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商鞅变法让秦国走向强大 商鞅变法到底变了什么



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China has a glorious history of nearly 5000 years, in which many countries have evolved. Every country has a different history and experienced different monarchs. But if you can mention a name among the monarchs of these countries, you must think that the king of Qin is one.


As we all know, Ying Zheng, king of Qin, is a very powerful group leader. His thought is also very advanced. It only took about 10 years, that is, 230 to 221 BC. He is the first monarch to unify six countries in the history of China, and the first to be called a monarch. So his achievements are very high, which must be known to many people.


Ying Zheng, the king of Qin, has achieved the reunification of the country. In fact, it is not his own credit. He has many talents who can provide advice for him. The state of Qin went from prosperity to weakness, then from weakness to strength. It has gone through many years and many reforms. It can be said that it is a measure that has a profound impact on the development of the Qin state. What is the change in this reform? Why does it have such a good effect. Today's editor will give you a specific introduction.


In 362 B.C., the new emperor ascended the throne (Qin Xiaogong). At that time, the state of Qin had no such glorious history as before. After several generations of King management, the state of Qin became weaker and weaker. Even Qin's national strength is much worse than other countries, even the most fertile land in Hexi has been taken away by others. Seeing other countries grow stronger slowly, the 21-year-old Qin Xiaogong has a heavy burden. He doesn't want his ancestors to destroy the mountains and rivers in his own hands. In addition, at that time, the outside countries were very strong, and treacherous officials began to appear in their own country. Many ministers were selfish and ready to abandon their own country and invest in other countries, so Qin Xiaogong decided to change his country.


He decided to follow the reform of other countries to change the fact that Qin was declining. He issued a decree to recruit talents. It was also because the decree recruited excellent talents for him, Shang Yang, the appraiser of Qin state power. In fact, Shangyang is not a native of Qin, so it's called Weiyang. In addition, it's also called gongsunyang. Later, after the fiefdom, he was called Shang Yang. What was the main change? What kind of change did this outstanding politician provide for the Qin State?


First of all, the first change is to set up the military merit system. It is believed that friends who study history should be aware that Shang Yang abolished the power of aristocrats and the privilege of inheritance. In the beginning, Zhou Tianzi used the system of enfeoffment to manage his own country, so some official titles and titles, as well as land, can be inherited by his own son. This is also the case in his vassal state. The vassals will distribute the land allocated by the emperor to the people around them. So as long as a person has merit, his family, even his descendants and the people around him can share a little bit, and their descendants can enjoy the welfare brought by their ancestors. When the country was just established, it was still very good, because it could inspire many people to contribute to the country. But with the gradual development of the dynasty, there are more and more people who depend on their ancestors to defeat the country. With the passage of time, there are more and more vulgar people. There are not so many excellent talents in the country. So the first is to abolish this special right and establish a military service system.


However, this practice caused dissatisfaction of a large number of nobles at that time, but also because this system promoted the generation of talents, so that many descendants of nobles know that if they want to have money and want wealth, they have to rely on their own efforts. Some civilians, even slaves, began to have the opportunity to turn over and attack. Talents from other countries also had the opportunity to show their talents. Therefore, the state of Qin began to grow stronger. Later, some very famous talents came here, which made Qin more and more powerful. Because some talented people may not be reused before, but after the reform, they can recommend themselves, and then let their talents be exerted, which can contribute to the country.


The second system was to abolish slavery and minefields, and to recognize the privatization of land. In fact, the previous land law began to flourish at that time. Before that, the king divided the land among his vassals, princes, and then among the big landlords of the clans. The landlords allowed slaves to farm, and each year they handed over a certain amount of grain to the princes and the state. However, because the landlords who had been granted the land could not sell or transfer the land, these landlords could only oppress the slaves and let them work hard to produce more food, and these people at the bottom could never turn over.


However, in this way, a large area of land is barren, and random variety of land leads to barren land, and people are becoming less and less. So later Shang Yang abolished this system, so that landlords could sell land they didn't need, and slaves could buy land with their life savings. As a result, the country became stronger and stronger, and food production became better and better.


Then it began to focus on the development of farmers to suppress the development of businessmen. Because agriculture was very important in the Warring States period, Shang Yang put forward this system. The people needed food for survival, as well as food for sending troops, and reward was also food. So Shangyang law enforcement to encourage most farmers to work hard and punish those who do not farm land to do business. In this way, with the privatization of land, the warehouses of Qin state become more and more rich, and the population is more and more, and Qin state is more and more powerful.


Then there is the unified measurement, because the weight is not the same in all parts of the country. For example, if you buy one jin of grain in one place, it may be two Jin or eight Liang in another place. This kind of unbalanced measurement is also very unfair. There are many arguments without any reason. So one of the most important things about Shang Yang's reform is to unify the system and avoid the quarrel among the farmers, which is also very good. And it has been used till now. It can be said that Shang Yang's reform is really beneficial to the country and the people. Qin's reform has become more and more powerful.


The above is what Xiaobian told you. I don't know if you have understood some changes of Shangyang's reform?


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