If this historical moment is scripted, it will be narrated in this way——


Time: six years (in the morning of July 26, 1857)


Location: dongwangfu


Opening: the wind is high in the dark. A group of generals suddenly break into the eastern palace. When they see people, they will cut them off. When they meet people, they will kill them. No matter men, women, children or all living things, they will be spared.


However, it's not acting, it's not fabrication, it's a real historical event. This is blood washing and killing in a complete sense. For the East King Yang Xiuqing and his family members, this is a disaster that is doomed.


At that time, Yang Xiuqing, the sleeping East King, woke up with a cry of killing. Before he knew what was going on, he was killed by the soldiers who broke into the mansion. The outstanding leader of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom died suddenly.


The soldiers killed them from dawn to dawn.


After daybreak, the whole eastern palace was filled with a strong smell of blood, full of corpses, stumps and blood. Yang Xiuqing, the East King of the family, as well as deployment of officials, all who are in the government have not been spared.


Needless to say, this is a premeditated, planned and well-organized brutal killing. The whole process of action is calm and crazy. Obviously, the soldiers will only be the executors of the operation. Then, the commander in chief of the operation is undoubtedly the culprit of the blood washing of the eastern palace.


Who is the culprit? Why is there so much hatred?


Let's have a look at the background of Yang Xiuqing.


He was born in Guiping County, Guangxi Province. His family was very poor and poor in composition. In the first place, he and Xiao Chaogui, the Western King, joined the God worship association with Feng Yunshan, the southern king.


In 1848, Feng Yunshan was arrested and put in prison in Guiping county. At that time, in Guangzhou, the God worship association was in a state of headless. It's a terrible state. People are confused.


Chaotic times are characterized by opportunities for some people. Yang Xiuqing's brain is active, pretending to be "heavenly Father" and coming out to stabilize the overall situation. Of course, the "heavenly Father" imagined a God, similar to God. It takes some courage for Yang Xiuqing to create a "heavenly Father" attached body. Unlike today, spending money is God. At that time, you have to finish fooling yourself first, and then you can fool others.


Therefore, there are "heavenly Father" and "heavenly brother". Xiao Chaogui cooperates with Hong Xiuquan, pretending to be "brother Tian". Since then, Yang Xiuqing and Xiao Chaogui have become the leaders of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. Hong Xiuquan is known as the "son of the father". Feng Yunshan is the South King, Wei Changhui is the North King, Shi Dakai is the wing king. So the leading group was established.


Among the members of the leading group, Yang Xiuqing can be said to be. Although the poor farmer's child has little culture, he is born with leadership ability, brilliant, vigorous and clear reward and punishment, so that he can lead the military power alone. This is real power. The whole army is in awe.


Who dares to poison such a worthy character?


Of course, the Qing government dreamed of removing such a powerful role. To be exact, it was not only to remove him, but also to remove the whole Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and kill all of them. However, the Qing government failed to do so, but someone helped them.


This starts from the third year of Xianfeng, March 1854. Hong Xiuquan entered Nanjing and changed Nanjing into "Tianjing". This is the capital of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.


Yang Xiuqing directed the Taiping army to carry out the Northern Expedition and the western expedition. Under the command of Li Fengxiang and Li Kaifang, the Northern Expeditionary Forces pointed to Beijing. Under the command of yiwangshidakai, the Western expeditionary forces defeated the Xiang army's navy. More than 50 counties in seven prefectures and one Prefecture of Jiangxi's thirteen prefectures were occupied by the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.


In June of the same year, Shi Dakai and others defeated the northern and southern camps of the Qing army surrounding Tianjing. Xiang Rong, the then imperial minister, died in the war.


This series of wars dealt a heavy blow to the Qing government.


At this time, the Yangtze River, from Wuhan in the West and Zhenjiang in the East, became the territory of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. This period was also the heyday of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. However, in this period of time, the scourge was buried like a landmine. There is a word for this scourge that can be clearly stated: internal strife.


Infighting has a remarkable feature: it has a hidden beginning, and there is a process of accumulation from face to heart discord to a big fight.


After the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom reached its heyday, its heads and brains were obviously overwhelmed by victory. This peasant revolution is doomed to take feudal monarchy as its highest ideal. Even if their revolution is successful, it is only to replace the old inequality with the new one and change the soup without changing the medicine.


At the beginning of rebellion, we can't live. Whoever has food, clothes and clothes has nothing to do with rebellion. At that time, their desire was very simple. They just wanted to eat and wear warm clothes. They had wives and children and a family. After a little success in revolt, desire was no longer simple. They started an imitation show, imitating the life style of the class that once stood above them.


There are four specific points in this imitation show.


I. enjoyment


After the Taiping army occupied Wuchang, Hong Xiuquan, the king of heaven, ordered his men to choose more than 60 for his entertainment. He has already lived an imperial night life.




After the occupation of Nanjing and the establishment of the national capital, the heavenly king built a palace,.


III. grade


Hong Xiuquan, the king of heaven, is facing the dynasty, which is no different from that. Except for Yang Xiuqing, Wei Changhui and Shi Dakai, other civil and military officials are all arranged outside the gate, kneeling according to etiquette and calling "long live" on the mountain. In fact, the relationship between Hong Xiuquan and other kings at this time is not that of sworn brothers, but that of kings and ministers.


IV. pendulum


For example, the king of heaven issued an imperial edict, stipulating that his subordinates should use different names for his children and the children of other kings.


For example, when Yang Xiuqing, the eastern king of China, came out of the house, he said, "a dragon lantern should be used to drive the road, and thirty-six sections should be counted to keep the drum moving, followed by twenty pairs of green border, yellow heart, gold character, title and brand", and so on.


For example, officials of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Travel in sedans. The number of sedan bearers of the heavenly king is up to 64, the number of sedan bearers of the eastern king is less, 48, decreasing in turn. The number of sedan bearers of the northern king is 32, the number of sedan bearers of the wing king is 16, and there are four sedan bearers in the two lowest ranks.


The common territory, status and treatment are not the same, as a sworn brother psychological imbalance began naturally. It can be said that in the hearts of several kings, at most Hong Xiuquan was the eldest brother, not regarded as "the Holy One". How can we say that all of them were brothers, fighting side by side against each other in bloody battles. If you can be the emperor, why can't I?


In particular, Yang Xiuqing, the king of the East, was not satisfied with mastering military and political affairs. He wanted to work with Hong Xiuquan, the king of heaven. Therefore, in the sixth year of Xianfeng, after the Qing government's Jiangnan camp was defeated, Yang Xiuqing wrote and directed a drama by himself.


Play name: long live to be forced


Protagonist: Yang Xiuqing, the first king of the East, and Hong Xiuquan, the second king of the heaven.


Plot: Yang Xiuqing pretends to be the "heavenly Father" in the eastern palace, and summons Hong Xiuquan, the heavenly king, to the eastern palace. Once Hong Xiuquan arrives, they meet and start a wonderful dialogue——


Yang Xiuqing, pretending to be the father of heaven, asked Hong Xiuquan, "you have been fighting for many years, thanks to who you are today?


Hong Xiuquan replied, "thanks to the East King."


Yang Xiuqing asked, "since you know that Dongwang has so much credit, why did he only do it?"


Hong Xiuquan replied with a stiff head: "the king of the East has made great contributions to the world, and should be called long live."


Yang Xiuqing asked again, "long live the East King. What about his son?"


Hong Xiuquan replied, "long live the East King, and the sons of the East King. Long live the descendants of the East Prince for generations."


Yang Xiuqing was very satisfied with the ending of the long live drama.


We know that from the very beginning, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom worshipped "God worship". Yang Xiuqing has the special identity of "heavenly Father", while Hong Xiuquan is the son of "heavenly Father". Therefore, when Yang Xiuqing spoke as "heavenly Father", Hong Xiuquan, the supreme leader of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, became his son. The son had to kneel at his father's lecture. Hong Xiuquan really knelt.


What's more, once, Yang Xiuqing pretended to be the "heavenly Father" to go down to the earth to beat Hong Xiuquan with a stick, while officials such as Wei Changhui, the northern king, knelt down to cry and beg for Hong Xiuquan's punishment. Yang Xiuqing is not allowed. Hong Xiuquan can only say "the boy obeys the order, the boy obeys the order" and then accepts the beating.


Yang Xiuqing's move is undoubtedly to show the kings and officials that the commander-in-chief is my son, so you rats have to obey my command.


After performing the long live drama of forcing Feng, Hong Xiuquan, the king of heaven, had to announce to the ministers that in the future, he would follow the emperor's edict, and the king of East called long live, and the son of the king of East also called long live. On August 17, Yang Xiuqing's birthday, a long live ceremony of Dongwang is scheduled to be held.


From "nine thousand years old" to "long live", a thousand years old has been added. This is not a simple arithmetic problem, but a problem of title and power.


So, is Hongxiu really willing to equal with Yang Xiuqing? Is he so compromised? Of course not.


Hong Xiuquan is very calm, he promised Yang Xiuqing to say long live and hold a ceremony for him, but only. He is very clear about the current situation. He is basically a king of heaven with no real power. When he is unable to fight back, he can only plan in secret and seize the opportunity to kill his opponent.


The first step of the plan is to join hands with yiwangshi Dakai and beiwangwei Changhui. Shi Dakai is not satisfied with Yang Xiuqing's claim of longevity. Wei Changhui hates Yang Xiuqing deeply. For Wei Changhui, killing Yang Xiuqing is not only to assist the king of heaven, but also to revenge.


Why does Wei Changhui hate Yang Xiuqing so much?


Let's take a look at the background of this man. This man is different from Yang Xiuqing. He is not from a poor peasant family. His father, Wei Yuanyu, is a small landlord. There are more than 200 mu of farmland in Jintian village. The Wei family is also a new rich man. Rich but not powerful, often bullied by local gentry and powerful clans.


Wei Yuanyu is determined to let his son Wei Changhui get a reputation. Only if we have money can we have culture. Only if we have culture can we glorify our ancestors, raise the status of Wei family and stop being bullied. But Wei Changhui is not the material for learning. When he was a child, he was flashy, smooth mouthed and smart. He was good at showing off in front of the villagers. The villagers gave him the nickname "huatou duck". Now anyone who wants this nickname must be regarded as a male prostitute. Wei Changhui doesn't have this hobby. He only likes gambling. Once he went to Guiping county to take the exam. Before the exam, he lost his long shirt and went into the exam room naked. So far, he failed many times and even failed to get a scholar. Wei Yuanyu had to bite his teeth and pay for his son's supervisor.


This "flower head duck" would not have made much progress, but it was looked upon by Xiao Chaogui and Feng Yunshan. They knew that the Wei family was rich and often bullied by the strong ethnic groups. If they wanted to revolt, they needed money to fight the world. So Xiao and Feng mobilized Wei Changhui to join the God worship meeting. Wei Changhui was a man who was unwilling to be lonely, and immediately joined the meeting. His son joined in front of him, and his father Wei Yuanyu joined in with him.


During the gold field uprising, the father and son of Wei family donated money and food and provided cover, making great contributions

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