In the world, everyone wants to have a good face. Modern technology is developed. As long as you dare to be "cruel" to yourself, it's not difficult to move two knives on your face to make yourself beautiful.


But sometimes the beautiful face should also grow on the face of the right person, otherwise there will be some trouble.


At that time, in order to deter the enemy on the battlefield, we had to hide our handsome appearance with a ferocious mask. What's the matter?


Hide beauty


Beauty is not a mistake, but it seems to be a mistake to grow up in the face of a general who goes to the battlefield to kill enemies.


Gaosu, the king of Lanling, is a member of the royal family in the northern and Southern Dynasties and the fourth son of Wenxiang emperor. Although his father is expensive, his mother has no history to test. According to the historical books, although the six brothers of the king of Lanling, even the mother of the fifth king of ander, who was only a "prostitute of Guangyang king", had a record in the historical books, but the mother of the king of Lanling, Gao Su, left no words in the history, which shows that the mother of the king of Lanling may not even be as good as the prostitute.


Even if there is an emperor as a father, but the humble birth of his mother makes the king of Lanling, who was born in the era of the gentry who paid attention to blood and clan, very embarrassed, and he will even be ridiculed. So when I was a child, Gao Su would be blinded and not too happy.


But Gao Su, who was born with "problems", was born with a beautiful face, which is recorded in many historical books: in the book of the Northern Qi Dynasty and the northern history, he was said to be "soft in appearance and strong in heart, beautiful in sound and appearance"; in the stele of loyal King Wu of Lanling, he was said to be "breezy in style and clear in instrument and color"; in the book of the old Tang Dynasty? Music records, he was said to be "talented and beautiful in face"; in the Jiahua of Sui and Tang Dynasties, he was said to be "white" Beautiful woman "


It can be seen that the king of Lanling is really beautiful. If he put it in modern times, he should be a standard figure pretty man. Maybe he can become a big star. However, in the era of powerful separatist forces and frequent wars, as a member of the royal family who often had to fight against the enemy on the battlefield, his natural good skin bag brought him trouble. Imagine, in the battlefield, who would be afraid of a handsome looking and pleasant sounding general?


In those years, Xia Houjie was killed by three roars. One is that Zhang Fei is really famous, and the other is that Zhang Fei was so intimidating and intimidating. If you change to the king of Lanling, even if his martial arts are higher, after three roars, you will probably get a fight instead of a frightening effect - because the enemy will despise the opponent from the appearance.


There was no way. There was no plastic surgery at that time. No one could disfigure for the sake of war. The king of Lanling had to order people to make some ferocious masks. Whenever he goes to war, the king of Lanling will wear it on his face to deter the enemy.


This is not made up by later generations. It has been recorded in many historical books, such as the old Tangshu? Musicology: "generation came from the Northern Qi Dynasty. Changgong, the king of Lanling in the Northern Qi Dynasty, was only martial and beautiful, often pretending to face the enemy. It's called the song of the king of Lanling entering the array for dancing to follow his command to fight against the assassins. "


Although he has a beautiful appearance, this does not prevent him from becoming a generation of generals with both intelligence and courage, and both culture and martial arts. In the book of Yuefu miscellany, it says that he "wears a mask every time he enters the battle, but also mentions that he" has courage, is good at fighting ", and" wins every battle ". Therefore, it seems that Gao Su, the king of Lanling, did not succeed by scaring people with masks.


A brave and beloved general


The king of Lanling not only has a beautiful appearance, the ability to fight well, but also has a benevolent and magnanimous mind.


The king of Lanling is active in the battlefield and has experienced numerous battles, large and small. The most famous one is the famous "mountain mang war". In 564 ad, the Turks living in the northern grassland and those occupying the Loess Plateau launched an attack on the Northern Qi Dynasty. Luoyang was besieged by 100000 regiments of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, and the garrison troops ran out of ammunition and food. The situation was critical. If Luoyang is lost, then it is a question whether the Northern Qi regime can continue to exist. Emperor Wu chengdi of the Northern Qi quickly mobilized troops from all over the country to solve the siege of Luoyang.


But when the Northern Qi army arrived outside Luoyang, facing the army of the Northern Zhou Dynasty that surrounded Luoyang like an iron barrel, the Northern Qi army was a little helpless - said nothing!


At this time, a general in armor, with a blade in his hand and a scary mask on his face rushed to the Northern Zhou army with 500 soldiers. The general was very brave. The army of Northern Zhou Dynasty couldn't stop him. He took the troops and killed them to Luoyang.


The garrison soldiers of Luoyang City are desperate. They are afraid of being cheated and dare not open the gate. When the general took off his mask, the garrison cheered, for he was the famous King of Lanling, Gao su.


Seeing the arrival of the reinforcements with high Su rate, the hearts of the city guards increased greatly. They opened the gate of the city and killed the Northern Zhou army together with the army of the king of Lanling. Results the army of the Northern Zhou Dynasty "abandoned the camp and abandoned the stronghold, from Mangshan to Gushui, 30 Li, military assets and equipment, and covered the whole Sichuan". It can be said that the army was defeated! This victory spread the fame of the king of Lanling far and wide, and the Emperor of the Northern Qi also granted him the order of minister.


In the Northern Qi Dynasty, the king of Lanling was famous for his war achievements and his reputation. He was also famous for "every sweet thing he got in order to be diligent and diligent, even if he had several fruits, he would share it with the soldiers".


Once, when the king of Lanling was in Yingzhou, he was falsely accused of embezzlement and perverting the law (some people say that the king of Lanling did have this, at that time, he was a great hero. In order to save his life, he would not hesitate to destroy his reputation and deliberately accept bribes), but also lost his official position. When he arrived, the informant was very afraid that the king of Lanling would take the opportunity to retaliate.


The king of Lanling comforted him and said, "I don't mean that.". But the informer was still uneasy. He must be punished by the king of Lanling. The king of Lanling had no choice but to find a small problem and hit the man's twenty boards. This kind of benevolence and righteousness of him is greatly different from that crazy era, which can not help but be admired.


An unchangeable fate


Even though he had great achievements and prestige, he could not change his tragic fate. It should be the most appropriate way to describe the king of Lanling.


At the time of his birth, he was crazy and abnormal. In a short period of 28 years, the Northern Qi Dynasty changed six emperors. The royal families killed each other by cruel means. At that time, "perverted" seemed to be a "normal".


Emperor Wenxuan, the second uncle of the king of Lanling, was insane all day. Because of the slander, he locked his half brother gaojun and Gaohuan in the prison, stabbed them to death with spears, then burned them with fire and filled them with earth and stone.


Nine Uncle Wu chengdi not only raped the widow of the second brother, but also killed her son and his nephew alive in front of the Li family!


The two brothers of the king of Lanling also died miserably in the hands of these two crazy uncles.


It's unfortunate to live in a family that doesn't talk about family relationship. When the supreme ruler of the family still has the power of life and death, the life of the people living in the family is full of "cups". The king of Lanling knew that wood was beautiful in the forest, and the wind would destroy it. The Lord of Lanling knew that the misfortune would come, so he was careful to follow his life all the time.


Although he was good at fighting, he had to pretend to be ill at home and not ask about politics in order to avoid "too much prestige". Once, Jiang Huai area was disturbed by bandits, and the situation was urgent. The king of Lanling was afraid to pay a visit to the general again, and complained about his "swollen face last year, why not now"? The fear deeply rooted in his heart can be seen.


But after all, the king of Lanling is a human being. Even if he is careful, he will always bump into the muzzle of the gun in front of the unreasonable emperor.


One day, he and the king of Lanling recalled the great victory of mountain mang. Gao Wei said that at that time, the king of Lanling "went too deep into the battle, and regretted his defeat.". Listening to the emperor's concern and love for himself, the king of Lanling was so excited that he expressed his loyalty and said, "family affairs are cordial, but he didn't realize it.".


The king of Lanling felt that he expressed his gratitude and affection, but Gao Wei did not. In his opinion, who is your family? You are just a minister! And then he doubts that Gao Su, the king of Lanling, who supports the army and has great respect for himself, wants to replace him. Later, the king of Lanling also thinks that this sentence may not be appropriate, and he deliberately desalinates his own existence and carries out the low-key work to the end. Can Gao Wei let him go?


One day in the fourth year of Wuping (573 A.D.), Gao Wei, the empress of the Northern Qi Dynasty, sent a person to "visit" the emperor's brother, but the present he could send was a glass of wine. The king of Lanling looked at the glass of wine and was in a sad mood. He knew that it was a poisoned wine! He did not understand why he was "loyal to the matter, he did not live up to the heaven, but was poisoned"!


He remembered that a year ago, the old minister who had been set up for the Northern Qi Dynasty was fooled into the palace by Gao Wei without any sign, and was brutally strangled to death with bowstring. So even if you don't understand it, the king of Lanling knows that he doesn't have to understand it, because "the king calls his ministers to die, and they have to die"! Anyway, they are all dead, so it's better to die with dignity!


The king of Lanling dropped a sentence, "why can we see the face of heaven?" and resolutely drank poison wine, ending his 33 year old life. Before King Lanling died, he burned all the bonds. It can be seen that the king of Lanling is not a greedy man. His benevolence and righteousness are in great contrast to the luxury in the later palace.


Four years later, the Northern Qi Dynasty was destroyed by the emperor of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, while the descendants were almost "destroyed by the whole family".


Good birds choose trees to live in


In that crazy era, it was normal for the emperor to make any abnormal actions, but why didn't the king of Lanling resist? Maybe the emperor did a great job in the education of "loyalty" at that time. He cultivated a group of stupid and loyal ministers for himself, one of which was the king of Lanling.


In fact, loyalty is so important and widely advocated for us as members of society, from every country, nation, company and family.


Just, is this loyalty to whom? It's like the relationship between bole and Qianlima, because Qianlima has the ability to play every day. If Qianlima blindly pulls goods for the "driver" only because of loyalty, then Qianlima is doomed to live a lifetime just like a donkey.


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