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Windows 7正式退休 你会换成Win10还是死守Win7?

Windows 7正式退休,你会换成Win10还是死守Win7?14日,微软正式停止对Windows 7系统的更新维护服务。未来,Windows 7系统还可以继续使用,但微软不会再对Windows 7有相关的技术支持、软件更新或程序修正,电脑的安全问题将受到威胁。

When Windows 7 officially retires, will you change to win10 or stick to win7? On the 14th, Microsoft officially stops the update and maintenance service for Windows 7 system. In the future, Windows 7 system can still be used, but Microsoft will no longer have relevant technical support, software update or program correction for Windows 7, and the security of the computer will be threatened.

对此,腾讯方面表示,腾讯安全会继续为使用Windows 7的企业及个人用户提供安全可靠的网络安全服务,实时查杀流行病毒、提供漏洞补丁、抵御漏洞攻击及弱密码爆破。

In response, Tencent said that Tencent security will continue to provide safe and reliable network security services for enterprises and individual users using Windows 7, real-time check and kill popular viruses, provide vulnerability patches, resist vulnerability attacks and weak password blasting.


In addition, Tencent computer Butler will continue to bring you light, clean and fast Internet experience through performance optimization, energy-saving mode and authority radar function.

Windows 7诞生于2009年,已经问世十年,是微软最成功的操作系统之一,目前用户基数依旧庞大。

Windows 7 was born in 2009, and has been published for ten years. It is one of the most successful operating systems of Microsoft. At present, the user base is still huge.

据市场调查机构Netmarketshare发布的报告显示,2019年12月,Windows 7系统市场份额占比达到26.64%,位居第二,仅次于Windows 10的54.62%。

According to the report released by netmarketshare, a market research organization, in December 2019, the market share of Windows 7 system reached 26.64%, ranking the second, only next to 54.62% of windows 10.

你还在坚守Windows 7吗?

Are you still sticking to Windows 7?


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