Guide: Cao Cao is the most outstanding hero in the last year. Under the military and governance of the late Eastern Han Dynasty, the once chaotic northern region gradually recovered stability and production, laying the foundation of the Wei Empire and the later Western Jin Dynasty. Several "big times" (referring to the period from the Yellow turban rebellion to the return of the Three Kingdoms to Jin Dynasty), there are no heroes. However, Cao mengde, a hero who suffered from the beauty pass and was wise for his whole life, was almost killed because of a word "color".


The first time I fell under my skirt: a prostitute's uncle and aunt, lost "villain"


In 197, in order to eliminate the threat completely, Cao Cao sent troops to attack the southwest. Zhang Xiu was the nephew of Zhang Ji, the general of Hussars in the Eastern Han Dynasty. After Li Zhe and Guo Si attacked Chang'an, Zhang Ji lost his life in Jingzhou when they attacked the city. Zhang Xiu then received his uncle's army and allied with Jingzhou herdsman, which became a great threat to the southwest of Cao Cao.


Originally belonging to Liu Biao or Cao Cao was subordinate to others. Zhang Xiu had nothing to do with it at the beginning, so when Cao Cao attacked Wancheng for the first time, Zhang Xiu came down without fighting. It's a pity that Cao Cao's murderous heart is still alive and his lustful heart is rising again. When he was looking for a woman at night, he actually thought of Zhang Xiu's widow. The angry Zhang Xiu naturally showed his dissatisfaction with Cao Cao Cao. Cao Cao suspected Zhang Xiufan and secretly murdered Zhang Xiufan. However, Zhang Xiufan's army raided her. The fierce general, who was called "villain", died in battle to protect Cao Cao's retreat. The first successor also died in the chaos of the army. Cao Cao's adulterous aunt lost the lives of the first general and the first successor.


The second time a beautiful woman fell in love with a young woman and lost her "divine general"


He was not only a god level general in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, but also an example of loyalty for later generations. According to the description in "Cao Ying", no matter how Caocao was involved, he just didn't move, and finally followed his brother-in-law. There is no doubt about Guan Yu's loyalty, but is there any secret in the history of "Guan Yu and other Cao"?


Let's take a look at a section of the record of "Cao Cao and Wei Lvbu were in the lower PII, and Lvbu made Qin Yilu reach for help, while Yuan Shu stayed there.". Guan Yu repeatedly invited Cao Cao to get Qin Yilu's wife. Cao Cao doubted the color of the city and its subsidence. Cao Cao accepted it


It turns out that during the honeymoon period when Cao Cao and Liu Bei jointly attacked Lv Bu, Guan Yu asked Cao Cao for the wife of Qin Yilu, the subordinate of Lv Bu. He hoped that Cao Cao Cao could give Du's family to himself after he conquered xiapi city. Maybe Guan Er Ge didn't understand Cao Cao's suspicious character at that time. It was because Guan Er Ge mentioned Du's story in front of Cao Cao many times that he touched Cao Cao's suspicious nerve, "is it really a gorgeous beauty?" he couldn't help but move his heart.


After Wei Xu, Song Xian and Hou Chengfan, xiapicheng was broken. Cao Cao met with Qin Yilu's wife, Du Shi, before Guan Erge. At first sight, Cao Cao was so fond of Du that he forgot his promise to Guan Er Ge. He personally sent Qin Yilu a green hat. Qin Yilu was also pleased with the emerald green hat. He not only sent his wife to Cao Cao's bedroom, but also became a leader of the company under Cao Cao's command happily. In the end of Han Dynasty, a power and color trade was completed.


Now it's Guan Er GE's turn to look ugly. Cao Cao's lecherous act is undoubtedly to slap Guan on his face. Let alone Guan Yunchang, such a hero, even ordinary people can't stand the shame of being taken away from the "dream lover". With Du's episode, it's not hard to understand why Cao Cao couldn't keep Guan Yu by all means, let alone why the generals insisted on killing Guan Yu, but Cao Cao let Guan Yu go. It's not so much Cao's guilt towards Guan Yu as his guilt towards Guan Yu. I can't imagine that for a woman, Cao Cao lost his hand with the gods of the Three Kingdoms.


The third time a beautiful woman falls under her skirt


When it comes to Cao Cao's third fall under the skirt of a beautiful woman, it's actually quite unjust, because the beauty hasn't got it yet, but first planted a heel by himself. Ingeniously tampered with the Fu, changing "linking two bridges to the East and the west, like a shrimp in the sky" into "taking two Qiao to the southeast, and enjoying the whole day and night". To narrow-minded Jin, not only immediately said the hidden heart of Liu anti Cao's real idea, and life and Cao Cao as the enemy.


How much do Cao Cao's wives, concubines and children know?


According to investigation, Cao Cao has 15 wives, 29 sons and 5 daughters.


In succession, he gave birth to four sons, namely,,, Cao Xiong.


Mrs. Ding was Cao Cao's original match, and did not have children for him.


Mrs. Liu, a concubine of Cao Cao, gave birth to Cao ang and Cao Sheng's two sons.


Madam Huan, concubine of Cao Cao, gave birth to Cao Chong, Cao Xun and Cao Yu.


Madame Du, concubine of Cao Cao, gave birth to two sons of Cao Lin and Cao gun.


Madame Qin, concubine of Cao Cao, gave birth to Cao Yao and Cao Jun's two sons.


Mrs. Yin, concubine of Cao Cao, gave birth to a son of Cao que.


Wang Zhaoyi, concubine of Cao Cao, gave birth to a son of Cao Gan.


Sun Ji, concubine of Cao Cao, gave birth to Cao Shang, Cao Biao and Cao Qin.


Li Ji, concubine of Cao Cao, gave birth to Cao Cheng, Cao Zheng and Cao Jing.


Zhou Ji, concubine of Cao Cao, gave birth to Cao Junyi's son.


Liu Ji, concubine of Cao Cao, gave birth to a son of Cao Ji.


Song Ji, concubine of Cao Cao, gave birth to a son of Cao Hui.


He was concubine of Cao Cao and gave birth to a son of Cao Mao.


Concubine Chen, concubine Cao Cao, gave birth to a son of Cao Ge.


In addition, Cao Cao has five daughters, namely Cao Xian, Cao Hua, Princess Anyang and Princess Jinxiang.


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