Today, why did Xiaobian fail? I hope it can help you.


Why did Fusu fail? Two reasons. First of all, he didn't understand the layout. Second, he didn't understand how palace politics was played.


The general layout of the first emperor of Qin


To the death of the Soviet Union, they did not understand the layout of the first emperor of Qin.


According to the records in the annals of Qin Shihuang, Fu Su persuaded Qin Shihuang several times, saying that "all students recite the law", accusing Qin Shihuang of "attaching importance to the law" and worrying about "the world is uneasy".


Qin Shihuang listened to his eldest son Fusu. No one knew what he thought at that time, but he was extremely disappointed. After a careful review of the situation at that time, a "anger" was used to describe the state of the first emperor of Qin. The anger at this time was caused by disappointment: "why is the political sensitivity of this silly son so low?" in order to save the life of the Soviet Union, the first emperor of Qin sent to help the Soviet Union to the county "prison".


Sending soda to Shangjun is the first step of Emperor Qinshihuang's great cause layout?


After hundreds of years of reform, there are only three kinds of people left in the court: military aristocrats, Legalist officials and law enforcement officials.


The military aristocrats, relying on the military aristocracy system of Legalists, rushed out one by one, climbed back from the dead mountain and blood sea, and then they had their present status. When they heard that Confucian scholars would kill their hearts when they ruled the country, this was a natural response. In running the country, Confucianism naturally lowered the status of the military aristocrats and deprived them of their treatment, which they certainly did not agree to.


Another legalist official, the court ruled the country according to legalist theory. The officials were all legalist, and their lives were tied to this set of theories. If they want to change the Confucian governance, they will inevitably abdicate and yield to the sages, which they will not agree with.


Finally, the only skills of the officials who depend on law enforcement for the basic level governance of the state of Qin are to follow the rules and order the management according to the law, to change the Confucian system, and to smash their jobs.


At this time, Fusu pleaded for Confucianism several times, even boasted that he was a supporter of Confucianism, which would make the whole court panic. Everyone's accounting is long-term. When savers are enemies of all people, their savers' status will not be guaranteed. Instead of waiting for savers to ignore themselves, it's better to join forces to make savers.


At this time, the first emperor of Qin sent Fusu to Shangjun. In fact, he did not ignore him, but just protect him!


For the longer term. The first emperor of Qin had three purposes:


First of all, let Fusu leave Xianyang, the land of right and wrong, and the environment hostile to him, so that he will not be framed by traitors. After all, the old interest groups wanted to harm Fusu, but their hands were not long enough to reach the upper County barracks.


This time, let him supervise Mengtian, in fact, is to give him a Amulet of 300000 people, which is the strongest backing for mastering the court in the future.


At last, it was named Meng Tian, the supervisor of the army. In fact, it had a good relationship with Meng Tian. On this basis, it developed a set of its own team in the Great Wall garrison. Wen Chen could be trained from the young staff and the generals could be promoted from the lower ranks of officers.


The Great Wall garrison: the sword of Emperor Qin


What's more, the Great Wall army was able to frighten the grassland by relying on a partial division. How can a stronger state of Qin require 300000 people to defend? That doesn't make sense. Therefore, the purpose of Qin Shihuang's Great Wall army was to break up the military groups formed in the process of destroying the six kingdoms and reorganize the general Corps. The Great Wall army, with the Qin people as its backbone, is the absolute main force of the state of Qin. It also appeared at the same time as the Great Wall army, as well as the expeditionary army that Qin destroyed Baiyue. This army took the former soldiers of six countries as its main force and marched South to Baiyue. To put it bluntly, it let the former soldiers of six countries die and eliminate the potential resistance.


The reason why Mengtian was sent to govern the Great Wall army was to prepare for the successor. Who is Mengtian? After the six Kingdoms war, the old generals came back to the field to protect themselves. Mengtian became the backbone of the Qin army. The Mongolian family is from Shandong, not the aristocracy of the Qin state, so the only way to stay in the Qin state is. Since she was born, she has been fighting with her father, and has no time to have a relationship with the "old man" in the imperial court. It can be said that from mengao, MengWu to Mengtian, the three generations of mengmen are the most convenient sword for the emperor of Qin. The first emperor of Qin sent Fusu to supervise the army in Shangjun. That is to say, he gave him the sword representing the Qin's orthodoxy and laid the foundation for his accession to the throne.


However, Fusu is really not suitable to be a "cushion": as a peaceful monarch, he may be OK, but he does not have this innate condition to become a monarch who inherits and changes the pattern.


Renjun is not Renren


Fusu is a benevolent person, not a benevolent monarch, so he is doomed to fail.


All good emperors are benevolent, but not benevolent people. What is benevolence? Confucius said that benevolent people love others. Benevolent people love those who are useful to them. Benevolent people love all people, including enemies, without discrimination.


Fusu can't love people who are useful to him, because he doesn't even love himself. It must start with the death of the first emperor of Qin.


The first emperor of Qin died, whether or not he left an imperial edict to set up Fu Su as emperor. This is a historical mystery case, which is not shown in the following table. Only from the strength of the state of Qin at that time, no one could stop him when he forced the Soviet Union to succeed. The miscellaneous army of the southern army was deeply sunk in the mud feet of South Vietnam, unable to participate in the power transformation of the north; the central Shaanxi defense was empty, otherwise when Wen hit Lintong to play in the water in a few years, he could only send Lishan prisoners to fight temporarily. Only the Great Wall army is the most powerful armed force in the whole Qin state. As long as he leads his troops South and enters Xianyang, he is the Qin emperor.


However, Fusu immediately committed suicide after receiving the false imperial edict from Zhao Gao and Li Si. Mengtian couldn't see it anymore. He said that the first emperor of Qin "didn't set up a prince". He asked me to lead 300000 people to guard the border and let you supervise the army. What's the meaning? That's to make you the emperor. "It's a big task in the world." Now there's a summoned messenger. You commit suicide. How do you know it's not a fraud? "An knows it's not a fraud?"


Mengtian means "reexamination". What is reexamination? He led his troops to Guanzhong, asked for the original imperial edict of the first emperor of Qin again outside Xianyang city gate, and directly ascended the throne. The indirect method is to send a working group to settle in Xianyang, whether it is buying, intimidating or drawing pancakes, to win over the public opinion and let the imperial court issue an imperial edict to ask for Fu Su to ascend the throne again.


But Fusu didn't listen to Meng Tian's advice, but directly committed suicide for the reason of "the father gave the son to die" and "reapply". In recent years, Mengtian has completely turned to Fusu and cut off from the interest groups. Now Fusu is dead, and he has no legitimacy to continue to unify the army. Instead of being humiliated later, he would rather die, so Mengtian also committed suicide.


To sum up, the death of supporting the Soviet Union lies in failing to see through the layout of the first emperor of Qin, stepping into the Empire's political whirlpool with naive character, and finally failing.


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