang is the younger brother of elzhu, the general of Anhan in Shu Han. At the beginning, he was a subordinate of Xuzhou mu, and later took over as Xuzhou mu. He followed Liu Bei. In the decades since then, elfang has been running with Liu Bei in the East and the west, displaced and never abandoned.


In 196, Xuzhou was occupied. Liu Bei was defeated and fled to Haixi. Elfang followed him. In the same year, Liu Bei was defeated by Lu Bu in xiapi, and Liu Bei, who had no place to stand, had to join in. At this time, elk Fang also followed.


Then, in Cao Cao's place, elk Fang was valued by Cao Cao because of his outstanding ability, and later was appointed as Pengcheng phase by Cao Cao. Of course, at this time, elfang didn't accept Cao's solicitation. After less than a few months in Pengcheng's office, he resigned from his official post and continued to run with Liu Bei to the East and West.


It can be said that at this time, elfang is very loyal to Liu Bei. He would rather put a good future aside, rather than follow the powerful Cao Cao, but also follow Liu Bei, who was still powerless and groundless at that time, wandering around. Such loyalty is unmatched by few people.


At that time, elfang was separated several times because of Liu Bei's defeat. For example, in 198, Liu Bei's garrison Peicheng was broken by Lv Bu. Liu Bei escaped alone, and elfang was separated from it. However, he never gave up his search for Liu Bei. After several twists and turns, he finally joined Liu Bei. Another example is that in 200 years, Cao Cao marched to Xuzhou in person, Liu Bei was defeated again, and elfang was separated from Liu Bei. Then within a month, elfang joined Liu Bei with the scattered soldiers.


After that, because of Liu Bei's defeat, elfang was forced to run with Liu Bei in the East and west again, but in any case, elfang never thought of leaving Liu Bei.


However, no matter how loyal a person is in the face of life and death, he will also have cracks and looseness. This is no exception for elfang, who finally betrayed Liu Bei, the hero who had been loyal for more than ten years. In 219, during the northern expedition to Xiangfan, elfang and Fu Shiren were asked to raise enough military food. However, due to the tight time, Guan Yu asked for more military food, and they did not complete the task of raising. So Guan Yu said to the two of them, "come back and clean you up". This sentence made elfang and Fu Shiren deeply afraid. They knew that Guan Yu said what he said and did. Once they let him remember, they would not die or hurt.


In this way, when Lu Meng of the state of Wu attacked Jingzhou, Fu Shiren first directly opened the city to surrender, while elfang had been sticking to it, but he was outnumbered by others. In addition, he was a little loose, so he simply surrendered. And their move eventually led to Guan Yu's defeat, Jingzhou's preparation for the war, and elk Fang's brother, elk LAN, also died of shame.


After elfang surrendered to the state of Wu, he was appointed a specific post, but it is certain that he was discriminated by all the officials of the state of Wu because of his status. For example, when elfang was on a boat trip, he met Yufan's boat. Originally, elfang's servants wanted Yufan to avoid it, so they shouted, "avoid our general's boat!" but Yufan didn't get out of the way when he heard this sentence. Instead, he snapped, "why do you serve the monarch when you lose loyalty? If you lose two cities, you can call them generals? ”, elfang was so ashamed to hear this sentence that she had to close the window for Yu to cross.


Later, Yu Fan went out by car. After passing the camp of elfang, the guards didn't open the door, which made Yu Fan's cars and horses unable to pass. At this time, Yu Fan said angrily, "if it should be opened, it should be closed. How could it be done like this?" hearing this, elk was even more ashamed.


From the above records, it can be seen that elfang's life in the state of Wu is not easy, and because of his status as a general and the contempt of officials in the state of Wu, he has not been really used in the state of Wu. As said: "Mofang and Fu Shiren are in Wu, but they have never been heard of, and Pan Jun is the one who sees himself, and ban, and the one who knows should watch people here.".


In fact, elfang is a useful talent. His loyalty to Liu Bei is impressive. It's a pity that he was unlucky in the end. He didn't take the initiative to surrender to the state of Wu, but was forced to do nothing. At that time, he was so outnumbered that he could not resist the attack of the state of Wu. And the death of Guan Yu has nothing to do with elfang, but elfang is still forced to bear the unshirkable responsibility for the death of Guan Yu.


Later, in the state of Wu, elfang intended to serve in the state of Wu, but his status as a general finally made him lose this opportunity. Once expected to be famous in history, he eventually became, since then, disappeared in the long river of history, becoming a tiny dust that can no longer be tiny.


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