骊姬或称丽姬,名不详,春秋时期骊戎国君之女。据说在晋献公打败国君骊戎之后,骊戎就将自己的女儿骊姬献给了晋献公, 成为了晋献公的妃子。当时的骊姬靠着自己的美色获得晋献公的宠爱,开始取得晋献公信任,成为了夫人并参与到朝政中来。


No. 4 in the list:


Liji, or Liji, has an unknown name. She was the daughter of Lirong in the spring and Autumn period. It is said that after Duke Xian of Jin defeated emperor Lirong, Lirong gave his daughter Liji to Duke Xian of Jin,


He became the concubine of Jin Xiangong. At that time, Li Ji got the favor of Jin Xian Gong by her beauty, began to gain the trust of Jin Xian Gong, became a wife and participated in the government.


Li Ji at that time gave birth to her son Xi Qi. In order to make her son Prince, she began to divorce the relationship between Jin Xian Gong and his son Shen Sheng, Yi Wu. As a result, Shen Sheng committed suicide, Chong'er and Yiwu fled, and her son Xi Qi naturally became Prince smoothly.


When Xian Gong was in critical condition, he asked his doctor Xun Xi to take charge of the government, protect Xi Qi and assist him to succeed. After the death of Duke Xian of Jin, xunxi, the chief political officer, followed the order of Duke Xian of Jin to let Xi Qi succeed and set Liji as his successor. However, during the funeral for Jin, Minister Rick killed Xi Qi. When Yiwu succeeded, Li Ji's previous crimes were exposed, and then she was killed.


No. 3 in the list of four enchanted ladies:


The birth and death year of Bao Si is unknown. Si is her surname. She is from Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province. She is the second queen and the birth mother of Prince Ji Bofu. She was just an abandoned baby and was adopted by a couple in Baoguo. When King Youwang of Zhou hit Baoguo, the king of Baoguo presented Baosi as a gift to King Youwang of Zhou.


When King Youwang saw Baosi, he doted on her and soon became the most favored concubine in King Zhou's palace. When Bao Si gave birth to his son, Ji Bofu, for king Youwang of Zhou, he dismissed the queen and Prince Yijiu, and made Bao si the queen and the prince.


As she was not used to the palace life, she seldom smiled. Even when she smiled occasionally, Zhou Youwang was fascinated. At that time, in order to make the eunuch smile, the king Youwang of Zhou set off a beacon fire. When all the vassals saw the beacon fire rushing back, they found a false alarm and retreated. When Bao Si saw the appearance of the princes rushing over, she smiled.


King Youwang of Zhou was very happy when he saw Baosi laughing, but he never thought that this was to make him lose faith with the princes. When he sent troops over, King Zhou Youwang ignited the beacon again. But this time, no princes sent troops to rescue him. King Zhou Youwang and Ji Bofu died at the foot of Lishan Mountain. Bao Si was also taken away by Canrong, and his whereabouts are unknown.


Daji: the second in the list of four enchanted women


Daji, a tribal people, surnamed Ji, named da. Daji was the spoils brought back by Emperor Xin when he conquered the sushi tribe. Because of her fine appearance, she was very popular with emperor Xin. When he brought Daji back to the palace, he began to ignore the government and indulge in it.


It is said that Daji is a snake and scorpion beauty,


In the severe winter, seeing someone walking barefoot on the ice, he thought that his feet were more peculiar. He asked people to cut off his feet and understand the reason why he was not afraid of the cold. Seeing a pregnant woman who was very curious about the situation in her abdomen, he asked people to cut open her belly and cut off her life. He encouraged King Zhou to kill his loyal officials and cut out her heart. Because of their complaints, the Shang Dynasty was destroyed by King Wu of Zhou Dynasty, and King Zhou of Shang also burned himself to death, while Daji was killed by King Wu of Zhou Dynasty.


Number one in the list of the four most enchanted women


The birth and death years are unknown. She is the daughter of Xia, the last monarch. When they went to fight against Yushi, they gave their cattle and sheep, their horses and a woman named Yunxi. When Xia Jie saw her, he was very fond of her.


It is said that he has two unique hobbies: one is to laugh at people drinking in the wine pool where they can row. When he was building a wine pool that could row, Xia Jie executed all his subjects who opposed to building a wine pool, and then arrested 3000 drinking experts to drink in the pool, many of them drowned in the pool.


The second is to listen to the sound of tearing silk with a smile. When I hear the sound of torn silk, I laugh. In order to hear the laughter of Yuxi, xiajie asked the palace people to tear Juanzi apart one by one in the face of Yuxi. As the silk weaving industry was just emerging at that time, Juanzi was a rare item even in the Imperial Palace, and Xia Jie's doing so was nothing more than a monstrous thing. After the destruction of Xia Dynasty, he and Xia Jie ran to the South nest and died.


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