Generally, it's a very high price to spend hundreds of yuan on a haircut, but some hair salons' routine is too deep, and they accidentally fall into the trap. Recently. A barber shop in Hangzhou was exposed to the media. Mr. Zhan went to a barber shop called "Armani Xuan" to cut his hair. As a result, he just cut a flat head and spent 1500 yuan.


Mr. Zhan said that this was still the discounted price, and the original price was even more outrageous. Later, I said that I took out the photos of no haircut and no haircut, but I cut it a little shorter. Before I cut my hair, it was 30 yuan. This time, I paid 1500 yuan to cut the same flat head. On the same day, he went to the barber's shop. The barber asked him what he would like to cut. He said it was natural. It turned out to be a flat head, which should be cut according to the flat head. As any barber should know, it turned into a perm. The barber didn't know which one was daubed on his head. After a lot of trouble, the barber brought the bill. At that time, he looked stupid. There were 1888 yuan in total, and he used 5 potions, 158 yuan each.


It turned out that Mr. Zhan was attracted by the cheapness. He had a coupon of 20 yuan for three times of cutting. He thought it would be cheaper than the previous 30 yuan for one time, so he went to this barbershop to have a haircut. As a result, he was hit 1500 yuan for the first time. The assistant recommended a discount for a full member. He only got a discount of 1500 yuan after 2500 yuan. According to the barber shop, you can swipe the membership card for the barber's fee, but you need to pay cash for the potion.


The more Mr. Zhan came home, the more he thought about it, the more he felt cheated by the barber shop. Neither the perm nor the potion was approved by him, nor the price was quoted. After Mr. Zhan contacted the reporter, the reporter accompanied him to the barbershop. The head of the barber's shop said that the potion had the function of protecting the scalp. At that time, Mr. Zhan agreed to perm his head and use the potion. Mr. Zhan said that the barber did ask him if he wanted to change his hair style. He made it clear that he didn't need it, but he was already putting something on his head.


The reporter hoped to see the liquid medicine for Mr. Zhan at that time, or to show the price list, but the person in charge refused. It's the most basic principle in business to clearly mark the real price. The price can be expensive, but it must be the customer's willingness to consume, and the price cannot be too expensive. Unable to show the price list, indicating that there is a lot of greasiness in it, and the head of the barbershop promised to refund Mr. Zhan 2500 yuan, which means that Mr. Zhan should not be investigated again.



@潇潇艳 : 只有我想知道这么短的头发Tony到底是怎么烫卷的呢

@Xiaoxiaoyan: only I want to know how Tony irons such short hair


@Ikuaifi: flat head or flat head, teacher Tony Wang's flat head is 1800, and Uncle Wang's flat head downstairs is 18 yuan


@AE86 of miyaja sakhara: today, with 100000 eyebrows, the industry really needs to be reorganized


@Taurus's Xiaoyan: now the beauty and hairdressing industry really should be managed. 99% of the price is not directly proportional to the effect, and it is also mandatory to apply for cards. If the consumption amount is small, the attitude is not good, and it is not good enough to cut it


@Ivy 310: I made a thousand pieces of hair yesterday. Teacher Tony said to dye me a natural color. If it's really natural, I can't see it


@Really? II: Now these barbershops are more and more rampant and do not plan to rectify?


@Xiao sun doesn't care about his family


Some netizens also recalled their experience of being "trapped"


@It's the same in summer, autumn and winter: I didn't do anything. I washed my hair and said that Xiao Ming, the chief designer of Asia, is the most beautiful woman. After spending 688 [nose digging] [nose digging], I felt cheated,

@备考的Ivy同志:理发去三里屯 [费解]被骗了18888

@Comrade ivy, preparing for the exam: I was cheated to cut my hair in Sanlitun [inexplicably] 18888


@Hi, lindy521: spend 100000 to fix eyebrows. What did the doctor say


@My nagging words: I once got a voucher in the supermarket, and said that I won 2000 yuan and bought some jade. I hesitated and foolishly used 3000 yuan to buy a so-called 5000 yuan jade back to give it to my mother and get a good meal from my mother


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