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赵括真的是一个纸上谈兵之人吗 事实证明赵括只是为人背黑锅



I don't know what kind of readers they are. I'll give you a detailed introduction. Let's go on~


In recent years, more and more scholars have turned over the case for Zhao Kuo, which is not groundless, but has evidence to correct.


Zhao Kuo's fame comes from a war to change the pattern of the world. However, Zhao Kuo ended his short life as a failure and his only career as a commander in chief.


At the beginning of the battle of Changping, King Zhao of Qin sent Wang Yi, the general of zuozhu, to attack the Zhao army of Changping and send veteran generals to fight. After several minor defeats, Zhao retreated Lianpo to the East Bank of Danhe River, built barriers, and never fought.


In the face of this impasse, Qin people spread rumors in Handan, the capital city, that the Qin army was not afraid of honesty, but afraid of Zhao Kuo. Therefore, in spite of the opposition of Zhao Kuo's mother and he, Zhao Xiaocheng King worshiped Zhao Kuo as his general and replaced Lian Po.


As soon as Zhao Kuo was appointed, he overthrew the strategic policy of Incorruption rather than fighting, and turned defense into attack. As a result, Zhao Kuo was shot dead in the first World War of Changping, and almost 450000 Zhao troops were shot. At this point, Zhao Kuo left only one "laughingstock.


In such a situation, Zhao Kuo naturally became a back pan Xia. However, a careful study of history will reveal that there are many details worth pondering.


First of all, paper first appeared in the Warring States period. Zhao Kuo did not see paper at all. Therefore, the so-called "talking about war on paper" is only the result of "losing the army, all evils return to it".


Secondly, the Qin people spread rumors that the Qin army was afraid of Zhao Kuo, which was too far fetched. Not to mention that during the war of Changping, there were generals of Zhao who refused to help the Xiongnu and defended their positions for two years, which made the Qin army unable to advance eastward. Although Zhao Kuo is familiar with the military books, he has never had actual combat experience, and Zhao Xiaocheng is not the old and infatuated master. How could he easily fall into the counter plot of the Qin State. Investigate the reason. Zhao Xiaocheng's worship of Zhao Kuo as a general was not the result of the rebellion of the Qin people, nor the strong military capability of Zhao Kuo, but his helpless action.


Since Shang Yang's reform, Qin's national strength has greatly increased, and the fertile soil in Guanzhong has made Qin's reserves strong. Zhao is located in the north of the cold, rich areas are limited, so compared with military, Zhao and Qin have their own strengths, but compared with national strength, Zhao is obviously weak.


So at this time, Zhao Xiaocheng was in a dilemma. He chose to be honest and persevered. Sooner or later, Zhao would let Qin down, and chose to attack actively, but he had no certainty of victory.


However, Zhao Xiaocheng had to use Zhao Kuo, who dared to advance bravely, as the general, because he knew that Lian Po would not fight uncertain battles, and he would never attack the Qin army, only Zhao Kuo could change to defend to attack and break the deadlock.


As a result, the Qin State secretly replaced it. In the first World War of Changping, the 450000 troops of Zhao state were almost annihilated, and Zhao Kuo was shot dead. Zhao Kuo met the God of death in Qin Dynasty when he went to war for the first time, which made his military ability completely fixed on paper.


As for Zhao Kuo's military ability, it is clear after reading the following two historical facts:


First, according to historical records, Zhao's army had been surrounded for 46 days. The army had been out of food for a long time, so that people ate people. However, the army did not collapse and broke through under the command of the commander-in-chief. When Zhao Kuo died, Zhao Jun had no fighting spirit and chose to surrender. It can be seen that the Sergeants are very approbated for Zhao Kuo.


Second, "the biography of Baiqi" records that "although the Qin Dynasty broke the Changping army, more than half of the Qin soldiers died and the country was empty". As a result, the Qin army was unable to seize Handan. From this point of view, Zhao Kuo is not incompetent, just met too strong opponents in the beginning.


So looking at the gains and losses of Changping war, it can only be said that Zhao Xiaocheng's decision killed 450000 soldiers of Zhao state, and Zhao Kuo just carried the pot for Zhao Xiaocheng.


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