What happened to trump's bombardment of apple? Apple was criticized for not helping trump unlock the suspect's cell phone. On the 14th local time, President trump of the United States joined in the "encryption war" between the government and apple. He bombarded apple on twitter, saying "you help so much that you don't even want to unlock the suspect's mobile phone".


The day before, the U.S. Department of Justice accused apple of "not providing substantive assistance" in unlocking the suspect's mobile phone.


But apple did not buy the bill, stressing that it would not go "back door" to assist in the investigation.


Apple has refused to let the Department of justice "kick off" a new conflict between us technology companies and government law enforcement agencies over user privacy, the US business insider said on Friday.


Trump ripped off apple on twitter Monday after refusing to help the government unlock the iPhone, the US political news website reported Friday.


"We have been helping apple with trade and many other issues, but they have refused to unlock the phones used by killers, drug dealers and other violent criminals," he said.


They have to come forward and help our great country, now! "In fact, this is not the first time trump has put pressure on apple to unlock a mobile phone.


Trump warned apple when he ran for president of the United States in 2016, CNET reported Thursday.


At that time, apple refused to unlock the cell phones of the suspects in the San Bernardino shooting in California, and trump called for a boycott of apple.


Trump's frequent pressure on apple is due to the fact that the U.S. Department of justice has been repeatedly frustrated by data encryption issues in handling cases.


According to the U.S. "Capitol Hill" reported that Attorney General Barr 13 at a press conference on apple, said last December, Pensacola naval base in Florida terrorist attacks, assassin arshamrani was killed on the spot.


In a subsequent investigation, the FBI was unable to obtain encrypted mobile phone information. Although the FBI turned to apple for help, it was turned down.


Up to now, the FBI has not been able to obtain favorable information.


According to cnbc.com, apple said in a statement on the 13th that "we have responded to many requests from government departments in a timely, comprehensive and sustained manner".

苹果称,已经为FBI在此案中提供了数十亿字节的信息,包括凶手的账户、iCloud 备份数据以及与该手机相关联的几个账户的交易数据。

Apple said it had provided the FBI with billions of bytes of information in the case, including the killer's account, icloud backup data and transaction data of several accounts associated with the phone.


Apple has previously said that it cannot access data encrypted with a password and stored on the iPhone, and if it wants to get this data, it must create a special tool, the "back door".


But in a statement on the 13th, Apple's attitude seemed to waver slightly: "we have always believed that once the back door is opened, it is likely to be used by bad people.


The user data that law enforcement can obtain is also likely to be obtained by bad people.


As a result, we feel more strongly the importance of encrypting mobile phones in protecting our country and user data. "


The ACLU also agrees with apple, the US business insider reported Friday. They said that destroying Apple's privacy policy for the US government would be used by bad people.

特朗普炮轰苹果:帮你那么多 却不愿解锁嫌犯手机

Trump bombards Apple: helps you so much but doesn't want to unlock the suspect's cell phone


US technology companies have clashed with the US government over privacy issues, Reuters said Friday.


Technology companies such as apple believe that powerful encryption technology can protect users' privacy and security.


Since 2013, according to apple, they have responded to more than 127000 requests for information from law enforcement - both rejection and cooperation.


But law enforcement officials cited Pensacola and San Bernardino mass shootings in 2015 as examples, saying suspects would use the technology to evade legal sanctions and calling on technology companies to provide solutions.


In fact, Apple has always been clear about protecting users' privacy.


In November, Apple CEO cook expressed a clear attitude on whether to unlock users' mobile phones at the request of the U.S. government: "we can't do this! Our privacy commitment is global." Such a tough refusal naturally led to the dissatisfaction of the trump administration.


The U.S. Department of justice sued apple in 2016 for refusing to unlock the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter.


But apple did not give in. Apple argued at the time that it did not have the ability to unlock the phone unless it developed specialized software known as a "back door.".


Inevitably, the FBI found an unidentified private supplier, cracked the security system of mobile phones, and the confrontation ended in a hurry.


But there are also many cases that the FBI can't find outsiders to solve. For example, it's very difficult for the assassin in Pensacola to unlock his cell phone.


To this end, the U.S. Department of justice insisted that technology companies relax encryption standards to cooperate with government investigations.


U.S. government officials have complained on several occasions that government investigations are often stalled because of data encryption.


At a hearing in the Senate last month, lawmakers issued a stern warning to technology companies to cooperate with law enforcement to investigate, or Congress would soon introduce laws to regulate encryption technology.


But companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft, like apple, are adamantly opposed to the US government's demands, warning that relaxing encryption would endanger billions of people and devices.


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