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TCL集团拟更名 创立40年的集团要改成什么名字呢?


TCL Group plans to change its name. What's the name of the group that has been established for 40 years? TCL company occupies an important position in China's electronic technology market. What's the matter with TCL Group's name change in recent 40 years? Why do you need to change its name when the company in the city is 40 years old? What's the name of TCL Group's name change? Let's see with the editor.

1月13日,TCL集团发布公告称,拟将名称变更为“TCL科技集团股份有限公司”,英文名称相应变更为“TCL Technology Group Corporation”,将证券简称变更为“TCL科技”,英文简称变更为“TCL TECH.”,证券代码仍为“000100”。

On January 13, TCL Group announced that it plans to change its name to "TCL Technology Group Co., Ltd.", its English name to "TCL Technology Group Corporation", its securities abbreviation to "TCL technology", its English abbreviation to "TCL technology." and its securities code is still "000100".

公告称,TCL集团股份有限公司于2019 年初完成重大资产重组,剥离了终端业务及配套业务,上市公司以半导体显示技术及材料业务为主,保留产业金融和投资业务以支持和赋能主业发展。业务范围已发生实质变化,“TCL 集团”不再适用,本次更名是为准确反映公司的业务范围和经营情况,清晰阐述公司致力于全球领先科技企业的战略定位。

According to the announcement, TCL Group Co., Ltd. completed major asset restructuring at the beginning of 2019, stripping the terminal business and supporting business. The listed companies mainly focus on semiconductor display technology and material business, and retain Industrial Finance and investment business to support and enable the development of the main business. The business scope has changed substantially, and "TCL Group" is no longer applicable. This renaming is to accurately reflect the business scope and business situation of the company, and clearly describe the strategic positioning of the company committed to the global leading technology enterprises.

TCL集团股份有限公司(简称TCL或TCL集团)创立于1981年,作为中国企业国际化的先行者,早在1999年TCL就率先布局越南市场。至今已经走过早期探索、跨国并购、稳步成长、全球化再出发四个阶段 ,集团现有7万名员工,28 个研发中心,10余家联合实验室,22个制造加工基地 [6] ,在80多个国家和地区设有销售机构,业务遍及全球160多个国家和地区。

TCL Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TCL or TCL Group) was founded in 1981. As a pioneer in the internationalization of Chinese enterprises, TCL took the lead in laying out the Vietnamese market as early as 1999. So far, it has gone through four stages: early exploration, cross-border M & A, steady growth and globalization. The group now has 70000 employees, 28 R & D centers, more than 10 joint laboratories, 22 manufacturing and processing bases [6]. It has sales agencies in more than 80 countries and regions, with businesses in more than 160 countries and regions around the world.


TCL, formerly known as TTK home appliances (Huizhou) Co., Ltd., one of the first 13 joint ventures in China, is engaged in the production and manufacturing of audio tapes, and later expanded to the fields of telephone, TV, mobile phone, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, small home appliances, LCD panel, etc.

2018年10月,TCL登上福布斯2018年全球最佳雇主榜单。2019年7月10日,财富中文网发布了2019年《财富》中国500强排行榜。TCL集团股份有限公司在2019年中国500强排行榜(公司名单)中排名第79位。2019年9月1日,2019中国战略性新兴产业领军企业100强榜单在济南发布,TCL集团股份有限公司排名第52位。 “一带一路”中国企业100强榜单排名第49位。 2019年12月18日,人民日报“中国品牌发展指数”100榜单排名第46位。

In October 2018, TCL was listed on Forbes' list of the best employers in the world in 2018. On July 10, 2019, fortune released the list of fortune China's top 500 in 2019. TCL Group Co., Ltd. ranks 79th in the list of China's top 500 companies (list of companies) in 2019. On September 1, 2019, China's top 100 strategic emerging industry leaders list was released in Jinan, and TCL Group Co., Ltd. ranked 52nd. The list of top 100 Chinese enterprises ranked forty-ninth. On December 18, 2019, people's daily ranked 46th in the "China brand development index" 100 list.


TCL Group intends to change its name in the announcement, saying that the reason for the change is to accurately reflect the business scope and business situation of TCL group, and clearly explain the strategic positioning of the company committed to the world's leading technology enterprises. So what do you think of TCL Group's plan to change its name this time?


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