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I believe that when it comes to the most difficult counselors in the Three Kingdoms, the first thing you think about is that they were "" right? No matter in Chen Shou's "or in Luo Guan's" ZHUGE Liang "is portrayed as a great genius. It's hard for such people to boast that they can't live in the world. If they are not the real masters, they can't be invited.


But what may not have occurred to everyone is that the most difficult counselor in Liu Bei group is not Zhuge Liang, but another genius who is not born. This is a super man who can make Zhuge Liang feel inferior to himself. Moreover, he thinks highly of himself. Liu Bei and others can't get into his eyes, and even are despised by him. Why does he finally work for Liu Bei?


Liu BA was born in an official family, and his grandfather and father had served as eunuchs. Therefore, Liu Ba is also a famous family. Under the influence of his father's generation, Liu Ba has both excellent character and learning since he was a child, so he became famous at a young age. Even at that time, Jingzhou animal husbandry had repeatedly called him into the city as an official, but he was rejected by Liu Ba because he had already chosen his own Lord in his heart.


It is said that when Liu Ba lived in Jingzhou, he had friendship with Liu Bei, but he did not have a good feeling for this self styled "servant of weaving mat vendor" of Han clan. Even at the time of Cao Cao's southern expedition to Jingzhou, Liu Bafei did not escape with Liu Bei, but directly turned to Cao Cao and fulfilled his long cherished wish of "meeting the Ming Lord".


The arrival of Liu Ba naturally made Cao Cao, who loved his talents, very happy. He immediately appointed him as "Li" and entrusted him with the task of recruiting Changsha, Lingling and Guiyang to the south. Liu Ba also set out happily. However, before Liu Ba arrived, it broke out. Cao Cao was defeated and returned. Wuling, Changsha, Lingling and Guiyang were taken by sun Liu's allied forces, and Liu BA's way back to the North was sealed.


Liu Ba could not return to the north, so he was so worried that he wrote to Zhuge Liang in person to let him return to the north. Otherwise, he would "roam around the world, swim in the sea by boat, and never care about Jingzhou again". When Zhuge Liang got the letter, he still tried hard to persuade him. Unexpectedly, Liu Ba ran to Jiaozhi in a rage. That is to say, in today's Vietnam, he found a job under Shi Xie, the "king of Jiaozhou". Liu Bei was furious when he heard about it and thought he hated it.


But it may be that Liu Ba had a narrow path of enemies. After several times of twists and turns, Liu Ba worked under Liu Zhang. At that time, in order to fight Hanzhong, Liu Zhang decided to welcome Liu Bei into Sichuan and fight against the enemy together, encouraged by counselors and others. After Liu Ba heard about it, he said many times that it must not be done. Liu Bei was more ambitious than Zhang Lu. If he did this, he would lead wolves into the house! But Liu Zhang thought that Liu Bei and his family should not harm themselves, so he rejected Liu BA's proposal.


Sure enough, Liu Bei captured Yizhou at one stroke only three years after he entered Sichuan. Liu Ba thought he would be retaliated by Liu Bei, but Liu Bei ordered the whole army. If someone threatened Liu Ba, he killed the three clans. In the face of such a magnanimous Liu Bei, Liu Ba finally put down his shelf and turned to Liu Bei. Liu Bei is also very important to the so-called yixiaominenqiu. He even let Liu Bei take over the position of fazhengshangshuling and put all the daily affairs in his charge, which is quite a trust.


After Liu BA's return to the army, he not only worked with Zhugeliang, Fazheng, Liyan and Yiji to compile the law for governing Shu Han, Shuke, but also helped Liu Bei to solve the national treasury crisis at that time, showing his outstanding knowledge and ability. Zhugeliang often said, "I'm not as far away from the beginning as I am from the beginning when I'm in a strategical position!" Liu ba.


Although Liu Ba has been under Liu Bei's command, his prejudice against him has not been dispelled. In addition, his own publicity has also offended many people. At that time, Zhang Fei heard about Liu BA's talent and intended to communicate with him, so he often took the initiative to visit Liu ba. However, Liu Ba totally ignored Liu Bei's face, which made Zhang Fei very embarrassed.


Zhuge Liang once persuaded Liu Ba to restrain his character more than once, but Liu Ba said, "how can I be taught to talk to a Wufu when I'm a big husband and a hero in all walks of life?" not only Liu Bei was furious after hearing this, but even the important officials of the Eastern Wu Dynasty thought Liu BA's behavior was extremely inappropriate. But he appreciated Liu Ba very much and said, "if Liu Zichu is allowed to go with the secular ups and downs and make friends with Zhang Fei in order to please Xuande, how can he be called a high scholar?"


However, Liu Bei later said that only a magnanimous monarch like Liu Ba, a famous person with a strange personality, can use it. It is difficult for others to control him. But whether this sentence praises Liu BA's talent or his image of "benevolent king", I believe you all have your own views.


But it's a pity that Liu Ba died the next year after Liu Bei became emperor. After his death, all the important officials of Cao Wei wrote to Zhuge Liang to inquire about Liu Ba, and honored Liu Ba as "Liu junchu" in the letter, which was enough to see that Liu BA's influence in the whole Three Kingdoms period was enormous, and he was a real high official!


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