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收缩毛孔很简单 但需注意不要过分依赖紧肤水



Large pores are the pain in the heart of many beauty lovers. Many people may try more skin care products with little effect. Today, 360 common sense net will join you to see how to shrink pores, which is more healthy only when it is natural.


The main reasons for pore coarseness are as follows


1. There are many reasons for pore coarseness. The lack of water in the skin leads to the destruction of water and oil balance. Therefore, the skin secretes a large amount of oil to achieve the balance, resulting in the weakening of skin metabolism, pore blockage, and finally pore coarseness.


2. Pimples are also one of the reasons for the large pores. Long time pimples are easy to damage the skin and dermis. Once the dermis is damaged, the pores will be squeezed more and more with it. At the same time, many pimples and pockmarks will be left on the skin.


3. Excessive oil absorption will also cause pore coarseness. Because many young partners are born with oily skin, they can't help but use various brands of oil control cream, oil absorption paper, etc. to remove the oil on the face, which will cause the skin to secrete more oil to maintain the balance of water and oil. Finally, a large amount of oil secretion will cause pore blockage, and the pores will be more and more enlarged.


How to shrink pores


1. Moisturizing work should be done well


Pore is bulky, a large part of the reason is because the skin is short of water, so moisturizing work must be done well. Only when the skin is kept moist for a long time, can the large amount of oil be prevented, and the pores will not become larger and larger.


2. It's important to drink more water


A normal person should take about eight cups of water a day, i.e. 2000cc. Of course, it is OK to keep it below this number, but at least it should be kept at 1500cc, so as to ensure that the skin will not be in a state of water shortage. Once the skin is short of water, the balance of water and oil will be destroyed, which will promote the secretion of a large amount of oil and fat, and the pores will not be enlarged.


3. I often use ice to cover my face


We all know the principle of hot expansion and cold contraction. The same is true of pores. When the skin encounters warm water, pores will be in a state of relaxation. That's why we should use warm water when we use facial cleanser to clean the face skin, so as to ensure that the dirt left in pores is completely clear. If we want to make the pores look less big, then we often use ice to cover our faces. Without ice, we can use cold water instead. We can do well in skin moisturizing and shrink the pores. Why not?


4. Rice balls rub out pore dirt


It is also very important to prevent pore from bulky and clear pore dirt. When the rice in the home is just steamed, take out a small ball while it is hot, rub it into a ball, and then roll it back and forth in the place with large pores on the face. Depending on the viscosity and heat of the rice, suck out the garbage in the pores together. This method can clean the face skin to a certain extent, and at the same time, organize the pores to block, so as to prevent the pores from becoming larger and larger.


5. Lemon juice wash face


People with oily skin can put a few drops of lemon juice into the clear water when washing their faces, which can not only astringe the pores, but also reduce the production of acne and facial blisters. (note that the concentration should not be too thick, and lemon juice should not be directly applied on the face)


6, yogurt honey mask


Yogurt and honey mix in 3:1 ratio, then evenly stir, apply to the face, wash the mask with water for about 10 minutes. This mask can not only shrink pores, but also make skin more soft and white.


7. Beer mask


Mask made from German black beer and mask paper is a popular method for shrinking pores in German folk. Immerse the mask in black beer and apply the mask paper to your face. Black beer can not only shrink pores, but also reduce inflammation and sterilization, making skin more delicate and tender.


Skin care is a long and arduous work, only long-term persistence will see the effect, so please don't give up because the short-term effect is not obvious, you may be far from the final step of success.


Mistake 1 of pore shrinkage: over dependence on firming water


Many mm believe in the introduction of toner, can a bottle of toner really solve a variety of skin problems? Of course, it exaggerates the effect of toner. To some extent, firming water can improve pores, but it can not be cured. If you want to completely solve the problem of pore coarseness, you can't do it overnight. You need to inhibit the oil secretion of the skin, dredge the hair follicle channel, so as to effectively shrink the pores.


Error 2 of pore shrinkage: only oil control in daytime


One of the ways to shrink pores is to control oil effectively, which can improve the phenomenon of pore coarseness to a certain extent, but many mm may not know that traditional Chinese medicine believes that the oil light on the skin surface in the daytime is secreted by sebaceous glands at night. Therefore, only in the night for targeted care, in order to more effectively control the day skin surface oil light.


Mistake 3 of pore contraction: oily skin can not use night cream


Generally speaking, people with large pores are mostly oily skin. As a result, many oily skin mm will assume that their skin is greasy enough to avoid using night cream, which is certainly wrong. There are many kinds of night cream. Don't think that night cream is greasy. On the contrary, people with oily skin need special skin care products at night, so as to solve the problem of more active sebaceous glands at night.


Myth four: only cream without oil formula during the day.


Use only face cream during the day. This is also one of the erroneous ways to shrink pores. According to the characteristics of skin sebaceous glands, skin care products should be used at night to reduce oil secretion. During the day, skin oil should be used to control skin surface and keep skin refreshing skin care products. Only by following this principle can we effectively shrink pores.


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