It is almost a truth that "heroes come out of chaos". Because chaos is an era without order, the lack of order provides the greatest possibility for all kinds of people to stand out. Therefore, every time there is chaos, there will be a lot of heroes. At the end of Qin Dynasty, of course, there were chaos. It's not surprising that many heroes came into being. Five years ago, someone could catch the tail of chaos and strive to become a hero. At last, it's amazing to be a marquis.


This is Lou Jing.


Lou Jing was born in the state of Qi. In the fifth year of emperor Gaodi of Han Dynasty, he was sent to Longxi to guard the frontier fortress. When he passed Luoyang, he heard that emperor Gaozu was living there. He was so excited that he decided to take a chance. At that time, he was wearing a ragged sheepskin jacket, and he was a bodyguard driver. After entering the city, as a coachman, he suddenly threw away the crossbar used to pull the car and shouted, "I want to see you! I want to see the emperor!" someone kindly gave him a beautiful suit and kindly advised him not to see the emperor in such shabby clothes. Lou Jing replied proudly, "when I come here in silk, I will go to see you in silk; when I come here in coarse cloth, I will go to see you in coarse cloth. What I have contributed to the emperor is not the image of thought, but why should I decorate myself from the appearance? "We know that Liu Bang has always been democratic in style and favors people with personality. When he heard of a neuropathy coming from Shandong, he immediately took the time to meet him. Looking at this psychopath, Liu Bang gave him a meal as an exception.


See Lou Jing eat and drink enough, and start to get to the point. As soon as he opened his mouth, he asked Liu Bang, "I heard that his majesty is going to build Luoyang as a capital, is it to compete with the great?" the emperor secretly said that he was surprised, because this man seized his heart as soon as he opened his mouth. At that time, Liu Bang was asking for the opinions of the generals and generals of culture, because most of his ministers were from the East, and they strongly suggested that Liu Bang establish Luoyang as the capital. They quoted classics and said that Luoyang, the capital of Zhou Dynasty, had been king for hundreds of years. The capital of Zhou Dynasty only passed down to the second emperor. Therefore, Luoyang should be the first choice. He is hesitant about this, so he would like to hear what kind of insights the psychopath who has just had a full meal will have.


Lou Jing did not open his mouth, but he talked about it as soon as he opened his mouth. He analyzed the reason, the way and the process of Zhou Dynasty's ancestors' gaining the world, demonstrated the means, the methods and the characteristics of Zhou Tianzi's governing the world, then compared the differences between Liu Bang's gaining the world and Zhou Dynasty's gaining the world, and finally demonstrated in detail the significance of building the capital inside the pass. Lou Jing's eyebrows were flying and his mouth was eloquent. He played a wonderful role and let Liu Bang listen to him. These views of Lou Jing are not only close to those of Liu Bang, but also to those of Liu Bang. Liu Bang no longer hesitated. On that day, he drove West to Guanzhong to build the capital.


After the location of the capital was determined, Liu Bang said to Lou Jing, "you have made contributions to the capital, so I decided to give it to you. From then on, you will do it." Lou Jing becomes Liu Jing and stays with Liu Bang.


On the issue of capital construction, Liu Jinglu showed a small hand, but more opportunities are still behind him.


In the seventh year of emperor Gao of Han Dynasty (200 BC), the king of Han and the Huns conspired to attack together. The emperor was furious. In order to find out the truth, he sent envoys to the Xiongnu. In order to confuse the envoys of the Han Dynasty, the Xiongnu deliberately concealed the strong men, fat horses, and only showed the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled. There were more than ten envoys sent, and when they came back, they said they could attack the Huns. Out of appreciation for Liu Jing's level, Liu Bang decided to send Liu Jing to the Xiongnu to investigate the details of the Xiongnu. Liu Jing saw the problem at a glance. When he came back, he analyzed Liu Bang like this: "when the two countries are engaged in military affairs, under normal circumstances, they should show off their strengths to deter each other. However, the Xiongnu did not. There must be some deceit in it. It is estimated that they are going to fight for victory with strange soldiers. I thought it would be more auspicious to attack Xiongnu at this time. "


Liu Bang likes swearing. If a word doesn't agree, his swearing will come out. After hearing Liu Jing's words, the emperor was very angry and scolded Liu Jing: "you are a bastard of Qi State! If you fish for an official with two bad mouths, you will raise your tail. Today, you dare to block my army with nonsense. Do you know that my 200000 troops have gone out to fight! "So Liu Bang first imprisons Liu Jing, and then he drives himself to fight. He will use his brilliant victory to fan Liu Jing.


Who Chengxiang, Liu banggang just arrived in Pingcheng, was surrounded by the strange soldiers of the Huns on the white mountain, seven days and seven nights later, he was able to escape. When he came back, he immediately released Liu Jing, gave him 2000 households in the Food Town, and sealed him as the Marquis of Jianxin.


Although the siege was relieved, Liu Bang was afraid of the battle effectiveness of the Xiongnu and couldn't sleep at night, so he called Liu Jing to ask for countermeasures. "I have a long-term plan for the descendants of the Huns to submit to the Han Dynasty, just in case your majesty doesn't want to do it," Liu Jing said Liu Bang was scratched by Liu Jing. He was impatient. "If it is possible, why can't we do it? What should we do?" Liu Jing replied, "if your majesty can marry the eldest princess born by the queen and give him rich gifts, he knows it's the daughter born by the queen of Han Dynasty and also the rich gifts. The rude foreigners must love the eldest princess and make her a wife." The son born must be the crown prince, who will take over the throne in the future. Why do you do this? Because the Huns coveted the wealth of the Han Dynasty. His majesty asked and presented many times the superfluous things of the Han Dynasty and the Huns in the four seasons of the year. By the way, he sent eloquent people to enlighten him with etiquette. The son-in-law of the Han Dynasty, of course, was maunton's son-in-law. When he died, his prince and grandson of the Han Dynasty naturally became the monarch. Did you ever hear that grandson and grandfather fought against each other? Isn't this the best way to solve Xiongnu fundamentally without sending troops? "After hearing this, Emperor Gao sent his thigh and said," Gao, really fucking Gao! "Liu Bang never had much feelings for his children. He had a bad record of abandoning their children. Now I hear that his daughter has such a use. He will send it to the public immediately Lord to go with the Huns. But at last, Liu Bang's hair turned yellow. After all, Liu Bang failed to send the eldest princess, so he had better find a maid to pretend to be the princess and marry the prince as his wife. At the same time, Liu Jing was sent to enter into an alliance of negotiation and marriage with the Huns.


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