For the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the first person in people's mind must be the one who is outstanding in martial arts. In fact, there are many good generals in that era of the Northern Qi, including the king of Lanling and Duan Shao, who are also called the three heroes of the Northern Qi Dynasty. If it is not too fatuous, it is hard to say whether Zhou exterminates Qi or Qi exterminates Zhou.




Dendrobium is famous for its horse riding and archery skills. In the last years of the Northern Wei Dynasty, following his father, hulujin, in the western expedition, (Emperor Wen), Shi mozhihui, was in the middle of the martial arts. When he saw it, he rode on a fast horse to shoot at him. Taking advantage of the chance of shooting, he captured him alive. At that time, huluguang was only 17 years old. He was praised by (Emperor Wudi, the God of Northern Qi) and promoted to governor. (emperor Wenxiang of the Northern Qi Dynasty) when he was king's son, he appointed Hu Luguang as his relative governor, and soon he was promoted to general Zhenglu, accumulating general Wei. Wuding five years (547), fengyongle County son.


Once accompanied Gao Cheng to hunt in Huan bridge, he saw a big bird flying high with its wings outstretched. When he picked up his bow, he shot down with one arrow, which was the key point. The shape of the bird is like a wheel. It's spinning and falling down. It looks like a big sculpture. Gao Cheng took the sculpture to watch and praised him for a long time. "The real Archer," sighed Xing Zigao, the prime minister At that time, people called him "the commander of the fallen sculpture". Soon he was also general Zuowei and the Marquis of Jin was Bo.


Seize Thursday Garrison


After the establishment of the Northern Qi Dynasty, Jiaren was appointed as the third division of Kaifu Yitong, and Xi'an county magistrate. In 552, in the third year of Tianbao period, the army went out of the fortress, and Hu Luguang was the pioneer. He defeated the enemy and captured many other livestock. Return Beijing, in addition to Jinzhou governor. The leaders of Tianzhu, Xin'an and Niutou garrisons in the Northern Zhou Dynasty, which borders on the eastern part of the Northern Qi Dynasty, often call for the rebels to fall and invade Qi for many times. In the seventh year of Tianbao (556), he attacked them with 5000 steps. Wang Jingjun, who was defeated by Yitong in the Northern Zhou Dynasty, captured more than 500 people and more than 1000 mixed animals before returning. In the ninth year of Tianbao (558), he led the army to capture Jiangchuan, Baima, Xijiao, Yicheng and other four garrisons in the Northern Zhou Dynasty. Ren Shuozhou is the governor. In the 10th year of Tianbao (559), beitejin and Kaifu Yitong had three departments. In February, the commander of Wanqi attacked and killed Cao Huigong, the founder of the Northern Zhou Dynasty. The commander of Bogu City, Yi and Xue Yusheng abandoned the city and fled, so Hu Luguang occupied Wenhou town and set up a garrison to return to Beijing. In the first year of Qianming Dynasty (560), he was the governor of Bingzhou. The first year of Huangjian (560), Jin Julu County Magistrate. At this time, Gaobai, the king of Leling, was the crown prince. Emperor Xiaozhao thought that the family of Hu Luguang was honest, honest and upright from generation to generation, and had made great contributions to the royal family, so he accepted his eldest daughter as the crown princess. In the first year of Taining (561), the official minister, right pushe, ate Zhongshan County cadres. In the second year of Taining (562), except for Prince Taibao.


Mountain mang battle


In April of the second year of the Heqing Dynasty (563), Hu Luguang, with a rate of 20000 steps, built the great wall of more than 200 Li and 13 garrisons in the western part of Panguan. In the first month of the third year of the Heqing Dynasty (564), Daxi Chengxing, a general of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, came to invade Pingyang (southwest of Linfen, Shanxi Province). Emperor Xiaozhao ordered Hu Luguang to ride 30000 steps to resist. Daxi Chengxing and other officials heard that it was Hu Luguang who fought and left without fighting. Hu Luguang took the opportunity to chase after Zhou, captured more than 2000 Zhou soldiers and returned. In March, he was transferred to situ. In April, he led his cavalry to fight Turks in the north and won more than a thousand good horses.


In the winter of the same year, Emperor Wu of the Northern Zhou Dynasty sent Zhu Guo, dashima weichi, Duke Yuwen Xian of the state of Qi, Duke Yongguo of the state of Zhu, etc. to attack Luoyang with 100000 troops. Hu Luguang led more than 50000 expeditionary troops to Luoyang. The two armies fought in Mangshan Mountain (West of Luoyang, Henan Province), and weichi and others were defeated. Hu Luguang shot and killed Zhou jiangkekexiong, and won the first level of more than 3000. Weichi and Yuwen survived. They also seized all armour and baggage, and piled up the dead bodies into the capital temple. Emperor Wu chengdi visited Luoyang in person, and he was awarded with the honor of policy. He was transferred to be the Taiwei of huluguang and the champion county magistrate. In the early years, Gao Zhan appointed the second daughter of Hu Luguang as the crown princess. In the first year of Tiantong (565), she was worshipped as the queen. In the same year, he became a general. In June, 567, when his father died, he resigned and returned home. In the same month, Hu Luguang and his younger brother, LV xianguan, were still his predecessors. In autumn, in addition to Taibao, xijue, King Xianyang, and the first leader of the people, another officer of Wude County, moved to zhaozhougan, moved to Taifu.


Defeat Zhou Army


In December of the third year of Tiantong (567), the Northern Zhou Dynasty besieged Luoyang again and blocked the Qi army's grain route. In the first month of the first year of Wuping (570), Hu Luguang was ordered by high latitude to march on 30000 Crusades. When the army arrived in Dinglong, he met with Zhang Ye gongyuwen, the governor of Zhongzhou, Liang Shiyan, and Liang Jingxing, the senior official of Kaifu, who was stationed in Lulu. Hu Luguang was armed with a spear and a spear. He defeated Yuwen Jie army and beheaded more than 2000 soldiers. The Qi army drove straight to Yiyang for a hundred days to confront Yuwen Xian, the Duke of Qi, and Tuoba, the Duke of Shenguo, who defended here. In order to communicate with Yiyang Road, two cities of Tongguan and Fenghua were built. When the Qi army returned, they stationed in Anye, Yuwen Xian and other troops to pursue it. Under the command of Hu Luguang, the cavalry turned back and attacked. Yuwen Xian army was defeated. Yu Wenying, the governor of Yuwen Xian army, Shi Liang, Han Yan and others were captured and beheaded more than 300 times. Yu Wenxian ordered Yu Wenjie, Liang Luo, the general of the central military, and Liang Jingxing, Liang Shiyan and other thirty thousand people to ride in Lujiao to block. Hu Luguang, Han Guisun, Huyan people, Wang Xian and other people fought together to kill Liang Jingxing and got thousands of horses. He was appointed Prime Minister of the right and governor of Bingzhou for his military achievements. In the winter of the same year, Hu Luguang led 50000 people to build two cities of Huagu and Longmen in Yubi camp. He fought with Yuwen Xian and Tuoba Xianjing. Yuwen Xian did not dare to act rashly. Hu Luguang took the opportunity to besiege dingyang, built Nanfen City, set up prefectures and counties to force the Northern Zhou Dynasty, and more than 10000 households of Hu and Han people came to attach.


Fighting in Fenshui


In the second year of Wuping (571), Hu Luguang led the people to build pinglong, Weibi, Tongrong and other towns and garrisons. In the Northern Zhou Dynasty, mubaohan, gongputungwei, Zhuguo, led more than ten thousand troops to attack pinglong, and fought with Hu Luguang in the north of Fenshui. Hu Luguang defeated Zhou army and captured more than one thousand people. It was also granted the title of Duke of Zhongshan, adding 1000 households. In addition, Wu chengdi ordered Hu Luguang to attack Yaoxiang, baiting and other garrisons along Pingyang road with 50000 steps, and captured nine city leaders, Yitong, Dadu governor and thousands of soldiers. Don't make Changle County Magistrate. In the same month, the Northern Zhou Dynasty sent its Zhuguo, he Gan Guang, to besiege Yiyang, and Hu Luguang rode 50000 steps to rescue. The two armies fought under the city and defeated the Zhou army. They captured four garrisons, including Jian'an of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, more than 1000 Zhou troops, and returned triumphantly. The army has not yet arrived in Yecheng, and has ordered the soldiers to be released and returned to their families. In his opinion, many soldiers have military merit and are not rewarded with consolation. If they are released, they will not win the hearts and minds of the people. So he secretly asked for an announcement. The soldiers were still moving forward, and the imperial court did not send an emissary. When the army moved to purple Road, Hu Luguang had to order to stay in the camp and wait. Later, the LORD heard the announcement that the military camp of Hu Luguang had approached the capital city, and was very unhappy. He sent his sacrificial staff to invite Hu Luguang to see him, and then he consoled and rewarded the soldiers to let them go. He paid homage to the Prime Minister of Zuoguang, but not to the Duke of Qinghe.


Blame zumu


Dendrobium often sits in the shade of the court. Zuyu did not know. He rode through the gate of the hall. When he saw it, he was furious and said, "this is a brave man!" later, Zu Xun was introspecting and talking loudly. He happened to pass by. When he heard it, he was very angry. Zuchen knew that he was angry and offered bribes to his servants. He also heard that "Xiang Wang is very angry with me?" he replied: "since the princess, Xiang Wang sighed every night and said," if the blind man enters the dynasty, the country will be destroyed! "She asked to marry him, but he did not agree. Later, the Lord gave the field of Jinyang to mutipo, and Hu Luguang said loudly in the court, "since the emperor of Shenwu, the fields of Jinyang have been planted with rice and fed with thousands of horses, so as to make peace with the difficulties of the aggressors. Now they are awarded to mutipo. Isn't that destroying the military affairs?" therefore, Hu Luguang had a grudge with Zujuan and mutipo.


Family background


One daughter became the empress, two daughters were crown princes and concubines, all of whom were made princes and married three princesses. His younger brother, Hu LV, envied the governor of Youzhou, built a city and set up a dangerous border, raised horses and trained soldiers, built water conservancy, advised farming, and awed the Turks. The whole family has great achievements, and their families are very prosperous. Therefore, Hu often worries about this, for fear of disaster, strict family, thrifty life, no self-interest, no bribery, no guests and no interference in the government. After the Northern Qi Dynasty, Gao Wei was a fatuous and incompetent man. He was fond of such villains as Zuxun and mutipo, and his politics was dark and corrupt. He hated these people very much. He said, "when people use power, the country will be broken!" which aroused their hatred and frame up.


Be killed


In the third year of Wuping (A.D. 572), Wei Xiaokuan, a general of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, was envious of his bravery and bravery, so he made a rumor and composed it into a children's song. He sang in Yecheng. The Song said, "a hundred liters fly to heaven, and the moon shines on Chang'an (a hundred liters is a Dendrobium, and the moon is the character of a Dendrobium, which implies that Dendrobium has ambitions)." And he said, "the mountains do not push, and the mistletoe does not stand." Zuyu took the opportunity to add a few words: "blind husband back up and down the axe, rap mother can not speak." And let the children sing on the road. After listening to the singing, she told her mother. Lu lingxuan thinks that "rap" is self reproving; "blind husband" refers to Zujuan. Therefore, they conspired against each other and reported the ballad back to the main body, saying: "the rumor is very terrible that Hu LV has been the general of the imperial court for many times, the moon will shake guanxi, fengle will walk in Turkic, the woman will be the queen, the man will marry the princess." Later, the Lord asked Han changluan about this. Han changluan thought it was unnecessary to make a fuss, and the matter was over. Zuyu instigated trouble in front of the later Lord. At that time, he Hongzhen was the only one beside the latter Lord.


The latter said, "the report that you had planned to carry out was stopped by changluan." Zu Yu didn't answer. He Hongzhen said, "if you don't have this idea, it's OK. Since you have this idea, it should be implemented. If you let it out, it will make a big deal." Later the LORD said, "Hong Zhen's words are reasonable." But still hesitated. At the same time, the assistant of the prime minister's office asked Jin mizou to say: "when Hu Luguang returned to Beijing in the western expedition, his majesty ordered him to release the scattered soldiers. However, Hu Luguang ordered the soldiers to invade the capital. If they wanted to do something wrong, things would stop without success. Besides, there are crossbows and thousands of slave boys in the home of huluguang. People are often sent to fengle and Wudu to collude with each other. If we don't stop it early and let it develop, it will be dangerous. " It happens that there is a saying "soldiers are pushing into the capital" in the prelude, which coincides with the doubts of the later Lord a few days ago. The latter Lord then said to he Hongzhen: "sometimes people's ideas are very correct. I used to suspect that he was rebellious, but now it seems so."


Later, the LORD was very timid. He Hongzhen was afraid that things would break out suddenly. He ordered him to summon Zuyu to the palace. He was afraid that he would not obey. Zu Yu took the opportunity to say, "I'm going to call him, but I'm afraid he won't come. We should send someone to give him a horse and tell him, "tomorrow you are going to visit Dongshan temple, and Wang can go with this horse." therefore, Hu Luguang must enter the palace to thank him, and then seize the opportunity to catch him. " The latter Lord obeyed. Soon, when Hu Luguang arrived, he was introduced to Liangfeng hall, where Liu Taozhi attacked and killed him. He was 58 years old. After he was killed, the later Lord issued an imperial edict saying that he was plotting against him

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