英国哈里王子欲定居加拿大 加拿大方称不会给任何优待-看世界

英国哈里王子欲定居加拿大 加拿大方称不会给任何优待


Prince Harry wants to settle in Canada, which says it will not give him any preferential treatment. Royal children not only have noble status, but also need to bear great responsibilities. Britain's Prince Harry is more free with sex than his brother William, because he doesn't need to think about inheritance. Princess Diana predicted that Prince Harry would be more comfortable.


Prince Harry and Megan are planning to stay in Canada this year because they are serious about their future role in the royal family, the Sun reported.


Their options include giving up the HRH title or moving their office to Canada. The sun has learned that they will discuss the matter with senior members of the royal family such as the queen and Prince Charles in the coming days.


But people familiar with the matter stressed that the talks were only preliminary and that nothing had been finalized.


The couple told friends that they want to work in Canada in the next two months, after having spent six weeks in Canada during Christmas and new year's, and expressed great satisfaction. Their friends in Canada and the United States supported the move, one of whom revealed: "Harry and Megan will indeed spend some time in Canada in the next few months.


"Now they're talking to their families about their plans for the future."


"It's clear that they are on a unique path as members of the royal family, because they are more concerned about future development."


"They may be setting up their offices in Canada or even giving up the HRH title, but I hope not," the friend added


"It's a very difficult year. They just got married and have a young child. They have to think about their future life." Canada has replaced African countries as the first choice for the couple to establish a semi permanent residence outside the UK, where they have many friends.


"Megan feels comfortable in Canada, just like at home, where she had lived for seven years before meeting Harry.


"They enjoyed Christmas and the new year very much, where they were never photographed." Harry and Megan's official staff will remain at Buckingham Palace.


The decision of Harry and Megan to settle in Canada is obviously unconventional and even controversial, which some courtiers fear may lead to their "expulsion from the royal family".


Friends of Harry and Megan think they have clearly realized that the future of the royal family is still dominated by Prince Charles and Prince William, so they focus on other work.

哈里梅根欲定居加拿大 特鲁多:支持来,费用好说

Harry Megan wants to settle in Trudeau, Canada


Overseas network, Jan. 16 - Prince Harry and his wife suddenly announced on the 8th that they decided to "withdraw" from the British royal family and plan to allocate their time between Canada and the UK to start a "new life". Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has said he believes most Canadians support Harry and his wife's decision and the cost is still under discussion.

哈里欲定居加拿大据英国广播公司(BBC)报道,特鲁多近日接受加拿大环球新闻电视台(Global News)采访时说,“英国王室和哈里夫妇还有许多决定要做,至于他们到底要移居(加拿大)到什么程度,我们会支持他们的想法,也有责任这么做。”

Harry wants to live in Canada, according to the BBC, Trudeau told global news recently that "the British royal family and the Harry couple still have many decisions to make. As for the extent to which they want to move, we will support their ideas and have the responsibility to do so."


When the host asked if Canadians would pay for their security if Harry Megan moved to Canada, Trudeau said, "that's part of what we need to think about, and we're having a discussion."


Trudeau also said it was not clear what the final arrangement would be, depending on the decision of the Harry and his wife. "I think most Canadians are very supportive of having Harry and his wife live in this country. The issue of security costs for Harry and Megan (while in Canada) is still under discussion. "


The harlemegans announced on January 8 that they would give up their senior membership of the British royal family, allocate their time between Canada and the UK, and achieve financial independence. Queen Elizabeth II also issued a statement after meeting with members of the royal family to support their desire to start a new life, and agreed to live in the UK and Canada during the transition period.


Harry and his wife, who want to settle down in Canada, have a close relationship with Canada. They spent their holiday in Vancouver with their eight month old son during Christmas 2019. Shortly after returning to the UK, a statement of withdrawal from the royal family was issued.


British media reported earlier that Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau proposed to pay for the security costs of Harry and Megan during their stay in Canada. After learning this information, many Canadian netizens "frying pan". Many Canadian people tweeted that they would not pay one cent for the security of the two people. Some even said that if the taxpayer wanted to pay for this, they would "make trouble and protest".


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