刘备作为一个卖草鞋的穷人 刘备是怎么维持军队开支的-看世界

刘备作为一个卖草鞋的穷人 刘备是怎么维持军队开支的



What is the military expenditure? This is a question that many readers are concerned about. Next, we will work with you to understand and give you a reference.


When it comes to heroes, compared with the fourth generation and the third Duke, Liu Bei's starting point is very low compared with his father who was a captain. He is a craftsman and a person who weaves and sells mats. At that time, even the middle class couldn't get along. It was such a poor man. How did he maintain the expenditure of the army?


Liu Bei has no money, that's true, but others have angel investors. Although Liu Bei was poor, he was ambitious and liked to make friends with heroes all over the world since he was a child. On this basis, Liu Bei has a certain popularity in his hometown. It is with this low popularity that Liu Bei started.


Although Liu Bei's popularity is not so high, it can't be compared with Cao Cao, Yuan Shao and others in the same period. But Liu Bei's life is good. He has two very powerful younger brothers, one, one. Both of them have the ability of ten thousand enemies.


Zhang Fei has another identity, that is, Liu Bei's gold master. Zhang Fei joined Liu Bei's organization with all his belongings. Zhang Fei was not a poor man, at least at that time a person with financial freedom. He is a butcher. In this era when the small people can't even eat enough, brother Zhang Fei is able to sell meat, which shows that he is rich and has certain influence.


After Zhang Fei joined Liu Bei, he gave Liu Bei the first bucket of gold. He sold all his wealth and tied himself to Liu Bei's chariot. Of course, Zhang Fei's move also brought Liu Bei An Angel round of investment.


Liu Bei's compatriot Zhang Shiping he, two horse dealers who sell horses in the north, saw Zhang Fei, who had a certain influence in the countryside, and was deeply affected by this move, so they decided to invest in Liu Bei as a potential stock.


Zhang Shiping and Su Shuang are not the people who keep their own business. They often have to deal with the Hu people outside the Great Wall. These people are extremely fierce. If they don't agree with each other, they have to start. If they can do business with them, they won't be a fuel-efficient lamp.


The biggest characteristic of this kind of person is that he is bold and bold. He smashed the money and gave Liu Bei a second barrel of gold. The value of these two people is not comparable to that of Zhang Fei, a small family. Zhang Fei's money to Liu Bei is not enough. With the support of the two, Liu Bei could pull up a team with money, food and horses. In that age when there was a reason to have a fist, having his own team meant a lot of things.


It's a pity that these two angel investors never appeared again. According to Liu Bei's personality and his personal settings, they should not be ungrateful. It's estimated that these two businessmen may have fallen in the turbulent times, not waiting for the day when their original shares were listed for dividend.


After Liu Bei got the angel round investment from these two businessmen, he gradually became bigger and occupied Xuzhou for a time. There, Liu Bei met his second great man, Xuzhou super rich. When Mi Zhu, the richest man in Xuzhou, saw Liu Bei for the first time, he thought he was a great talent, and his help to Liu Bei was all-round.


When he saw that Liu Bei was alone, he opened the door and asked Liu Bei, Lao Liu, do you want a wife? As soon as you open Jinkou, I will bring it for you. Liu Bei doesn't wriggle either. Just say you'll bring it! So Liu Bei has it. This bridge is very similar to that of the horse herder in the recent fire.


With this relationship, MI Zhu made every effort to help Liu Bei expand his strength. In Liu Bei's most difficult time, MI Zhu helped Liu Bei selflessly with abundant financial resources, which made Liu Bei survive.


In the end, MI Zhu became an Han General of the Shu Han Empire. Although he was a general with a miscellaneous name, he could not compare with the general of the four directions, but the name of an Han was enough to explain the problem.


Therefore, although Liu Bei was poor, he was accompanied by dignitaries along the way. First, the angel round investment of Zhang Shiping and Su Shuang made Liu Bei have the start-up capital to chase deer around the world. Then, the super rich Mi Zhu Qingyan and his family broke up to help him. This led to the later Shu Han Empire.


Liu Bei's success is inseparable from these excellent and discerning businessmen. Without their full help, Liu Bei may still be a peddler selling shoes. A generation may not leave their hometown, which is the power of capital.


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