The sum of the sisters in the harem


China is so big, so long is history. History has witnessed a series of miracles and created a series of farce. For example, some sisters and relatives married to the same one. It's inevitable for ancient emperors and concubines. What's the wonderful story of the sisters who serve an emperor together? The "sisters in the harem" series will interpret a series of stories about two sisters and one emperor for you.


When it comes to emperors, those who like history are full of grief and indignation. Guangxu is not the king of subjugation, but the fate of subjugation is helpless. Although it's the emperor, the biggest master in the world, it's unfortunate that there is another one above the emperor who is in charge of himself. But I can't help it. I'm the nephew and nephew of the old Buddha. The emperor's throne was also given by the old Buddha. Well, whatever happens, has the final say of Lord Buddha, including the queen of the imperial palace.


Emperor Guangxu had one empress and two concubines in total, among which there should be the least concubines. His two concubines were Zhenfei and Jinfei sisters. Although the two sisters were valued as imperial concubines, they were born at the end of the imperial dynasty, but they also met their mother-in-law sadly. Their fate was even more tragic and tortuous than that of their husband, Emperor Guangxu. They became a very sad song at the end of the Qing Dynasty.


Jinfei - two sisters of Zhenfei


The story of choosing a concubine


To tell the story of Zhenfei and Jinfei, we have to start with Guangxu's rather interesting Princess selection event. In the Qing Dynasty, the general emperors succeeded to the throne when they were young. In general, they should marry and govern at the age of 14 to 16. For example, the emperor married at the age of 14, married at the age of 11, and governed at the age of 14. But how could the old Buddha easily give up being the addicted "overlord", so until Guangxu was 17 years old, he couldn't delay any longer. Finally, on the surface, the old Buddha gave up power and began to plan Guangxu's marriage.


After a round of auditions, the qualified women were left behind, and then after several rounds of strict preliminary and semi-final competitions, five girls were selected to participate in the final, namely: Cixi's younger brother's daughter, two daughters of Jiangxi governor Dexin, and two daughters of the waiter Zhang Xu.


On November 8, 1888, in the Forbidden City body and hall, the five girls participated in the finals under the interview of Cixi, many princesses and ministers. At that time, a handle of yuruyi and two pairs of red embroidered lotus bags were placed on the rostrum as evidence for the final election. Whoever the emperor liked to give yuruyi to was the queen, and whoever the lotus bag was the concubine. Cixi said to Guangxu, "go, emperor, make your own decision and give evidence to whoever you like."


In fact, it is a big fallacy that the paintings that people painted in the past and the palace opera now describe how beautiful the empresses and concubines of the Qing Dynasty are. The basic condition of the Qing Dynasty for the emperor's draft women was the flag nationality women who were healthy and without disability. There were two open draft standards, one was moral character, the other was rank. Looks are not only unimportant, but also generally exclusive of beautiful girls, because if they are too beautiful, there is a risk that the emperor will indulge in women and the harem will be jealous. Therefore, the appearance of the empress and concubine of the Qing Dynasty, especially the empress of Guangxu, is not flattering. What kind of Miss World or miss universe do you want to choose now is to keep the most beautiful one, while the most ugly one is basically left for the emperor to choose his concubine. What kind of strength can the emperor choose, but you have to choose if you don't.


So Guangxu picks up yuruyi and goes straight to Dexin's daughter, who she still likes. Just came to the front, only to hear Cixi behind a violent drink: "emperor." Guangxu shivers with fear. Looking back, Cixi opens her mouth to her niece Guixiang's daughter. Guangxu immediately understands the meaning and reluctantly hands yuruyi to yehnala, her three-year-old cousin, who looks really ugly and has characteristics. She is the queen. Then the situation was not controlled by Guangxu. Cixi directly asked people to give two money bags to the two daughters of the waiter, namely, Zhenfei and Jinfei. The emperor liked Dexin's daughter, and Cixi was against him, so she reimbursed the two girls for fifty Liang silver and let them go home directly.


Princess PK old Buddha


After Guangxu's wedding, because empress Longyu was the queen chosen by the old Buddha, she didn't like it, so she avoided it and basically ignored it. But Princess Jin is loyal and dull, but she is very close to the queen, but she is indifferent to Guangxu. Later, in many etiquette activities, Guangxu found that Princess Zhen was not only slightly beautiful, but also clever, lively and moving, so she had a good feeling for her. After several separate calls, she felt that she was not only broad-minded and good at talking, but also cheerful and understanding. Gradually, Emperor Guangxu fell in love with Princess Zhen. Guangxu, who had been frustrated in politics, gradually regarded Princess Zhen as a confidant and emotional support. There was a real love between the two people, and it reached a fiery level. She is good at painting and calligraphy and playing chess. She often attends Guangxu's side, eats and plays with Guangxu, and thinks of ways to conform to Guangxu's preferences. Therefore, the princess soon got all kinds of special favor from Guangxu.


However, the rule of the royal family is that the queen is in charge of the harem, and the concubines must obey the queen unconditionally. But the concubine did not pay attention to this set of things. She went her own way and did not deliberately ingratiate and flatter the queen. Originally, the empress was jealous of the kindness and love of the princess and the emperor, and the attitude of the princess made the empress even more jealous. Therefore, the queen was jealous because she was out of favor and resented because of jealousy. In order to vent her anger, she often told her aunt Cixi about her.


You think Cixi is such a scheming and arrogant person, how can a little girl not be obedient? So the PK between the princess and Cixi is over.


According to the rules of the palace, the concubine can't take eight people's sedan chair, only four people's sedan chair. Emperor Guangxu had given her a sedan chair for eight people. The teenage concubine was childish, too. She took the ride without weighing the weight. Cixi knew that she was very angry and ordered her car to be broken.


Jinfei - two sisters of Zhenfei


In 1894, at the 60th birthday of Cixi, a group of concubines were appointed in accordance with the tradition. Therefore, on the first day of the first month of this year, Cixi issued a decree of Yizhi to Jin to make Zhen concubine a concubine. Of course, the concubine was not specially favored by Cixi, but was granted the title of Jin Dynasty only by the light of Cixi's 60th birthday. But in October, Cixi suddenly gave birth to a wonderful idea: to be a noble concubine. The next day, Cixi issued a ban on her "reform".


This matter is very important. The concubines of the Qing Dynasty fixed silver every year. The precious concubines spent a little money and could not save it. They were also very generous. They often rewarded the palace. The eunuchs got some small favors and tried their best to flatter her. For a long time, she was also praised a little bit unknowingly, gradually lost self-control, more and more losses. What can I do if I have no money? It's hard for a penny to defeat a hero, and it's hard for a penny to defeat an emperor and a concubine over ten thousand people. So she took risks to collude with eunuchs to take bribes and sell officials. She's really young. Princess Zhen once worked for a man named Yuming to finish the job of Sichuan salt law road. As a rule, new officials at this level were allowed to let go, and the emperor had to summon them. Guangxu asked Yu Ming which yamen he worked in when he was summoned. He actually replied that he was in the wood factory. Guangxu heard that it was sensational, so he ordered him to write his resume. The jade Ming soon bit his pen and didn't write a word. He turned out to be illiterate. This shocked the imperial court and outside. Soon after, the bribery and official selling of Princess Zhen was exposed, which caused Cixi's strong dissatisfaction, so she and her sister, Princess Jin, were reduced to the rank of dignitaries.

  据说在降珍妃为贵人的前一天,光绪给慈禧请安时,慈禧铁青着脸,不理他,光绪不知道原委,也不敢问,竟在地上跪了两个多小时。最后慈禧恶狠狠地说:“珍妃的事,你不管,我来管。不能让她破坏家法,干预朝政。下去吧!” 光绪莫名其妙,连连称是,才得以回来。

It is said that when Guangxu asked Cixi for peace the day before his wife became a dignitary, Cixi was iron faced and ignored him. Guangxu did not know the original reason or dare to ask, but knelt on the ground for more than two hours. Finally, Cixi said maliciously, "you don't care about the princess, I'll take care of it. She should not be allowed to break the family law and interfere in the government. Go on! "Guangxu is confused and says it is, so he can come back.


Cixi's punishment of Zhenfei this time is just a small matter in PK between her mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law. The more intense PK is still behind her. The course of the incident also starts from the reform and reform of Emperor Guangxu. After spending some time with Emperor Guangxu, Princess Zhen found that Emperor Guangxu was not willing to be a puppet, but because of the suppression of Cixi for a long time, she had no right in her hands, and her ambition was hard to pay. Under the influence of, Emperor Guangxu tried to reform politics and enrich the country and strengthen the army. As an important member of the "emperor's party", Princess Zhen strongly supported the emperor's reform and gave great support to Emperor Guangxu, especially in spirit. Cixi once saw that this little girl's film is not simple. It's really profound. Then I'll give you something powerful. Therefore, when Cixi imprisoned Guangxu in Yingtai, South China Sea, she also sent the princess who firmly supported the reform into the cold palace, until her death, she could not see Guangxu again.


The relationship between the princess and the camera


The princess is cheerful, active and curious. I am tired of the red tape and rigid life in the palace, especially the intrigue in the palace. She likes new things and lives. This kind of character is very different in the palace with many rules and strict etiquette.


One of the princess's hobbies and other actions is unexpected - taking photos. Photography was introduced into China in the late Qing Dynasty. It was regarded as a "Western prostitute" by conservative people. However, as a teenager, Zhenfei became fond of photography and became the first person in China to bring photography to the court. She asked for a camera to take photos not only in Jingren palace, her bedroom, but also in the emperor's heart nourishing palace and other places she often went to. She liked to take photos "in any pose or in any dress". She especially liked to dress up as a man and sometimes in the clothes of Emperor Guangxu. She not only took photos herself, but also others. At the same time, she also taught eunuchs to take photos. She regards taking photos as a great pleasure in her life, and secretly instructs a eunuch to open a photo studio outside Donghua gate. This matter has long been jealous of her queen to know, to report to their aunt Cixi, so the photo studio was seized, eunuch was killed.


Tragic death


On July 21, 1900, Guangxu invaded Beijing and Cixi fled with Guangxu. Before leaving, he ordered Cui Yugui, the eunuch, to push the princess to the well outside ningshou palace and kill her.


After returning to Beijing, Cixi sent people to retrieve the body of the princess, repackaged and buried her, and put the blame on Cui Yugui. It's a capital crime, but it's just to cut off the post of the second manager of Cui Yugui and send him back to the palace of King Qing. Before long, Cui Yugui returned to the palace to serve. The death of Princess Zhen caused great spiritual stimulation and misery to Guangxu. Guangxu lived a life of "prisoner emperor". In the last few years, he was depressed.

一丑一美同侍一人 珍妃瑾妃姐妹谁更悲剧

One ugly, one beautiful, one servant, one princess, one sister, who is more tragic


Jinfei, a late aspirant


Speaking of Jinfei, many people may not have much concept. Her life is really quite flat. If you want to find a little impression, it is the one who sat on the Dragon chair with the little emperor when she was restored in the movie "great cause of building the party"

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