[biography of characters]: Nanzi, the wife of the monarch of the state of Wei in the spring and Autumn period, behaved promiscuously. She once called for saints and became the famous "son meets Nanzi" in history.


[gentleman's words]: a woman in depravity, a sage of moral model. She needs his light salvation (order, morality), but he is only a secular man. In the cold eyes of the secular world, he fled, leaving her, helpless to degenerate in the dark.


1. Slut's persistence


She is a real slut.


As a beautiful princess of the Song Dynasty, she became famous before she came out of the pavilion. She had an affair with the famous beautiful man, the young brother of her own family, incest. Later, she married Wei linggong and cheated with MI Zixia, the favorite Minister of linggong. In order to please her, linggong took Gongzi Dynasty from the state of song to play the game of four. She drifted safely between her husband and all her handsome lovers.


It's hard for you to imagine linggong's mentality as a man, or the relationship between linggong and Nanzi. To some extent, it may be necessary to surmise the "disharmony" in some aspects of the two people, which makes linggong's nature as a man decline more and more. At last, the dignity of the man is gone, and he receives his rival at home with a few big green hats on his head.


But it's also possible that linggong belongs to a heterodox with an excessively broad mind. There are all kinds of people in the world. For example, what would you do if your inner favorite minister mizixia ate half of the peaches and then shoved the other half into your mouth in front of all the ministers during the banquet?


If it's possible to drag it out and cut it off, it may not be pleasant, but our linggong is very happy to show off: "you see how much Zixia loves me, give me half of all peaches." ——To some extent, "it's silly and naive" really needs realm.


Even Kuai Hui, a gradually sensible son, could not bear the humiliation from his relatives and sent his family officials to assassinate his lascivious mother. After his failure, linggong expelled his son from the kingdom of Wei and sent him into exile.


Meet such a husband who can open his mind, the dissolute Nanzi is very free. She is in her prime, beautiful, accompanied by a handsome lover and indulged by a naive husband. Besides the gossip outside, she should be very happy.




If there is no Confucius, if there is no famous riddle of "Confucius meets Nanzi", Nanzi is only a slut in history, but she met Confucius.


The sage would not take the initiative to meet a famous slut, although she was the wife of Wei. She wanted to see Confucius again and again.


She naturally knew who Confucius was, the most ethical sage.


Why should a slut (incest, adultery) who has a dissolute nature and regards etiquette as nothing meet a sage with a long-standing moral reputation?


Nanzi is a handsome man, which proves that he is very eye-catching. At that time, Confucius was an old man in his 50s, and the sage looked like a Yang tiger. Who is Yang Hu? He is a villain who bullies the Kuang people in the Song Dynasty. That is to say, a saint is not like a jade with a long beard, but like a villain.


Nanzi not only wants to see him, but also in his inner hall. He not only wants to see him in his inner hall, but also wants him to travel with him by car.


One is a slut who is morally corrupt, one is a sage who is a model of ethics, one is a young woman who likes handsome men and beautiful looks, and one is a bad old man who is fifty or sixty years old. History tells us that this is a very interesting woman.


2. The ambiguity of saints


To analyze the reason why Nanzi saw Confucius, let's take a look at what Madame Ma said to him in the book: "didn't you have eyes? How famous a hero he is, he has to look at me from head to toe. Some people, even if they dare not look me in the face, but others don't, always look at me secretly. Only you, only you Hum, there are more than a thousand men in the hundred flower fair, only you didn't look at me all the time. You are the big head of the beggars' sect and the world famous hero. In Luoyang hundred flower fair, you are the first man, and I am the first woman. If you don't take a good look at me, what's the use of my conceited beauty? How can I feel comfortable if more than a thousand people do it for me? "


Since Nanzi is proud of the beauty of the world, he has fallen in love with all living beings. Confucius called "Saint", so based on the woman's desire to win and conquer, I would like to see if he can fall under his own pomegranate skirt - this is a kind of thing that can be called love.


Beautiful women always have this desire to conquer.


As a result, the famous "zijiannanzi" in history is full of ambiguous provocation. It is recorded in this way: "the lady of linggong, who has a southern son, makes people call Confucius:" if a gentleman in all directions does not humiliate his desire to be a brother with an oligarch, he will see an oligarch. ". I wish to see you. (people all over the world would like to be brothers with my husband, Wei linggong. They met my husband and my Nanzi's wife, which shows that Nanzi has a high status.) Confucius said goodbye and had to see it. The lady is in the curtain. Confucius's introduction, the North Jishou. The lady bowed again from the curtain, and the jade voice was muffled around her. "


During this period, the plunder and occupation of a large number of technical artisans and the promotion and application of iron tools promoted the exchange and improvement of various handicraft industries. The nobles are all adorned with Abas, waist gold and jade, and the ancients wear jade. They are dignified and endowed with personality symbols, so "a gentleman without reason does not go to the body".


When Nanzi saw Confucius, he was full of clothes. Out of the taboo of the venerable, Taishigong didn't mention the dialogue between the two people, but said that the wife was in the curtain, Confucius saluted northward as soon as he entered the door, and then the wife returned to worship in the curtain, and then came back.


In fact, it is impossible. Nanzi spent so much energy to see the sage. It's impossible to see only an old man saluting her. They must have a conversation.


So what is it about? No one has said that it's only in Confucius' curse on Zilu that we see some shadows——


When Confucius Saw Nanzi and went back, disciple Zilu was not willing: "master, you are a saint. How can you see a woman with a bad reputation? Then..." In the following words, Zilu said it, but there was no record. Zilu is a rough character. When he is in a hurry, he will say whatever he wants, but Confucius is the first sage in the world - nobody dare to write.


Confucius, an honest man, swore: "if I did what you said, even God would hate me!"


From here we can infer that although there is no serious "then" like Zilu's wanton, the conversation between them must have been a very intimate and in-depth conversation.


Since out of the desire of conquest, Nanzi must let Confucius see her face. In the process of conversation, she must have uncovered the curtain, a beautiful face of Hibiscus, with myriad emotions.


It can be imagined that Confucius was sitting in Nanzi's cabinet, facing the beautiful and affectionate Nanzi's wife, listening to the sound of "jingling Dangdang" in the curtain, and smelling the fragrance of the woman from the opposite side. What would the sage say?


3. Toxic Datura


There are some interesting things in history that we need to deduce backwards. The history books no longer recorded the conversation between the slut and the sage, but recorded the result of the conversation - Confucius promised to travel with Nanzi and her husband by car.


This is a wonderful breath in itself. As we all know, once upon a time, when Nanzi saw Confucius, he asked him for help many times, but Confucius refused. Who knows that after meeting and talking, the sage agreed to go out with them. The old man is a saint. He has read so many books and knows so many manners. He is not a "very silly and naive" fool like Wei linggong. He naturally knows what this means, but he has gone.


He went with the infamous Nanzi and his wife, but he didn't catch the ridicule of the people of the world. In the annals of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (79 chapters), he sighed that "a gentleman's virtue is better than his lust" and fled.


Then, he fled from Wei state and Nanzi at the same time.


The conclusion of the historical books is that the sage hates these prostitutes - but he should have known before entering the kingdom of Wei, why did he go?


So the last node is still in that conversation.


We don't deny that Nanzi's stubborn desire to see Confucius at the beginning was a desire for victory and conquest. She wanted to see if the sage could hold up her infinite charm. But things are not as simple as we think. If Nanzi is simply seduced, Confucius will not agree to ride with Nanzi (we need to have some confidence in the moral level of sages) - Nanzi must have said something else.


So what would it be?


Nanzi should be a smart woman. She has the wit to seduce saints. At the same time, she also has a common sense that the result of seduction is very difficult to succeed. Don't forget that Nanzi is a saint of oral morality and ethics, and an old man of fifty or sixty. So, what else does she think?


We can speculate that Nanzi's state of mind - a woman in need of redemption in degradation, a woman who wants to see the sun.


So in the extreme immorality, we need to see the extreme morality. In the communication and even reprimand of saints, we can get some spiritual consolation. Under the pressure of reputation, Nanzi wants to bask in the sun more.


Therefore, there will be the famous mystery of "seeing Nanzi from the son" to explain why the sage would ride with Nanzi. It's pity, salvation and understanding Or, everything, nothing.


But this time, the sage let her down. He ran away in the middle of the journey. He could not bear the ridicule and reproach of the world with her at all. She could only remain in the dark forever.


-- I have seen the flowers blooming in the night, but they look like a lily against the background of the night. The fragrance of the flowers is light and elegant, but they are highly poisonous. People call it the deadly Mandala.


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