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学者:狄仁杰一年断案近两万 与武则天暧昧真相



After Jiangnan style and aircraft carrier style, Gengzhen style spread rapidly on the Internet. The main character is Professor Yu Gengzhen of Shaanxi Normal University. At noon yesterday, Yu gengzhe appeared for the first time in CCTV's "one hundred forum" column, telling the truth in humorous language, and uncovering the fog surrounding Di Renjie layer by layer. As soon as the program was broadcasted, some netizens made the screenshots of Yu Geng Zhe's lecture into Geng zhe style. Our reporter interviewed Yu Gengzhen yesterday afternoon and listened to him talk about the real Di Renjie in history.


49 cases are closed every day


Is di Renjie a detective? After the deduction of various literary works, di Renjie has become "Sherlock Holmes of China". In the truth of Di Renjie, Yu genzhe defined Di Renjie as a very competent judicial officer. "The detective wants to go out to solve the case. Di Renjie is a judicial officer. When he is a local and central judicial officer, his ability is mainly reflected in the judgment of the case rather than the investigation at the scene. I don't think it's possible to arrest the real murderer. It's mainly the trial of files, in other words, the review of criminal cases. " In history, di Renjie is indeed an expert in case adjudication. According to historical records, when he was the Prime Minister of Dali temple, there were 17800 cases in one year. This is a very amazing number, which means that even if he did not rest one day in one year, he would have 49 cases every day on average.


"Unfortunately, the details of these cases were not recorded in the historical materials at that time." Yu genzhe said that there was no detail in the historical materials of Tang Dynasty about Di Renjie's "detective". Di Renjie's reputation mainly came from two novels. The works of the case of Di Gong in the Qing Dynasty and the case of Di Gong in the Tang Dynasty by the Dutch Sinologist galupe made Di Renjie appear in front of people in the form of detective, so the reputation of the detective came from the creation of writers.


The relationship between monarch and minister is ambiguous


Full assistance


When it comes to di Renjie, many people will think that he and Wu Zetian seem to have an ambiguous relationship. In the first part of the truth of Di Renjie, Yu genzhe takes "extraordinary subjects" as the title to describe the relationship between di Renjie and Wu Zetian. At the age of 70, he still held a high position in the Wuzhou regime and participated in a series of major decisions. However, it was di Renjie's farsighted personnel arrangement that finally subverted the Wuzhou regime. He did his best to assist Wu Zetian, but he spared no effort to promote the return of Chengwu Zhou regime to the Tang Dynasty.


"Behind this series of seemingly mutual behaviors, there is a" loyalty "as the main line, which is also the main line of Di Renjie's life. It's loyalty to the country, to Empress Wu, and to her. " Yu gengzhe said that in history, di Renjie was a politician who knew people, was good at their duties and had superior abilities. "He helped Wu Zetian steer the imperial ship to avoid many dangerous shoals, but he planned a coup to bring Zhou back to the Tang Dynasty before he died. He is a model in the official arena and the workplace. When he helped Wu Zetian to run the country, he thought that he was loyal to Wu Zetian. When he laid pieces on his deathbed and even made arrangements for the coup in advance, he still believed that he was loyal and that he also wanted to protect Empress Wu's famous festival. This kind of relationship between monarch and minister is rare in history. "


Enter the laboratory for measurement


How much is a bucket of millet worth


Yugenzhe is called "cute" Professor by students and "cute" Professor by netizens. To this end, Yu Gengzhen said with a smile, "cute" comes from the humor in class, but academically he is unambiguous. "Meng" is just a way of class, all for the effective dissemination of knowledge, "Meng" is just a means not an end.


"Just like the beginning of the lecture on" 100 lecture halls ", my time is no less than writing professional papers. There is a talk about how much a bucket of millet in the Tang Dynasty is worth (modern standard). There are relevant research results in the academic circle, but these results contradict each other. In an honest attitude, I decided to do my own measurement. " Yu genzhe said that because of the proportion of millet, "I chose millet with medium dry degree and ran to the school biology laboratory to measure the proportion. This is the first time I entered the laboratory since I graduated from middle school. This number is only a few bytes in the manuscript, and it was deleted for other reasons. It seems that I have done no hard work, but in a responsible attitude towards the audience and readers, I think it's really worth it. I believe that di Renjie's personal charm will be liked by all of you. " The reporter learned that the book of the same name of "Di Renjie truth" will be published by the Publishing Bureau of Shaanxi Normal University.


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