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Changninggong was born in 1386, when he was still in charge. However, because she is the youngest daughter, she has been loved by Zhu Di since she was young.


In 1399, in order to strengthen the centralization of power, Emperor Jianwen began to eliminate the power of vassals. Chu Di, who had the heart to win the throne, took the opportunity to raise the flag of "" and launched.


In 1402, Zhu Di captured the capital of Nanjing, and Zhu Yunwen disappeared in the fire of the imperial palace.


The country can't be without a monarch for a day. The courtiers "repeatedly urged" Zhu Di to ascend the throne and become emperor.


Zhu Di "repeatedly declined" and finally "ascended to the throne of God.


After Zhu Di did it, because of the improper seizing of the throne, in order to consolidate his imperial power and stabilize the domestic situation, he pacified the princes who had been suppressed by Zhu Yunwen at the beginning of his succession, and restored the old system of princes. At the same time, in order to strengthen the family relationship with Muxin, who is guarding Yunnan Province, he specially betrothed Princess Changning to Muxin and named Muxin as the emperor in law.


According to "the emperor's son-in-law like Zan", Muxin was born in "the noble family, the Royal Yiqi". Uphold virtue and integrity, and be careful. Both culture and martial arts, music and poetry. It's a brilliant industry that shines on the Yi people. There is an Emei crown and a great suit. He is a gentleman who is as warm as jade. He is an elegant man of culture and martial arts.


Therefore, after Muxin became the son-in-law, Zhu Di attached great importance to him. In the real records of Emperor Taizong of the Ming Dynasty, it has been mentioned many times that Muxin was appointed by Zhu Di to offer gifts and congratulations on the birthday of the vassal and major festivals. It can be seen that Zhu Di is quite close to Muxin, the son-in-law.


Muxin is also filial to Zhu Di. In nine dynasties, he also recorded that he once sent two excellent singers to Zhu Di.


These two girls will please Zhu Di very much, so they are very popular with Zhu Di. Chu Di often called them to perform songs and dances to kill time.


But somehow, one day, Muxin killed the two girls with a copper cone.


It is said that Muxin's practice is to offend. But although Chu Di was not happy, he didn't punish him, and the matter ended.


Muxin sees this, more and more, unexpectedly to Changning princess also gradually impolite.


According to the book, although Princess Changning was adored by Zhu Di since she was a child, she has a good upbringing and is "respectful, cautious and polite" when she acts and talks.


However, Princess Changning can't stand Muxin's domineering arrogance, so it's hard to avoid persuading him.


Who knows, Muxin not only does not listen to, but also maliciously, does not consider her Princess's identity at all. When it comes to the extreme, he also moves with Princess Changning.


The beaten Princess Changning complains to Zhu Di with full of grievances, hoping Zhu Di can restrain Muxin.


Who knows that Chu Di was not angry after hearing this, but he advised Princess Changning to be a wife and to be patient.


Princess Changning didn't get comfort here, so she had to go back to Muxin wrongly.


After that, Muxin intensified her efforts, often looking for flowers and willows outside. At home, Princess Changning will be beaten and kicked by him if she doesn't satisfy him at all.


At the age of 22, Princess Changning, who was scolded with patience, finally became depressed and died of Qi disease.


After the death of Princess Changning, Zhu Di still hasn't embarrassed Muxin. What's the matter?


It turns out that Muxin's father is the adopted son of, and muying, although he is the adopted son, but he was raised by himself, comparable to his own son.


In addition, muying is brave and good at war, and is very loyal to Zhu Yuanzhang. He is not only the founding father, but also the immortal talent to pacify the world. Therefore, Zhu Yuanzhang treated him as if he were himself. After the beginning of the world, he was appointed as the Marquis of Xiping, guarding Yunnan. After his death, the grieving Zhu Yuanzhang pursued him as the king of qianning and buried him.


Although Muxin is the second-generation leader of King Mu's mansion, the Muxin family is already powerful in Yunnan, and deeply respected by the local people. So Zhu Di knows that he can only pull Muxin together, not suppress it. That's why he married his beloved little daughter to Muxin in exchange for the support of the Mu family.


Therefore, even if Muxin kills his two favorite singers and the domestic violence of Princess Changning leads to her premature death, Zhu Di can only open one eye and close one eye. Because compared with his mountains and rivers, the life and death of Princess Changning is insignificant.


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