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SM否认金钟大婚礼是怎么回事 SM否认金钟大婚礼是什么情况


According to media reports, on January 13, SM, a South Korean entertainment company, officially responded to the rumor that Kim Jong was more than holding a wedding on January 13. SM said that Chen's report of holding a wedding in a church today was not based on facts. It is understood that previously, Korean media reported that Chen, a member of exo, had a wedding ceremony with his girlfriend in church today, and Chen's wife was seven months pregnant. Chen will become a father this spring.


It is reported that Chen, an exo member of South Korean men's League on the 13th, published his love on the official website in the form of a personal letter, in which Chen wrote that he had a girlfriend who wanted to spend his life together. SM, the brokerage, also sent a message this afternoon saying Chen would get married soon.


In response, SM Entertainment said, "jinzhongda has met a precious marriage and will get married. The bride is not an artist, and the wedding will only be attended by the families of both parties. ". In addition, he said that "according to the wishes of his family, all matters related to the wedding and marriage are carried out in private", "as an artist in the future, Jin Zhong will repay you with his efforts as always" and "I hope you all have a lot of blessings".


However, with the change of the idol groups in the entertainment circle, exo has gradually become the idol of the elder generation. Now, the members of the group have gradually reached the age of getting married and having children. On January 13, Jin Zhongda, a member of exo, published a handwritten letter announcing the love affair, which caused hot discussion among fans.


In the letter, Chen wrote with sincerity. Out of the attitude of being responsible for the company, other members of the group and fans, Chen said that he met a girlfriend who wanted to spend his life together, and got a lot of blessings. He summoned up his courage to announce the event.  


Chen also said that after hearing about this, the members gave them sincere blessings. He was very grateful to his fans for supporting him all the time and would work harder to repay them in the future.


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