Today, how does Xiaobian bring you to the top? I hope it can help you.


Yang Jian is a great founding monarch.


After he ascended to the throne of God, he put an end to the three hundred year confrontation between the north and the south, and realized another unification of China since the Qin and Han Dynasties. Later, it attacked the north again, hit down the arrogance of the nomadic Empire, and was honored as "" which stabilized the situation in East Asia and laid a solid foundation for the stable development of the later generations.


In politics, he ended the policy of Xianbei and Xihu, and made efforts to sinicize; he started the system, abolished it, changed it to five province system, simplified the local official system, abolished the county, and changed it to the two-level system of the state and the county; he also changed the malpractice of the separation of the army and the agriculture, and ordered the soldiers to enter the state and county household registration to realize the integration of the army and the agriculture.


In economy, we should carry out and rectify household registration, build granaries and reform currency.




Because of the efforts of Yang Jian, Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty, China became a prosperous country in the reign of kaihuang of the great Sui Dynasty.


Later generations opened the country to Yang Jian and praised him: "only emperor Gaozu of Sui Dynasty was diligent and hardworking, and he was generous in reward, saving money and people's lives, which was called Mercedes Benz. He who has the virtue of the king and the virtue of the world and is secure in the world. "


Yang Jian was included in the list of 100 celebrities who influenced human history written by American scholar Michael h. Hart, ranking 82nd.


However, before he ascended to the throne of God, Yang Jian also had a life of desperation.


Yang Jian succeeded his father, Yang Zhong. At the beginning of his career, he didn't know how to keep a low profile, how to converge, and how to recruit all kinds of talented people with a lot of strength.


All of a sudden, the eyes of king Qi yuwenxian were illuminated by the light of Yang Jian. He told Emperor Wu that Yang Jian was ambitious and had to be removed in advance.


Emperor Wu, Yu Wenyong, was a king of Ming Dynasty. He was not cruel enough and hesitated.


He found junior doctor Jibo, who was familiar with Xiangshu, to talk about Yang Jian in private.


He didn't know that he was one of the cowherd that Yang Jian had made friends with.


Protect Yang Jian, come and.


Emperor Wu, Yu Wenyong, asked, "you know all the princes. What is the status of Sui Gongxiang Lu?"


Come and answer without hesitation: "Sui gongzhi is a festival keeper, but the town side.". If he is a general, Chen will not fail. "


Yu Wenyong was relieved.


After a few days, I still don't feel at ease. I'd like to invite Zhao Zhao, a friend of mine, to secretly show Yang Jian a picture.


Zhao Zhao is also one of Yang Jian's best friends.


To protect Yang Jian, Zhao Zhaoyi refuses to resign.


Zhao Zhao pretended to observe Yang Jian's face in front of Yu Wenyong, and then said without any concern, "but as Zhu Guoer."


Now, Yu Wenyong believes.


So when Wang GUI, the inner historian, urged him to say that "the Duke of Sui was not a minister", he said impatiently, "there must be destiny, and what will happen?"


Yu Wenyong was very fond of feudalism and superstition. To Zhao Zhao's "theory of destiny", he not only believed that Yang Jian had only the life to be a pillar state, but also thought that he could rely on this pillar state to protect his own mountains and rivers and help his children and grandchildren.


To this end, he took the initiative to form a family with Yang Jian: let the prince marry Yang Jian's eldest daughter.


Compared with his father, Yu Wenyong, Yu Wenyun's intelligence and ability are far behind several streets.


But he seems to be better than his father Yu Wenyong in looking at people. At least, he didn't believe that much in "destiny" or anything like that.


After he ascended the throne, he was very suspicious of Yang Jian.


Yang Jian, as early as Zhao Zhaohe came and reminded him, was very wise to hold his tail and become a man.


But when Yu Wenfu looked left and right, and looked horizontally and vertically, he felt that he was not a good man, and wanted to kill him.


Once, when he was drinking too much, he couldn't help but say to Queen Yang Lihua, "I will destroy your family!"


Ma ah, this is the truth after drinking!


Yang Lihua was so scared that she asked people to take this message back to her father.


Yang Jian was in a panic. Every day, he felt nervous. He tightened his tail, so he almost didn't put his head in his crotch.


Yu Wen's determination to kill Yang Jian is unstoppable.


He ambushed the swordsmen and axes in the palace, ordered his servants to summon Yang Jian, and told the swordsmen and axes again and again, "if the color moves, it will be killed."


At the moment when Yang Jian received the imperial edict, he felt that the sky was going to fall.


Is this going into the palace or not?


There is a living hope to enter the palace. If you do not enter the palace, you will be beheaded for disobedience.


No way, Yang Jian, entered the palace cautiously.


Maybe it was Yang Jian's despairing pity that softened Yuwen Yu's heart; or maybe Yuwen Yu needed a proper excuse to kill Yang Jian. Anyway, on that day, the order to kill was never given.


Yang Jian was able to escape.


No matter how, this kind of day, for Yang Jian, it is!


How can we get out of the sea of misery?


Yang Jian right think, want to come and go, think only out of Beijing to assist can be a little safer.


Because, in that way, you can stay away from Yu Wenyun, the plague king, and it's not easy to touch his killer nerves.


But how can this be achieved?


Thanks again to all the good people he had received before.


In the internal history, the doctor was one of the most favored ministers before yuwenfu. However, he was also an able man who Yang Jian had been devoted to making friends with before.


Yang Jian found him quietly and said to him, "I'd like to go out of the clan for a long time. I've heard from you. Dare to spread your heart, and pay less attention. "


His meaning is understood by Zheng Yi.


As it happens, Zheng Yi received Yuwen Yun's mission to send him to the south a few days ago.


Therefore, he asked Yuwen Yun for a military talent of the governor, and actively recommended: "if we decide to settle in Jiangdong, we will not be able to appease the important officials of Yiqi. Can make Sui public, and for Shouyang to supervise the military


Yu Wenyun didn't think much about it. He agreed to Zheng's request and ordered Yang Jian as the general manager of Yangzhou.


At the moment when the imperial edict was issued, Yang Jianru was granted an amnesty, as if he was reborn after death.


However, it is extremely dramatic that he has not yet been to Yangzhou to go to his post, and has been addicted to wine and lust all day long. That year, he was only 22 years old.


Before Yuwen died, Liu Fang was summoned to the inner palace to prepare for the future.


This Liu Fang is also an able man who Yang Jian once devoted himself to making friends with.


Writing here, we have to sigh: Yang Jian can make friends, his network is too large!


Liu Fang and Zheng Yitong are the favourites of Yu Wenfu, and they are both Yang Jian's sworn party. This unique identity makes their feelings very deep.


Liu Fang thinks that Zhou Jingdi, yuwenfu's son, is only a child of seven or eight years old and can't afford to act as a tree for his shade. He conspires with Zheng Yi to recommend Yang Jian.


The two were in cahoots.


They went to Yang Jian's house hand in hand, and told him what they wanted to do. They asked Yang Jian to enter the palace.


Yang Jian also shrouded his son-in-law, yuwenyun, in the shadow of cruelty, and couldn't walk out, so he pushed hard.


Liu Fang was in a hurry, and zhengse said, "if the public does it, it should be done quickly; if not, it should be done by Fang himself."


Yang jianmeng wakes up, stops pushing and nods to show his willingness to enter the palace.


Before entering the palace, Yang Jian was still beating drums in his heart. He asked people to find someone who was familiar with Xiangshu and asked anxiously, "am I free from disaster?"


Come and give him courage, said: "gonggufa color corresponding to heaven has been paid."


Yang Jian followed Liu Fang's and Zheng's translation into the palace in the name of "Shiji".


After entering the palace, Liu Fang and Zheng translated Jiao Zhao and appointed Yang Jian to know the military affairs at home and abroad.


Yang Jian came to the top, and soon became prime minister, fake yellow Yue, and commander of all the Chinese and foreign military forces.


Yang Jian did not forget the great kindness of Liu Fang and Zheng Yi, praised their decision-making efforts, and affectionately called them their own "mental Brawn", rewarded them with a great deal of money, named Liu Fang as the Duke, and Zheng translated them as the Duke of PEI.


Liu Fang and Zheng Yi can send Jiashi to defend themselves and the court and the field pay attention to it, which is called Huang and Pei.


Before Liu Fang said to Yang Jian, "if the public is right, it should be done quickly; if not, it should be done by Fang himself." and so on, it was a pure threat to Yang Jian, intended to force Yang Jian to be superior.


In fact, he has no ability to "do it for himself".


For example: after Yang Jian seizes the power of the government, Yuchi, the general manager of Xiangzhou, refuses to accept it and starts fighting against Yang Jian. In the beginning, Yang Jian sent to deal with Yuchi, but the generals did not cooperate and could not carry out the unified movement. Yang Jian wants to send one of Liu Fang and Zheng Yi to be Wei Xiaokuan's overseer. He confidently says to them, "you have to have your heart and soul to unite the army. Who is the leader?"


These two guys have no sense of responsibility or any sense of responsibility. One of them says he doesn't understand military affairs; the other excuses that his mother is ill and can't leave.


Yang Jian was generous and didn't blame them. He arranged the work for them.


Yuchi was very noisy, and Wang Qian, the general manager of Yizhou, and Zhou Jingdi's father-in-law and so on started to respond.


Yang Jian's nerves are so tight that he forgets to eat and sleep.


Liu Fang, as Sima, didn't share Yang Jian's worries at all. He didn't care about himself. He hung up high and played and drank too much every day, which delayed many important jobs.


Yang Jian saw clearly the essence of Liu Fang's impotence, and dismissed his Sima post to let others get on top.


However, Yang Jian is very good to Liu Fang. After he abdicated and became emperor, he also promoted Liu Fang to the state of Shangzhu, changed his title to the Duke of Shu, and did not arrange any work for him, so that he could have fun and eat.


Yang Jian's arrangement, for him and for Liu Fang, is based on their own needs, which should be.


Strangely, Liu Fang was not satisfied.


He thought that he was the number one meritorious minister who assisted him. Now he was left unused and unwilling to accept it.


He chose to open a wine shop during Yang Jian's prohibition period and let his concubine Dang Gu sell wine to express his protest.


Yang Jian ignored.


Seeing Yang Jian's indifference, Liu Fang became angry with embarrassment.


Shangzhu's wife is a beautiful woman. I don't know what means Liu Fang used to get involved with her.


Because of this, Liu Fang and Liang Shiyan got on well.


Liang Shiyan and Yu Wenxin are both famous generals who can fight well. However, they were both the first and the second sides in the process of pacifying weichi's rebellion, and later they were ignored and alienated by Yang Jian.


Liang Shiyan and Yu Wen Xin hate Yang Jian. The two people often drink together and complain. They are unfair.


After Liu Fang and Liang Shiyan got on well, the three formed a "frustrated alliance front", conspiring to revolt, and agreed that Liang Shiyan would be the emperor after the success.


Liang Shiyan and Yu Wenxin are very good at fighting. They dare not plot against each other before. They know that they can't engage in politics. They are laymen. When they saw Liu Fang, the man who made the final decision in the Sui Dynasty, they thought that Liu Fang was a man of high rank and that great things would be achieved.


In fact, Liu Fang is a mediocre person who is not good at military affairs and politics.



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