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赵忠祥因病去世是真的吗 赵忠祥因病去世是什么情况


According to media reports, at 7:30 a.m. on January 16, Zhao Zhongxiang, a famous Chinese host announcer, died of illness at the age of 78. On the morning of January 16th, Zhao Zhongxiang's son Zhao Fang released the news of Zhao Zhongxiang's death on Zhao Zhongxiang's personal social media. Zhao Zhongxiang is a TV worker in the pioneering period of China and the first generation TV host in China. He has worked in CCTV for more than 40 years, broadcasting and hosting various important programs such as news, special topics and variety shows.


In 1960, Premier Zhou Enlai personally instructed Zhao Zhongxiang, one of the 10000 graduating students from more than 100 high schools in Beijing, to enter CCTV. He became the first male broadcaster in New China.


In 1960, when Zhao Zhongxiang was 18 years old, he was sent to broadcast the National Day parade live. Since then, he has served as a national day live broadcast commentator for many times, and has achieved great success. During the cultural revolution, the National Day parade was once interrupted. In 1984, he was once again the commentator of the National Day parade and the live broadcast of the military parade. In 1994 and 1999, he presided over the live broadcast of "National Day fireworks party" in Tiananmen City, which also completed the task successfully.


He was the first announcer of news broadcast in 1978, and he mainly introduced the prompter. In 1979, Zhao Zhongxiang was the first one to use the prompter to broadcast news.


In January 1979, Zhao Zhongxiang reported with Deng Xiaoping's visit to the United States. During his visit to the United States, he entered the White House to interview Carter exclusively. The foreign ministry informed the United States that "this is the first time that CCTV reporters of the people's Republic of China have interviewed a president of the United States.".


In 1981, Zhao Zhongxiang began to host CCTV's animal world program.


In 1983, Zhao Zhongxiang hosted the youth intelligence competition of dandelion on CCTV. In this program, the title of program host was used for the first time in mainland China.


Since 1984, he has hosted 12 CCTV spring festival galas. In July 2010, he and Zhu Xun co hosted animal world and man and nature again.


In 1993, he won the first golden microphone award.


In 2011, Zhao Zhongxiang and Guangxi satellite TV jointly launched the first real-life speculation show "Lao Zhao's reception hall".  

2019年10月30日,赵忠祥获评“70年70人·杰出演播艺术家”。 出版有作品《岁月随想》《岁月情缘》《岁月缤纷》。

On October 30, 2019, Zhao Zhongxiang won the title of "70 outstanding performers in 70 years". He has published his works "random thoughts of years", "love of years" and "colorful years".


The original text of Zhao Fang, Zhao Zhongxiang's son is as follows:


This is Zhao Fang, Mr. Zhao Zhongxiang's son. My father died of illness in Beijing at 7:30 on January 16, 2020. He was 78 years old. At the end of 2019, my father felt unwell, went to a doctor for examination, and found that he had cancer, which had spread. In order not to affect the mood of the family, the father has been optimistic and active with the treatment. He had great respect for the medical staff and thanked them many times. During the hospital stay, my mother stayed with me and took good care of me until my father left peacefully.


During my father's hospitalization, relevant leaders, relatives and friends came to visit, which gave great comfort to my mother and our whole family. We thank all the leaders and relatives who care about my father!


Before his retirement, his father was a broadcaster and host of CCTV. Because of CCTV's national media platform and his love and dedication to the work of broadcasting and hosting, his news programs, animal world, man and nature, Spring Festival Gala and other large-scale activities at home and abroad, he accompanied friends at home and abroad through those unforgettable good times Light, record many wonderful moments of history. His discerning voice is loved by the audience at home and abroad, which is the glory of his father's lifetime efforts. He respected the profession, which made him a success; he respected millions of viewers, millions of viewers remembered him. My father is grateful to the party and the government as well as the hundreds of millions of viewers for his cultivation and support.


After retirement, my father put more energy on his own interests. In addition to occasionally taking part in the work of voice dubbing, he spent more time on painting and calligraphy, cooking, meeting friends, self-Media and training young people, which added a lot of fun to his life.


I hope he is peaceful, happy and happy in another world. His family and friends will always miss him and bless him. I believe that his works will remain in the hearts of those who like him!


My father's farewell ceremony, time and place will be announced separately. Thank you for your concern and support for my father's work. I wish you all peace and health!


Thank you!


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