Today, why does the editor bring you great achievements with the villagers? I hope it can help you.


The students who know history may have a doubt. Those who started from scratch like Liu Banghe have no culture of their own, and the outstanding generals around him are not of good origins. They are not full of military education. Why is it that in the process of fighting against the world, one is cleverer than the other? It's all military wizards.


In fact, this phenomenon is caused by the deviation of survivors, that is to say, those who survive last and laugh last are constantly strengthened in our memory, while those who are not good at fighting are either dead, or in history, unknown and forgotten by history and people.


Liu Bang beheaded the white snake. During the uprising in Peixian County, there were more than 1000 soldiers following him, including fan Kuai, Zhou Bo, Xiao He and others. Looking at this list of uprisings, you may think Liu Bang's luck is very good. At the beginning, he gathered so many military and political talents to serve him. But I don't know if you have thought about it. What happened to the vast majority of the 1000 people, apart from those who were "very powerful later"?


You see, no one must remember it, but if you change them into another group of people, you can only remember these people.


Perhaps there are more talented young people than bad luck, died in the first battle of the first arrow rain. The dead will not leave their names in the history books. Maybe some people are not good at fighting. During the war, Liu Bang replaced the old revolution with such talents and no longer entrusted them with the task. For example, after Liu Bang established the Western Han Dynasty, not many of the 145 princes he granted (the founders of the country) could be called military talents.


For example. It's an old revolution. When I was in Peixian, I followed Liu Bang. But how many of them are clear about their deeds? They belong to the same kind of people who are talented but lucky enough to match the Lord. The war itself is a process of survival of the fittest. After nearly a decade of scuffle, Liu Bang's team, like the general, finally screened out Cao Shen, Zhou Bo, fan Kuai and other military talents.


At the beginning of the peasant uprising in the late Qin Dynasty, Liu Bang was only a small role, and he was the early big bull. After Chen Sheng's uprising, there were countless talents around him, such as Zhou Shi, Deng Zong, Wu Chen, etc.


But Chen Sheng can't see that others are better than him. Ge Ying supports the descendants of the state of Chu to be king. Chen Sheng kills Ge Ying. Wu Chen is claiming the king, and Chen Sheng is dissatisfied. Finally, Chen Sheng is defeated. The talents in his team are also dead, disabled, and have no name in history.


By contrast, Liu Bang is different. Liu Bang was also upset that Han Xin wanted to seal the king, but even if he was upset, he still tried to bear his dissatisfaction and sealed the king for them. At that time, with Liu banghun, at the very least, there was room for talents to carry out their ambitions. And with Chen shenghun, even the military genius once in a thousand years will be in vain.


The same as Chen Sheng, and. Han Xin and Xiang Yu worked under Xiang Yu's account in their early years, but Xiang Yu didn't know his talent. At last, they both went to Liu Bang's side. (the reasons for joining Liu Bang are similar. Han Wangcheng is killed by Xiang Yu. Zhang Liang takes revenge for the Lord, and angrily throws himself at Liu Bang.)


In fact, whether a small person can complete the life counter attack or not, personal ability is secondary, the key depends on whether there is luck, whether there is "luck". There was neither life nor luck - this kind of people were ordinary people at that time, just like ants, who could be slaughtered. There is luck, but no life - such people are represented by Wuchen, Zhoushi and so on. They got through the mole ant stage, but they didn't meet a good Lord, and their talent was finally wasted.


There is life, but no luck - this kind of person is the one who followed Liu Bang's uprising in the early years, but was unknown in history. Maybe they are talented, but they are unlucky. In the first battle, they are killed by their opponents. There is both life and luck - this is the life of Xiao He, Zhou Bo, fan Kuai and others.


So, in fact, it's not Liu Bang's fellow townsmen that made Liu Bang's imperial career, but Peixian's fellow townsmen and ambitious and capable Liu Bang who became "very powerful later"


People. If their hero is not Liu Bang, but Xiang Yu and Chen Sheng, who can't see others well, they probably won't become the heroes of the time.


Cao can, Zhou Bo, fan Kuai and others also have the ability to become military talents. There is not much explanation for this. They can survive and become military talents, which shows that they are very good. After all, a person who has no ability, such as a bar master, can't grasp the opportunity even if you give him the chance to show his talent.


After all, Zhao Kuo is still named, but there are many talented people in history who are buried in the tide of history. And those who can be remembered by history, in fact, sometimes is not how outstanding his ability, maybe only do some things so that they can be remembered.


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