Hint of marriage with Angelababy? Frankly speaking, there is no change in family relationship in the world. Recently, Huang Xiaoming talked about feelings at the end of the interview. He said that all feelings in the world will change. Only family relationship will remain unchanged. Netizens have speculated that Huang Xiaoming's suggestion is that she has been married to baby, which is likely to pave the way for divorce.


In the interview, the reporter asked Huang Xiaoming about his feelings. Huang responded very pessimistically that there are many things in the world that will change. In fact, people will find that they are all family members at the end of their lives.


Many netizens think that they should divorce early, but there has been no official announcement. They have never shown their love in public in the past two years, which is totally different from the high-profile style before.


There are also netizens from another point of view to judge the two suspected marriage, the first two years of baby business momentum is fierce, has played a lot of excellent film and television works, although the acting is much Tucao, but the production team can be said to be the production team of the first line team.


Baby's success has attracted more people's attention, whether good or bad, in movies and TV plays.


In the past two years, the film and television resources of baby have declined precipitously. Not only are there few films, but also TV series. A person familiar with the matter disclosed that this is related to Huang Xiaoming. Previously, it was because Huang Xiaoming used all the resources in his hands to support baby as a hot domestic first-line actress that he won the prize and got the soft touch.


Before the rumors of divorce, Huang Xiaoming and angelababy were the model couples envied by everyone in the entertainment circle. Not only do they often scatter dog food in public, take their son's little sponge on a regular holiday, enjoy the pleasure of a trip, but they will also be met by passers-by and have dinner in the restaurant with their children. So we used to think that Huang Xiaoming and angelababy would have a long-term future...


Although Huang Xiaoming and angelababy's recent emotional situation is very strange, but there are no two official propaganda, as a melon eater, it's better to keep silent. In addition, Huang Xiaoming's new play will also be broadcast, which does not rule out the suspicion that Huang Xiaoming said these words in the interview to stir fry as a new play to add heat.


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