It is undeniable that he was one of the few iron fisted emperors in Chinese history. Although he was only in power for a short period of ten years, some measures he took during his reign had a great impact on the process of Chinese history. Because he was too strong, he made enemies on all sides. Although he kept on guard again and again, he died in the end, leaving the world with a headless body and a huge mystery for later generations. What's going on?


Emperor Yongzheng is one of the few emperors with the shortest reign period in Chinese history, and also one of the few most controversial emperors in Chinese history. His accession to the throne left a huge question mark in the hearts of future historians; his sudden death left a mystery that will never be solved. Emperor Yongzheng's mob and headless body has become a difficult case in Chinese history that can never be solved. Later historians can only rely on reasonable speculation to determine the real cause of death of Emperor Yongzheng.


There are several views on the mystery of the headless corpse of Emperor Yongzheng. The first (and most widespread) view is that Emperor Yongzheng was killed by his enemies. As we all know, when Emperor Yongzheng was in power, a large number of literati and poets would be destroyed because they wrote a wrong word or two in their works. Lu Si Niang's grandfather was one of the literati poets who suffered a lot. In this cruel literary prison, except for Lv Si Niang, a 14-year-old granddaughter of LV Liu Liang, who escaped by chance due to playing outside when she was arrested by the government, the family was almost killed.


Later, in order to visit famous teachers and learn martial arts, Lvsi Niang finally learned martial arts for more than ten years. So she went into the capital in secret and married a man as her hiding place in the capital. Shortly after the couple got married, Mrs. LV went out in short clothes. When she came back late at night, her husband saw that she had a bloody head in her hand, and only after careful questioning did he know that it was the head of today's holy man. Therefore, her husband admired her deeply, and accompanied her to go to his hometown overnight. The next day, news of Emperor Yongzheng's thugs came out of the Forbidden City. By the time the city was under martial law to search for the suspects, Lu Si Niang and her husband had been far away from the capital.


The second view is similar to the first one, but it is slightly different in the way LV siniang assassinated Yong Zheng. This view holds that after Lu Si Niang came to the capital, she bought the house and became a palace maid through various relations. With her beautiful appearance and excellent intelligence, Lu Si Niang quickly won the favor of Emperor Yongzheng. Finally, on a night when she was sleeping with Emperor Yongzheng, she took advantage of Emperor Yongzheng's unpreparedness and cut off Emperor Yongzheng's head with a short knife. Then she left the Forbidden City and did not know where to escape.


Compared with the former two ideas, the third one is more legendary and has the lowest possibility. People who hold this view think that after her family was killed, Lu Si Niang secretly went to the deep mountain to learn martial arts. After ten years of hard training, she finally became the world-famous martial arts of flying on the eaves and walking on the wall. When she went down the mountain, she had become a female Xia with great influence in the South and the north. Using her Kung Fu, Lu Si Niang sneaks into the imperial palace alone, assassinates and cuts the head of Emperor Yongzheng.


Although these ideas sound like a martial arts story, their credibility is still to be verified. However, both the first and the third viewpoints are almost based on the martial arts of Lu Si Niang. Although they are different in shape, they are actually one viewpoint. According to the Qing Dynasty tradition, the Imperial Palace and the emperor's bodyguards are full of support and vigilance when they go out. That is to say, the martial arts of Lu Si Niang can't be high without damage and there is no awareness inside or outside the palace Take down the head of Yongzheng. The second view seems to have some credibility, but in fact, there are also doubts, because according to the past practice of the Qing Dynasty, the concubines who serve in the bedroom at night generally have to go through strict body searching procedures, and Lvsi Niang can assassinate and cut the head of Yongzheng at one stroke when serving in the bedroom, which is very unlikely.


Since the above three views are not reliable, how did Emperor Yongzheng die? There are few records about the cause of his death in the historical materials, but only a few words in Volume 32 of donghualu: on August 23, the 13th year of Yongzheng, Emperor Yongzheng died suddenly in an emergency. As for the specific reason, donghualu has no record. This situation is understandable. Since the ruling class strictly blocked the cause of death after the death of Emperor Yongzheng at that time, it is difficult for the outside world to know the real cause of death of Emperor Yongzheng except for a few powerful ministers who participated in it. This is also an important reason why there is little or no record of the body of Emperor Yongzheng after his violent death in historical books.


Since Emperor Yongzheng's violent death left the world with a headless body, no matter historians or the people's speculation on the cause of his death has not stopped. It can be said that Emperor Yongzheng has been dead for more than 300 years, and the folklore about the headless corpse of his thug has also spread for more than 300 years. To solve this mystery, we need to open the underground palace of tailing to test the DNA of Yongzheng's remains. We believe that with the continuous progress and development of technology, the cause of death of Emperor Yongzheng will soon come to light.


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