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宜家旅行杯检查出致癌物紧急召回 购买这款杯子的注意了!


IKEA travel cup has detected an emergency recall of carcinogens. Pay attention to the purchase of this cup! On January 15, IKEA China released a recall notice on its website. The Indian made "trolligtvis" sold by IKEA China has detected excessive carcinogens, so the product has been recalled around the world.


Screenshot of IKEA website


The company urged all customers to stop using the product as soon as possible. For recall, customers can return the product to any IKEA store, and get a full refund without providing a shopping voucher.


According to Beijing Daily, "trullives travel cup" has been on sale since October 2019. Recent test reports received by IKEA show that the migration of dibutyl phthalate (DBP) in the trolligtvis traulivis travel cup produced in India may exceed the specified limit. IKEA stopped selling travel cups during the investigation. According to the survey, travel cups marked "made in India" may be affected.


China Youth Daily found that there are still recalled "trullives travel cup" in the search results of "travel cup" on IKEA China official website. The results show that the travel cup is priced at 7.9 yuan and has four colors. At present, there is no inventory.


In addition to China, IKEA Singapore and IKEA South Korea also announced the recall of the product, according to observer.com.


"IKEA has stopped selling relevant products immediately after receiving the above test report from the food and drug safety department of South Korea in December last year," the South Korean Central Daily said Tuesday, citing IKEA's South Korean company. "IKEA has always put the safety of consumers first and will faithfully fulfill all the requirements of the food and drug safety department.".


However, IKEA USA has not released the above-mentioned recall information of "trullives travel cup". There are still two "trullives travel cup" on the US official website, but the cup only shows the designer, not the production place.


As soon as the news came out, it attracted widespread attention. The topic of cancer detection in IKEA's mug was also hot on Weibo.


Many netizens are shivering after watching it


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Carcinogens detected in Muji biscuits in Hong Kong? Official response


Last year, the Hong Kong Consumer Committee issued a test report that it purchased 58 biscuits from many places in Hong Kong from August to October 2018. In some test samples, epoxypropanol and acrylamide with genotoxicity and carcinogenicity were found. One of the MUJI products was hazelnut oatmeal biscuit from Malaysia, which was not prepackaged or exempted from nutrition label The content of epoxy propanol and acrylamide in prepackaged samples were the highest.


In response to an interview with Beijing Youth Daily, LV Minyi, chief information officer of the Hong Kong food and environmental health department, said that the epoxypropanol and acrylamide mentioned in the report of the consumer committee were the substances with the highest content in the food that had not been "formulated" by the local Codex Alimentarius Commission, but that there had been a corresponding local code on acrylamide, and the relevant departments were also drafting a code on glycidyl esters.


According to LV Minyi, the food safety center will take food samples for testing based on the risk-based principle for harmful substances that are not regulated by laws. If the risk assessment results show that the food is not suitable for human consumption, it will require the merchants to stop selling and recycle the food. In addition, the merchants involved may be prosecuted.


Beiqing daily found the hazelnut oatmeal biscuit with the same name in the report on the official website of MUJI liangpin mainland, but the official website showed that the product was temporarily out of stock. Reporters of Beiqing daily contacted a number of MUJI liangpin stores in the mainland. They were told that there were still "hazelnut oatmeal" biscuits on sale, with the specifications of 15 pieces per bag. On the major e-commerce platforms, the purchase links of biscuits involved can still be retrieved, and some of them are specially marked with the words "Hong Kong buying on behalf of others".


The customer service staff of MUJI liangpin (Shanghai) Business Co., Ltd. responded to the reporter of Beiqing daily that the MUJI liangpin store in Hong Kong and the MUJI liangpin store in the mainland belong to two different branches, so the types of products sold in the store may be slightly different. Regarding the reminder issued by the Hong Kong Consumer Committee, customer service staff said that they have not received the relevant information and need to verify whether the product has been sold in the mainland and reply again.


Non printed good products will cooperate with industrial and commercial quality sampling inspection


Chinese young people love the "grocery store" Muji goods, but recently refused to cooperate with the industrial and commercial departments of commodity sampling work on the hot search. On September 21, 2018, Haidian Branch of Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce went to BAGOU Hualian store of MUJI liangpin to carry out commodity sampling inspection, which was contradicted by MUJI liangpin. To this end, MUJI products responded yesterday that there may be some problems in the "inventory retrieval system". According to the requirements of the industrial and commercial department, the company has sent the goods to be submitted to Beijing stores and completed the submission.


On the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival, Haidian Branch of Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce entrusted Beijing Municipal product quality supervision and Inspection Institute to carry out the sampling inspection of the commodity quality in the circulation area for the wooden furniture sold in BAGOU Hualian store, a Muji good product, according to the daily monitoring work plan and in accordance with the provisions of the measures for sampling inspection of commodity quality in the circulation area. But when the law enforcement officers came to the Muji shop, they encountered all kinds of non cooperation.


At the scene, the staff of Muji were reluctant to take the law enforcement personnel to the sampling area first, and then when the law enforcement personnel entered the furniture area, they saw only one piece of wood furniture that was monitored in the early stage, and other monitored goods were not placed on the scene, the store manager also refused to coordinate the investigation. The law enforcement personnel, in accordance with their authority, requested to go to the counter to check the ticket account book, goods source, quantity, inventory location, inventory quantity, sales volume and other information related to the commodities to be sampled, which were also rejected by the store. When the law enforcement officer inquires the information of the inspected goods in the internal commodity system of MUJI products, there is no information registration in the background of the system.


According to Article 16 of the product quality law of the people's Republic of China, "producers and sellers shall not refuse the supervision and inspection of product quality conducted according to law." Law enforcement officials believe that MUJI liangpin BAGOU Hualian store has obviously violated the regulation.


MUJI liangpin from Japan opened its first store in Shanghai in 2005, and has been expanding wildly since then. At present, it has more than 200 stores in China, once regarded as a benchmark in the retail industry, and has accumulated a large number of Chinese fans. As soon as the news came out, many netizens got angry.


Yesterday, the reporter contacted the relevant person in charge of MUJI products. The other side responded that according to the description of the scene, there may be some problems in the store's inventory retrieval system. At present, it is also in the process of further investigation and confirmation. Once it is found that there are problems in the system, the system will be improved immediately and relevant laws and regulations will be followed in the future. According to reports, as of yesterday, the company has submitted 7 pieces of furniture products to Beijing stores according to the goods in stock required by the Administration for Industry and commerce.


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