朱元璋杀蓝玉的是因为嚣张跋扈吗 其实这个人的死才是关键-看世界

朱元璋杀蓝玉的是因为嚣张跋扈吗 其实这个人的死才是关键



Kill you know what? Don't know it doesn't matter, Xiaobian told you.


In 1393, Hongwu broke out. In this shocking case, not only general Lanyu was killed, but also many meritorious officials were involved. More than 15000 people were killed in this case, which made the whole capital bloody.


The accusation of Lanyu is conspiracy, but it's just an unnecessary accusation. To say what crime Lanyu really committed, it may be four words: arrogant and domineering. It is a fact that Lanyu is domineering. He is arrogant and lawless. He not only allows his family's children to harm the countryside, but also bombards Xifeng pass for a small matter.


However, is it really because of his arrogance that Zhu Yuanzhang killed sapphire? It should be said that there are such factors, but this is not the root cause of the sapphire case. It's true that Lanyu was arrogant and domineering, but how many of the military officers at that time were not domineering? What's more, Lanyu was an important official guarding the border areas of the Ming Dynasty. Moreover, Lanyu belongs to Zhu Yuanzhang. He is closely related to Zhu Yuanzhang. If he is domineering, Zhu Yuanzhang will kill him, which is too much fuss.


Zhu Yuanzhang is a ruthless hero, but he is not a fool. If there is no deeper reason, Zhu Yuanzhang will not kill sapphire, nor set off a major case. There are more than 10000 people in the company, even such princes as Fu Youde and Feng Sheng. So, what's the reason for Zhu Yuanzhang's killing? He would kill sapphire even if the whole capital was bloody?


The answer to this question, I'm afraid, has something to do with the prince. In other words, it was his death that led Zhu Yuanzhang to raise a butcher's knife against Lanyu and others.


Zhu Biao is the eldest son of Zhu Yuanzhang and his favorite son. When Zhu Biao was born, Zhu Yuanzhang was leading the army to attack Nanjing city. When he heard the news of Zhu Biao's birth, he was so excited that he ran to a mountain and wrote: "those who come to the mountain will not suffer from no heir.". (())


It can make the hero, who has been fighting for many years and has a gloomy and introverted personality, excited and overjoyed. It can be imagined that he attaches great importance to his eldest son Zhu Biao. It is the importance attached to the eldest son that Zhu Biao was trained as a successor by Zhu Yuanzhang since he was born. When Zhu Yuanzhang established himself as king of Wu, he made Zhu Biao the prince. After he became emperor, he immediately made Zhu Biao the prince. And Zhu Biao invited Song Lian and other famous Confucians to teach Zhu Biao.


In ancient China, most of the emperors were afraid of the power of the prince. It is reasonable to say that Zhu Yuanzhang is more suspicious. But for Zhu Biao, the prince, Zhu Yuanzhang spared no effort to support him without worrying about his power. After Zhu Biao was made Prince, Zhu Yuanzhang put people in the east palace. He appointed him prince Shaoshi, Prince Shaofu, Prince Shaobao, and Feng Sheng as Youzhan. It can be said that Zhu Yuanzhang almost gave all the founders to the prince and asked them to assist him.


When Zhu Yuanzhang went out to fight, he used the crown prince Zhu Biao to supervise the country. All affairs were decided by the crown prince. After Zhu Yuanzhang came back, he didn't even read the memorial of Zhu Biao's instructions, which was enough to show his trust in the prince.


In fact, Prince Zhu Biao is indeed a qualified successor. Zhu Biao's character is pure and benevolent. "The prince is friendly," said Zhu in the history of the Ming Dynasty. The kings of the Qin and Zhou dynasties, who had been trained and protected frequently, had to return home. The king of Jin was accused of conspiring. The prince cried for tears. The emperor understood. At the beginning of the emperor's reign, Wen Zheng, his elder brother, Wen Zheng, his elder sister, his son and so on were his sons, while Gao Hou regarded them as his own. The Emperor may supervise the affairs, and the crown prince often complains the emperor of his kindness. "


Zhu Yuanzhang was strict in governing the country, but Zhu Biao was benevolent in governing the country. After Zhu Yuanzhang's hundred years, Zhu Biao became the throne, and the Ming Dynasty was able to stabilize the world. This is the consensus of many people, including Zhu Yuanzhang, so he has been reserving capable officials and generals for Zhu Biao to assist him in governing the country. Lanyu is one of them. In Hongwu's later years, many of the founders have died. Lanyu is the leader of the general, and he belongs to the group that strongly supports the prince.


Lanyu is changyuchun's wife and brother-in-law, and changyuchun is Zhu Biao's father-in-law. Therefore, according to generations, Lanyu is the uncle of the crown princess. When Zhu Biao was alive, sapphire spared no effort to maintain the prince's status as a prince. He saw that Yan Wang coveted the throne, so he had many conflicts with Yan Wang. From this point of view, sapphire is loyal to Zhu Biao, the prince, and to Zhu Yuanzhang. Therefore, if Zhu Biao didn't die young, Zhu Yuanzhang would probably not kill sapphire. After all, sapphire is one of the powerful supports of the prince. Zhu Yuanzhang promoted him just to leave Zhu Biao to settle.


However, there was an unexpected situation. Zhu Biao, the prince, came back from his visit to Shaanxi and died of depression. The death of the crown prince Zhu Biao was a great blow to Zhu Yuanzhang, which meant that his decades of efforts were all in vain. For sapphire, the death of Prince Zhu Biao is a disaster.


Lanyu, Fengsheng, fuyoude and others are the leaders Zhu Yuanzhang left to his crown prince Zhu Biao, but they are not the leaders of the court. They can look forward to Zhu Biao, who has outstanding ability. But Zhu Yuanzhang can't believe that they can be loyal to the young emperor.


For sapphire, since the death of Prince Zhu Biao, he has been in a very dangerous situation. Zhu Yuanzhang wanted to pass the throne to his grandson Zhu Yunwen, but Zhu Yunwen was young and had no prestige in the court. Even if sapphire could guarantee his loyalty to Zhu Yunwen, Zhu Yuanzhang would not let him be a big general with a big army. And Lanyu is the enemy of Zhu Di, so even if Zhu Yuanzhang wants to pass the throne to Zhu Di, his Lanyu will die.


As soon as Zhu Biao died, the blue jade general, who had made great contributions to the war and had a strong army, was already an abandoned son for Zhu Yuanzhang. However, the general's partiality is still unknown. He is domineering and has no words.


In the 26th year of Hongwu's reign, he directed Jiang Yu to report Lanyu's rebellion. Whether it was true or not, it was a good chance for Zhu Yuanzhang. Zhu Yuanzhang not only took the opportunity to kill sapphire, but also uprooted Fu Youde, Feng Sheng and many other meritorious officials, so that "the long-time generals of Yuangong, one after another, were exhausted.". Therefore, the death of sapphire is due to its own fault, but it's also due to nature.




History of the Ming Dynasty


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