What's the talent in history brought by Xiaobian today? Interested readers can have a look with Xiaobian.


In the world of life, nicknames are indispensable. In the biography of 108 generals, the nickname of the hero is very famous. In the sword, the name of Kong erlengzi, Kong Jie's monk and Wei Dayong's monk are unknown. On the one hand, the popular game "glory of the king" is also well done.


Peaceful watch, warm axe, legendary blade, mechanism creation These appellations, many King players see estimated to play a question mark, who is this? Are, Cheng Yaojin, and the nickname. Is it very interesting? Today we are going to talk about a male Shangguan Wan'er.


Historically, Shangguan Wan'er is an outstanding woman. A famous talented woman of the Tang Dynasty. She is highly valued by Wu Zetian and her son is also her. Shangguan Wan'er in the game is also very powerful. The pen, nicknamed Jing Hong, is not a knife but a sword, but it makes many players smell it. Why? The ink is too good.


In the game, Shangguan Wan'er's moves are all related to the ink in her hands. The first skill is Zhuan, the second is flying white Tibetan front, and the third is Zhangcao horizontal scale. The five moves of the big move are flying in the sky. You can't choose it. If you don't fly, you will have already. If you fly far and wide, you will have to cross the tower and fight hard, which makes many archers scared.


King of this game, many heroes are historical figures, provenance and so on are not groundless. In the game, Shangguan Wan'er's calligraphy is so powerful. What's the level of its calligraphy in history? There is no clear record about this aspect in history.


Originally, Shangguan Wan'er was the servant of her mother because of her grandfather. Smart and cute, she wrote a good article and was discovered by Wu Zetian. She was usually responsible for drafting official documents and imperial edicts, and got the name of a woman prime minister. After entering the center of power, Shangguan Wan'er began her political career with different opinions.


Tang Dynasty poetry shine brilliantly, can win the praise of many talented people, Shangguan Wan'er can't do without two brushes. There are several aspects in the contribution of later generations to his literary talent.


We have made suggestions, carried out cultural activities frequently, and set up a special repair center. A group of literati sang and exchanged poems with each other. Shangguan Wan'er was the host.


Evaluation of later generations: Wan'er inherited his ancestors and competed with the scholars for business. Most of the works that should be made in Shen and Song dynasties were evaluated by Wan'er. At that time, they admired each other and became customs. Therefore, the formation of rhythms and poems, especially the achievements of the ancestors and grandchildren of the upper officials, was also very important.


He inherited and carried forward his grandfather's style of Shangguan style, paid attention to the beauty of skills and vocabularies, and was popular in the upper class society. He also made contributions to landscape and pastoral poetry. As for his calligraphy attainments, there is no clear record in history, but his real level should not be low.


In the Tang Dynasty, officials paid great attention to one's talent. When taking the exam, we should pay attention to four aspects: body, speech, writing and judgment. Appearance, literary talent and calligraphy are all aspects of investigation. Since she has been in charge of drafting imperial edicts for many years and mixed with the title of Prime Minister of women, it is obviously impossible that her calligraphy is not good.


Shangguan Wan'er usually presides over poetry activities. It's common for her to recite poems and write them correctly. Sometimes she has to be a gunman for these Royal people. Read it out of your mouth, and naturally put it on paper. If we fail in calligraphy, we will be laughed at, let alone be the host.


In history, Wu Zetian's generation of female heroes has been able to conspire against people. What is little known is that people's calligraphy attainments are still very high.


In the past dynasties, great calligraphers have left many classic works, and Wu Zetian's monument to the prince of immortality is highly praised.


This inscription is located in the southeast of Luoyang. It records the promotion of Prince Zhou Ling to immortal. Original by Wu Zetian, 2129 words and 34 lines. Flying white style, the pioneer of opening grass books and steles, is the best of women's books. The six characters of "the stone tablet of the prince ascending to immortality" and ten bird shaped strokes are hidden on the forehead of the tablet. As the outstanding one among the few remains of feibai calligraphy, it is highly praised by the calligraphy circle.


Calligraphy works have not been handed down in the form of inscriptions, and there is no record of this aspect at the same time. Shangguan Wan'er's calligraphy achievements left a blank. However, Wu Zetian's calligraphy attainments are so excellent that Shangguan Wan'er, as a red man accompanying her day and night, can't miss her calligraphy.


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