"The prosperous period of Kangxi and Qianlong" is another peak in the feudal history of China. However, it has a terrible nightmare. As the saying goes, the rich are no more than three generations. The emperor made great efforts in the foundation of the former Emperor and continued the prosperity of a generation. However, he probably would not have thought that his great reputation would be buried in the hands of a beloved minister. The early Emperor Qianlong was good at painting and calligraphy, and was proficient in Mongolian and Han Dynasties. If he didn't "hook up" with the gentry later, he might have become a perfect one!


Qianlong and his first encounter


History is full of coincidences. He Shen came to the stage in the middle and later period of Qianlong's reign, when he was "fit for a hundred Li road but half a 90", unable to catch his energy and political weariness. There is a very romantic legend about their fate. When Qianlong was still the prince, he once went to see his father's concubine. The concubine, with a beautiful face, was dressing in front of the mirror. Qianlong (then called Qianlong), who was very romantic, made a joke with her and covered her eyes with her hands from behind. The concubine thought it was the emperor, so she knocked on his forehead with a comb. Unfortunately, this scene was just seen by the queen, who mistakenly thought that the concubine was teasing the emperor, and then killed the beautiful concubine. When Qianlong was ashamed, he dyed Zhu on his finger and on the neck of the dead concubine. He met about 20 years later.


Twenty years later, in an accidental opportunity, Qianlong met with the gentry, and instantly had the same feeling of familiarity when he first met him, and found that the finger mark between his neck was just like that. Qianlong, who was very emotional, fell in love with him at first sight, and had more trust since then. Although this statement is somewhat exaggerated, there are always reasons for it. It also shows that the harmony gentry is extraordinary.


Moreover, before this, the battle between Jinchuan and xiaojinchuan continued, which was a headache for Emperor Qianlong. And as soon as he met the squire, hey, it was strange that the news came back frequently, and the Qingshui disciples soon wiped out. Therefore, Emperor Qianlong, who was superstitious, believed that he Shen was a lucky star.


How to "conquer" Qianlong


However, one is willing to fight, and the other is willing to suffer. He Shen is not a fuel-efficient lamp. Besides, Emperor Qianlong is not confused enough to be reckless to him only by virtue of his good face. The key lies in he Shen himself. Although Heshen has a clear face, it is not enough to "delight the dragon's face with color". Although he has some talent, the emperor is surrounded by talented people like,, Agui. His little pediatrics is not enough to "invite his attention with talent".


Then, how does he go from a small servant cloud to a powerful military minister and a great scholar? What's his trump card for "conquering" the emperor? It can be summarized as three points: no good knowledge, no virtue, no loyalty. If it is said that the reason for his royal favor is to be good at guessing the deep mind of the holy heart, and the key to his cabinet is to be proficient in the talents of Meng hanman, then the direct means to win his trust is to dare to offer the beauty to the saint. In this way, two people with similar smell soon stick together, and the bombs can not be opened.


As we all know, when it comes to peace and gentry, the first feeling is: greed! After he is favored step by step, the ugly truth will be exposed, and his greed will also expand with the promotion of official positions and the deepening of trust. In the forty-five years of Qianlong's reign, he established the system of discussing crimes and punishing money by borrowing things, which was thousands of Liang less and hundreds of thousands more, many of which were full of his private pockets. How much property did he Shen finally covet? No one can give a specific answer. Some people have made a conservative estimate that his family wealth is less than 800 million yuan, equivalent to half of the total financial revenue of the Qing government in the past 20 years. If it is used to compensate for the two losses in Jiawu gengzi, there will be more.


After all, Emperor Qianlong was not a faint king. Did he not hear about all kinds of corruption in his own court? No, he was better than anyone. At the beginning, he did work hard in punishing corruption. When he took office, he said: "if one of the officials bullied me depending on my width, I would be forced to be strict if I was blinded by all kinds of people. I'm afraid it's not the blessing of your superiors and people all over the world. You can know what I want." It shows his determination to punish corruption. In the following series of corruption cases, such as "Nanhe deficit case", "Lianghuai salt diversion case", "Gansu donation, supervision and risk relief case" and "Fujian deficit case", he can be described as broad-minded and magnificent: "if such bad officials stay for more than one day, the people will suffer more than one day of disability, and the country will suffer more than one day of worm. The state has set up officials and different posts. They should be honest and upright, encourage themselves in the corner, indulge in greed, and keep the people away from disease. How can they be so incompetent as to make an example of the officials? But it is a pity that they are hard to shake the tree, but they have repeatedly forbidden corruption. Even he himself sighed: "the governors of all provinces, who love themselves, are only two or three of ten. The inspectors are not forbidden, but greedy for ink; they are not ineffective in eliminating evil, but they are still aware of their leisure. "


Why does this happen? The first is the issue of implementation. Many times, he can't make a bowl of water level. For example, he had a favorite minister, Li Shiyao, who received more than 30000 bribes. However, Qianlong himself excused him, saying that "the most outstanding of the governors in his previous posts was to simply use the great scholar, who had been used by me for decades to ponder.". Of course, his "special grace" to the squire is no exception. The ministers who impeached the peace gentry were not without them, but most of them fell into a trap. In the 45th year of Qianlong's reign, Cao Xibao, the imperial historian, played a copy of Heshen. As a result, Emperor Qianlong not only actively protected Heshen, but also accused Cao falsely. This added to the arrogance of the gentry, which made their greedy claws not only have no fear, but also get up, and even pay tribute to the emperor. Besides, Emperor Qianlong himself is a greedy guy. All the household property confiscated by the local government belongs to the interior office.


Just imagine, as a boss, he can't set an example. How can he educate his employees? In the middle and later period of Qianlong's reign, he may have been numb to all kinds of corruption cases, "don't do anything for himself", and no longer have the passion of the past. In his own words, he said, "I really don't want to go to jail.". Because there are too many corrupt officials and the wildfire can't burn out, he can't help it, so he just opened one eye and closed one eye.


In this way, the above inaction seems to make the gentry's corruption "learn from the past", and the position of power above ten thousand people under one person provides too many possibilities for his corruption.


In addition, Qianlong after his old age was not the good emperor who was full of ambition and vowed to bring people to create a beautiful land. He himself is a hypocritical fellow, and with the gentry, only a little bit of gentleness will disappear from him. On the one hand, he advised all officials: "always think about the difficulties of material resources, and everything for extravagance is the precept." On the other hand, they were extravagant and extravagant. They were extremely extravagant at festivals, birthdays, southern tours, Eastern tours, etc. At that time, the GTP of the Qing government was not as good as before. Qianlong wanted face again. What should he do if he had no money? It doesn't matter. Power means money. He also began to spend public money more recklessly, even explicitly.


To be a royal relative


In the end, it is the common people who are hurt the most. In this respect, he Shen is also a rare talent for collecting money. With his changeable eloquence and the dedication of horse's head, he not only serves the holy one to be obedient, but also refuses to treat himself badly. At that time, the fighting was turbulent. There were white lotus in the northwest and ship robbers in the southeast. The emperor had enough opportunities to deal with the external worries. He was also busy traveling around the country. He was busy looking for flowers and willows with his and his love Qing. He had no time to take care of the trivial household affairs, such as corruption and bribery, and let him go. He just had pity on the world, They work at sunrise and rest at sunset, and the little gains they get are not enough to fill the bottomless hole of the desire of the officials and the holy ones!

  还有,如果我们认为和绅仅具有以上那些伎俩,那可太冤枉他这只老狐狸了。他在用冷水慢慢煮乾隆这只青蛙时,也不忘给自己织一张进可以攻、退可以守的人际关系网。他让自己的儿子丰申殷德娶了乾隆帝最疼爱的女儿和孝公主,并将其女嫁给帝的曾孙贝勒永均,将其侄女嫁给了乾隆的质郡王绵庆。这样,和绅已不仅是乾隆的得力秘书,最亲密的搭档,而且还皇亲国戚了。这一张王牌实在打的妙,牵一发而动全身,从此我和绅即使犯了欺君之罪了,你皇帝老儿能把我怎样?你去灭我九族吧,sorry,拿你连你自己都一起灭了不得吧! “于是,弘历跟和绅这两个满州肥佬,密切合作,倾所有的力量把清王朝的根基凿空,把大黑暗召回。”(柏杨语)

Moreover, if we think that the harmony gentry only has the above tricks, it would be too wrong for him, an old fox. When he slowly cooked the frog in cold water, he did not forget to weave a network of interpersonal relationships that he could attack and defend. He asked his son Fengshen Yinde to marry the most beloved daughter and filial Princess of Emperor Qianlong, married his daughter to his great grandson, belleyong Jun, and married his niece to mianqing, the quality Prince of Qianlong. In this way, Heshen was not only Qianlong's powerful secretary, the closest partner, but also the emperor's relatives and relatives. This trump card is really wonderful. Even if I and the gentry have committed the crime of deceiving the king, what can your emperor do to me? You can't destroy the nine clans with you, sorry. You can't even destroy yourself! "So Hongli and the two Manchu fat men, Heshen, work closely together to dig out the foundation of the Qing Dynasty and recall the darkness (Bo Yang)


Qitula new emperor launched


But, after all, the gentry caused public indignation. Can the emperor not know this? He knows that they are now connected by blood. He can't help it, and can't do anything about it, so he has to pretend to be confused. For this very difficult problem, he still has a vision. After two hundred years, Deng Xiaoping said: "this problem (referring to the Taiwan problem) can't be solved by our generation, we can leave it to our future generations and future generations to solve it!" so he gave this hot potato to us. It should be noted that Qianlong was the only emperor in the history of the Qing Dynasty for four years before he formally handed over the seal to Jiaqing.


In the past four years, the peace gentry was too much. He had no idea of the principle of going back in a hurry and taking good care of himself. He also tried to bring the new emperor into the water by his old means. But Jiaqing didn't take his advice at all. He was at odds with the peace gentry, and he hated the peace gentry so much that he could not tear him to pieces. It's a pity that his wings are not full. He has to bear it. During this period, he secretly collected evidence and pulled out some of his paws and teeth. So when he had real power, and even though his body was still cold, he immediately announced the 20 crimes of the peace gentry, and used the most classic adjectives such as "lost all the goodness", "spoiled the country and sick the people", "greedy and dissolute", "despondent", "fatherless" and so on.


As for the copying of his house, "when the gentry falls down, Jiaqing will be satisfied with food" is a postscript. Of course, the most important thing is to establish their own prestige. The first fire after taking office is enough to start a prairie fire. Poor he Shen, he would never have dreamed that he, like his predecessor Liang Shicheng,, and so on, was domineering and domineering before his death, and finally became a political victim in the change of power. Lament! Lament! Emperor Qianlong, who has done nothing in the latter half of his life, has left nothing to his successor after his death. Let's take the peace gentry as the greatest gift. In this way, he can also do it!


As for the gentry and the emperor, the relationship between them was not the same. "How many things in ancient and modern times are being talked about with a smile." What is left for posterity is endless emotion!


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