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TCL集团拟更名是真的吗 TCL集团拟更名改成什么

 据媒体报道,1月13日,TCL集团发布公告,为准确反映公司的业务范围和经营情况,清晰阐述公司致力于全球领先科技企业的战略定位,公司拟将名称变更为“TCL科技集团股份有限公司”,英文名相应变更为“TCL Technology Group Corporation”,将证券简称变更为“TCL科技”,证券简称变更为“TCL TECH”。

According to media reports, on January 13, TCL group issued a notice. In order to accurately reflect the company's business scope and business situation, and clearly describe the company's strategic positioning for the world's leading technology enterprises, the company plans to change its name to "TCL Technology Group Co., Ltd." and its English name to "TCL Technology Group Corporation" and its securities abbreviation to "TCL section" Technology ", the abbreviation of securities is changed to" TCL tech ".

目前,TCL华星的大尺寸面板出货量全球第三,LTPS手机面板出货量第二,AMOLED产品已量产出货,随着t6、t4和t7产线的陆续投产及量产,华星的效率和规模优势进一步增强;交互白板、电竞、商显、车载、笔电等高附加值的产品和应用正不断丰富;TCL华星将通过Mini LED on TFT和8K技术主攻大尺寸LCD高端产品,率先布局印刷OLED技术研发和商业应用,基于QLED材料优势实现领跑,迈入技术领先的发展新阶段。

At present, TCL Huaxing's large-scale panel shipments are the third in the world, and LTPS mobile panel shipments are the second. AMOLED products have been mass produced and shipped. With the continuous production and production of T6, T4 and T7 production lines, Huaxing's efficiency and scale advantages are further enhanced; interactive whiteboard, e-Competition, commercial display, vehicle mounted, laptop and other high value-added products and applications are constantly enriched; TCL Huaxing will be through mini led on TFT and 8K technology mainly focus on large-scale LCD high-end products, take the lead in the layout of printing OLED technology research and development and commercial application, achieve the lead based on the advantages of qled materials, and enter a new stage of technology leading development.


The company will also seize the opportunity of industrial adjustment and reshuffle, accelerate the vertical extension and horizontal integration of the industrial chain, especially the investment layout in the fields of basic materials, next generation display materials, and key equipment in the new process, so as to build a strategic competitive advantage in the display field with ecological leadership.


TCL has a history of nearly 35 years since its establishment, and it can be called an old enterprise. However, from the perspective of investors and even consumers, TCL TV may be the most impressive one among the household appliances industry. However, after many years, with the positive transformation of TCL's business in recent years, TCL has not been limited to household appliance enterprises, but has transformed into a listed company focusing on semiconductor and material industry.  


It is worth mentioning that not only TCL group is actively changing the names of listed companies, but also many household appliances listed companies are actively changing their names. For example, Hisense Electric changed its name to Hisense video, Qingdao Haier changed its name to Haier Zhijia, etc.


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