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历史上和亲的都是假公主 对方为什么完全不在乎是假的公主



A lot of people don't know about and the fake princess, and then enjoy it with Xiaobian.


Harmony must be familiar to all of us. It is an important part of the general national policy of all dynasties. It can be said that it runs through the whole development process of ancient Chinese history. The earliest harmony can be traced back to the period.


There are many definitions of amity. Generally speaking, people realize that there are two different nationalities. When they are in opposition, in order to end this situation, a friendly and peaceful relationship will be established.


Of course, harmony does not have to be an opposite nation. Maybe two nations or different families of the same nation adopt the way of harmony in order to achieve a common purpose.


There are different views on the policy of reconciliation adopted by the ruling class in the Central Plains of China. One group thinks it is a compromise of humiliation. The simplest example is the reconciliation of Huns in the early Western Han Dynasty.


In that period of history, the fate of the princess was extremely tragic. Some of them were burned or even turned into slaves. Another group of historians thought that it was a very wise way, which made the contradictions among the nations reconciled and strengthened the communication among the nations.


There is a group of historians who believe that amity cannot be denied in an all-round way, because this approach has advantages and disadvantages, and there must be humiliation, but it can also free the ruler's energy to do other things, for example, concentrate on development, and then directly reverse the situation.


If strictly speaking, the Han Dynasty began to carry out the policy of peace and affinity. At that time, it has become a very normal way to consolidate the regime with peace and affinity. In the Tang Dynasty, more than 20 princesses went to foreign countries to make peace and affinity.


Then we can't help asking, all say that there is no kinship in the emperor's house, so he really willing to let his daughter go to make a peace? The answer is no, almost all of them are fake, let alone some dynasties don't necessarily need the emperor's daughter to call the princess.


In fact, the real princess or the fake princess, this is still very good to distinguish, and those who are close to each other can easily distinguish, after all, few people are fools, so how can they not say?


In fact, the hearts of these ethnic groups are more clear than anyone else. If the rulers of the central plains are really angry, it's still very easy to clean them up, so their hearts are eager for peace.


The purpose of the marriage is not to marry the princess, so it doesn't matter whether the woman is a real princess or not. At least it's a princess in name. That's enough. If you have to hold on to this, it's silly.


Unless this nation is strong enough to frighten the rulers of the Central Plains, this situation is relatively rare. Take Tang Dynasty for example, to marry the princess of the Tang Dynasty, in their opinion, this is the recognition of the Tang Dynasty, this is the supreme glory, holding the thigh directly, which still cares whether it is a real princess or not.


As long as there is such a relationship, in case there is a matter one day, you can also ask the Tang Dynasty through this matter. When you are free, you can get a lot of rewards from the Tang Dynasty,.


This last reason is well explained. Real princesses are not used to it. It's very uncomfortable for such princesses to come here. They dare not provoke real princesses and can only serve them.


Many people may say that the Western Han Dynasty is the exception. Other dynasties did not have such a thing. It's interesting to marry a real princess to Gaoli when she is there. The princess is angry and cries for the king of others. She is usually bullied and dare not go out, so she doesn't need a fake princess. Instead, the other side is ecstatic and very happy.


A fake princess will not have such a thing when she comes. At least she can get along with ordinary husband and wife normally. It's a kind of agreement, not that person.


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