According to the book, it has a huge and strong penis. It is said that it can be used to move the wheels to move the car forward. This exaggerated description shows that he has a strong sexual ability and is fully capable of comforting the young widowed harem. Getting along with each other day and night and having frequent sexual intercourse made the woman in her prime pregnant.


First to write, the latter read the letter after drinking poison. In fact, before this, a failed palace coup also contributed to LV Buwei's suicide.


The abortive palace coup still began with the relationship between LV Buwei and the Empress Dowager. Lu Buwei gave Zhao Ji to Zichu, who died after only three years as king of Qin. At that time, Zhao Ji was only about 30 years old, and she became a widow in her youth, which was very cruel to her.


As Zhao Ji's old lover, Lu Buwei can enter the palace at the right time to keep warm with her, maintain her emotions many years ago by adultery, and increase the insurance coefficient of her power. However, the court system is strict, which is one of them; secondly, LV Buwei is in his later years, and he has not enough energy, heart and strength. Perhaps it was at Zhao Ji's request that LV Buwei recommended her to the lustful empress dowager.


According to historical records, she has a huge and strong phallus. It is said that it can be used to move the wheels to move the car forward. This exaggerated description shows that he has a strong sexual ability and is fully capable of comforting the widowed empress dowager. Getting along with each other day and night and having frequent sexual intercourse made the woman in her prime pregnant.


Of course, she came to serve Zhao Ji as an eunuch. Historical materials show that the eunuchs of the court from the pre-Qin to the Western Han Dynasty were not all eunuchs. From the beginning, all eunuchs were used. But even so, the pregnancy of the widowed queen mother is a Royal Scandal. Zhao Ji then lied to her son that she had occupied a divination and was not suitable to stay in the palace. She should move to the palace and live in it. That is to say, she had to move to another place to avoid disaster. Ying Zheng agreed to the Empress Dowager's request and asked her to move to Yongxian with her.


The empress dowager, who eloped with her lover, gave birth to two sons to her in the palace of Yongxian county.


She also received many rewards for her service to the Empress Dowager. It is said that there are thousands of servants, and there are more than a thousand guests who go to the government to ask for officials. Later, he was granted the title of Lord Chang Xin, with Shanyang (now the southeast of Jiaozuo in Henan Province) as his residence and Hexi and Taiyuan County as his farmland. As for all the affairs in Yongxian County, the only way was to listen to them. For a while, they were powerful and shook the court. The weight of internal servants is a great taboo of emperors in all dynasties. What's more, he called himself the "false father" of the first emperor. A "Zhongfu" has made the first emperor angry, and even a "fake father" appears, and is an eunuch, killing is imminent.


In 238 B.C. (the ninth year of the first emperor), it was reported that she was a fake. She had an affair with the Empress Dowager and had two children. She conspired with the Empress Dowager that "if the emperor died, our son would be the emperor." the subtext can be understood as: if the emperor died early, her son would be the emperor as early as possible. At the age of 22, the so-called "conspiracy" was like a curse. It seemed to kill the king It's also very likely to happen. I heard that I was furious. I sent someone to investigate immediately. It's true. It was also learned that the "false father" was actually recommended by LV Buwei, the "Zhongfu".


After he was granted the title of Lord of Changxin, he was granted the title of state of Yi by Taiyuan County in Hexi. He indulged in the imperial chariots, horses, clothes and gardens, and lived a well-off life as a prince. How could he be caught and killed? So he conspired with Zhao Ji and decided to take the initiative. In April of this year, the first emperor went to the Qinian palace in Yongcheng city to celebrate the ceremony (that is, the rite of passage, which is generally determined to be 20 years old in later generations, but only when the first emperor is 22 years old).


So he stole the imperial seal and the Empress Dowager's seal of the king of Qin, mobilized the county soldiers, the official guards and the officers to ride, and a group of people besieged the Qinian palace where the ceremony of winning the government was being held. The first emperor was prepared to lead the snake out of the cave and attack others later.


The first emperor ordered Changping and Changwen to lead Xianyang soldiers to quell the rebellion. The two armies fought in Xianyang. The king of Qin ordered: "all those who have made contributions to the war will be rewarded by the Marquis, and eunuchs who have joined the war will be rewarded by the marquis." At that time, there were many people who served the king. Hundreds of rebels were killed, his army was defeated and he fled in a hurry.


The emperor of Qin then issued a wanted order: "give millions to those who capture him alive, and 500000 to those who kill him". Under the reward, there must be brave men. He and his party will soon be captured alive. Ying Zheng's car broke up and killed the three clans. Twenty of his followers, including Wei Wei, Shi Si, Zuo Ge, and Zhong Fu Ling Qi, were led by the Lords. He followed his guests to sacrifice people. Those who were less guilty were paid by ghost. More than 4000 people who were more guilty took the rank and moved to Shu. Most of them died in exile.


The first emperor was extremely cruel to his two little brothers, the Empress Dowager and the two sons of her half father. Both of them were "sacked" together, that is, they were put into sacks, and then fell to death.


Zhao Ji, the empress dowager, was saved from death, but was expelled from Xianyang and moved to the cold palace outside the city. Ying Zheng also renounced the relationship between mother and son and vowed never to see them again. It's easy to think of the famous story of "Zheng Bo Duan Yu Yan" in Zuo Zhuan. In that story, Zheng Bo swore that he and the Empress Dowager "could not meet each other as well as the yellow spring". After being dissuaded by Yingkao Shu, Zheng Bo still ordered people to dig the tunnel. After seeing the underground water (yellow spring), the mother and son enjoyed the happiness of the family in the tunnel. The so-called gentleman has no joke, so digging a tunnel is really a good way. It shows both honesty and filial piety.


The first emperor's courtiers must have thought of this beautiful talk about filial piety and no joking words. They suggested that the first emperor learn from Zheng Bo and empress Zhao Ji's mother and son. It is a pity that the first emperor not only did not listen, but also made it clear that those who dared to give advice on the Empress Dowager's affairs would "kill them and kill them, and kill them on their backs". But this still did not scare those courtiers who were trying to rebuild the moral order in the new dynasty. They were righteous, impassioned and fearless, and did not worry that the emperor would actually kill them. However, they didn't know enough about Ying Zheng, who was just 22 years old. In all, 27 ministers were cruelly executed and their bodies were hung on the palace walls. Since then, no one in the world dare to speak.


How can the "Zhongfu" survive when the "false father" is destroyed? Besides, there is a certain degree of complicity between the two "fathers" who have violated the first emperor's taboo. In fact, Lu Buwei's Jiujiu wine was poured and put there by himself as early as when he contributed to Zhao Ji. This is his only miscalculation as a businessman.


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