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揭秘大乔的真正死因 大乔到底是怎么死的



Many people don't know the cause of death. Next, I will enjoy it with Xiaobian.


When it comes to Daqiao, many netizens still know about her. She was a very beautiful one at that time. Then some netizens also asked, saying that Daqiao seems to have died in a very wrong way, so what's the reason? In fact, the causes of Daqiao's death in this normal situation are quite different from those in the legend, so how did Daqiao die ? let's follow Xiaobian to uncover the secrets and analyze them!


A brief introduction to Daqiao's life


At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the family of Qiao Gong, known as "Qiao Guolao" in the later generations, was rich in family property, and had frequent contacts with his family, and supported each other in marriage. Qiao Xuansheng has two beautiful daughters, both of whom have their own features. Both of them are well-known for their sound, poetry and literature, especially for the story of female celebrities. Later, the eldest girl of the Qiao family (known as the eldest Qiao) married, and the second girl () married.


In the fifth year of Dong Jian'an (AD 200), sun CE was seriously injured when he was killed in hunting. Daqiao was accompanied by his clothes day and night. He did not sleep, eat or drink, and cared for him wholeheartedly. However, sun CE died in vain. Big Joe, fainted several times, and wanted to die for Jiang. But the thought of sun CE holding her hand before she died, asking her to take care of her younger brother (18 years old), help him take over the power, and get rid of the traitors and rebellions, made Joe have to give up the original idea. Later, Sun Quan still respected his sister-in-law, and with the help of Daqiao and other officials such as Zhou Yu, he quickly united all forces in Jiangdong, established prestige, and then regained control of the overall situation.


It is said that after Sun Quan became emperor (229 A.D.), Daqiao stopped worrying about common things and lived in seclusion and seclusion!


From the perspective of Erqiao, a pair of sisters are married to two World Heroes at the same time, one is sun Lang who is a little more powerful and has great prestige in Jiangdong, and the other is Zhou Lang who is elegant and full of both culture and martial arts, which can be called a happy marriage. Talent, beauty, harmony into a couple, of course, the two are comfortable, love. However, is Erqiao really happy? In fact, Daqiao's life is very bitter. When sun Qie married Daqiao, he was about 24 years old, and Daqiao was about 18 years old. Unfortunately, Tian was jealous of his good fortune. Two years later, when sun Qie was about to cross the border with the war officials, he was preparing to attack Yin to welcome Han Dynasty and sacrifice emperor. When he took the power of "holding the emperor's son to order the princes" from Cao Cao Cao's hands, sun Qie was assassinated by Xu Gong's family guest. At the time of his death, he was only 26 years old. Daqiao and Sunce only lived two years as husband and wife. At that time, Daqiao was in her early twenties at best. She was young and widowed. She was surrounded by only her infant son. How sad! Since then, she only had the cry of the morning, the solitary bed at night, and the care of the orphans. The years are long, the beauty is dark, a generation of beautiful people, I don't know when to wither!


Historical records


There are few records about Jiangdong Erqiao in historical records. Only the biography of Wu Shu Zhou Yu has such a sentence in Chen Shou's records of the Three Kingdoms. From attacking Anhui to pulling it out. Shideqiao and her daughter are both national. (sun) Tze Tzu Na Da Qiao, (Zhou) Yu Na Xiao Qiao. Pei song's note of this biography quoted the biography of Jiang Biao, but only one sentence: (sun) ce leisurely play (Zhou) Yu said: "although the two daughters of Duke Qiao are exiled (according to the principle of exile, they are radiant with luster), it's enough to have us as sons in law." These two sentences tell us:


First, the surname of Erqiao was originally called "Qiao". As for their names, historical records are missing, so they have to distinguish them by "Daqiao" and "Xiaoqiao". Modern people will find this strange, but in the feudal society centered on men, this kind of phenomenon is not used to. In history, many queens didn't leave their names, that is, Mrs. Wu and sister of Sun Quan. Don't they also know their names? However, some scholars have investigated that Qiao Liang is the great Qiao and Qiao Wan is the little Qiao (the name of the second Qiao is from "Phoenix second Qiao"). Because our name is Guan Daqiao and Xiao Qiao, we have ignored their original names.


Second, Erqiao's native place is Anhui county, Lujiang County (now Anhui Buried Hill).


Third, Erqiao is very beautiful. She has the color of a beautiful country. She looks forward to her future and looks bright. She is called the most beautiful.


Fourth, sun CE and Zhou Yu got Erqiao in the fourth year of Jian'an (199). At that time, sun and Tuesday were all 25 years old (Zhou Yu was one month younger than sun CE). Therefore, it is estimated that the age of Erqiao was no more than 20.


Fifth, sun CE and Zhou Yu are very satisfied with their marriage to Erqiao. From the perspective of Erqiao, a pair of sisters are married to two World Heroes at the same time. One is sun Lang, who is slightly superior to others and has great prestige in Jiangdong. The other is Zhou Lang, who is elegant and has both culture and martial arts. According to the traditional view, they are talented and beautiful.


After sun CE died, Big Joe didn't die. However, because sun CE gave the throne of the Lord to his younger brother Sun Quan, Daqiao and his younger son, Shao, had no place in the eastern Wu, so Daqiao drifted away in a boat.


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