In history, the assassination of the president of the United States has almost become a traditional curse. After careful calculation, a total of nine presidents have been assassinated, and four of them have been killed. Let's take a look at the president who was assassinated in the United States.


1. The first president assassinated in the history of the United States

  安德鲁·杰克逊(Andrew Jackson,1767年3月15日─1845年6月8日)是美国第7任总统(1829-1837年)。首任佛罗里达州州长、新奥尔良之役战争英雄、民主党创建者之一,杰克逊式民主因他而得名。在美国政治史上,1820年代与1830年代的第二党体系(Second Party System)以他为极端的象征。杰克逊始终被美国的专家学者评为美国最杰出的10位总统之一。

Andrew Jackson (March 15, 1767 June 8, 1845) was the seventh president of the United States (1829-1837). The first governor of Florida, war hero of the battle of New Orleans, and one of the founders of the Democratic Party, Jackson style democracy got its name from him. In American political history, the second party system in the 1820s and 1830s took him as an extreme symbol. Jackson has always been named one of the 10 most outstanding presidents of the United States by American experts and scholars.


Andrew Jackson is the first civilian president in American history. The father died before he was born. As a teenager, he lived in a remote area in the west, where he spent the revolutionary war. He started as a border lawyer and served as a congressman, Senator, judge of the state Supreme Court and major general of the state militia. In the second US British war, he was indomitable, willing to share weal and woe with the soldiers, known as "old walnut". In the battle of New Orleans, he defeated the British army and inspired the whole country to become a famous hero. He lost his first presidential campaign and won his second. He was the first Democratic president of the United States. During his term of office, he vigorously strengthened the functions and powers of the president, and maintained the unity of the union. He has made great achievements. He was known as "democratic politics" in history, several times as famous as the third president.


On January 30, 1835, when Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, was preparing to attend a funeral in the rotunda of Capitol Hill, a painter named Richard "insane" (he claimed to be the legitimate heir to the British throne), shot the president with two pistols no more than six feet away from Jackson, but neither of them was hit, and Jackson was not injured at all. Lawrence was later diagnosed with mental illness and detained in a lunatic asylum. Andrew Jackson was the first president to be assassinated in American history.


2. Abraham, the first president of the United States to be assassinated


Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States (re elected in 18091865, 1861 and 1864), was the first president to be assassinated in the United States. Lincoln was called "the best president" by the Americans.


In 1862, President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation of black slaves. He firmly advocated the abolition of slavery, and led the federal government and the army to defeat the armed rebellion of Southern planters. This war was known as the civil war of the United States. Lincoln's words and actions in support of the permanent abolition of slavery in the United States were welcomed by the American people, especially the black people, but were greatly hated by the defenders of slavery in the south. Lincoln won the presidential election in 1864.


On the evening of April 14, 1865, in Washington, D.C., Lincoln invited general grant and his wife to watch the opera "our American cousins" at the Ford theatre. On his way to the Department of the army, Lincoln suddenly had an ominous premonition. He stopped and hesitated, thinking that he should cancel his plan to go to the theatre, but soon gave up the idea. For his own safety, he personally asked Secretary of operations stetton to send an army colonel named Eckert to do his own defense, but stetton informed the president that Eckert had already arranged the task that night, and later had to appoint an officer named Brian as the security officer beside the president that night.


The performance was very wonderful, and the plot slowly developed to the climax. Someone quietly walked into the president's box. Soon there was a gunshot. The bullet hit the back of the president's head. The president fell down and never woke up. At 7:22 a.m. on April 15, although the doctors tried their best to rescue him, he was still unable to recover. President Lincoln ordered him to go to the spring.


After shooting Lincoln, the panicked killer was eager to escape and accidentally hurt his foot. The police found him along the bloodstain and shot him to death.


Who is the real murderer of the president? How can he sneak into the box with guards? People want to know about these problems, but the direct suspect has been killed, so they have to know the facts through other ways. After an investigation, things finally began to show up. The murderer is a professional actor named John Wilkes. It is said that he was on the north side in the early days of the civil war, but later somehow suddenly supported the southern regime. He has told people more than once that he must kill Lincoln one day, so that he will not only remove the new ruler at once, but also make himself famous. Is the reason why he killed the president really so simple? Of course, this is only the official investigation result, which is how the officials explained to the people. But many people don't agree with this view. They think the assassination of the general unification case must be a conspiracy, with some internal information.


Lincoln defeated the secessionist forces of the South and upheld the equal rights of all people in the United States of America and its territory. He was the first Republican president and once ranked first in the list of the greatest presidents. In 2005, AOL held a voting event, the greatest American. Lincoln was elected the second greatest person in the United States.


3. James Abram Garfield, the second president to die at gunpoint

  第二名死于枪下的总统是詹姆斯·艾伯拉姆·加菲尔德(18311881, 美国第20位总统)。

The second president to die at gunpoint was James Abram Garfield (18311881, 20th president of the United States).


James Abram Garfield is an American statesman and mathematician, born in Ohio. Republican in the United States. During the civil war, he joined the northern army, fought with the southern slavery army, and held the rank of major general. Garfield was elected as the 20th president in 1880. He is the first president with the status of a clergyman in the United States. After only four months in office, he was shot in the dark. He is the second president to be assassinated in the United States. His contribution in mathematics is mainly his new achievement in the proof of Pythagorean theorem, and he is also the only president in American history who was born as a mathematician. His first lady, Lucia Rudolph, has five children and two daughters.


Garfield was elected to the Senate several times after he was elected to the house of Representatives, but he never served here, because he was nominated to the white house before he was sworn in as a senator, which became an example in American history.


At the time of winning the presidential nomination, Garfield caused a split with the Republican grant Party, which infuriated a confused and frustrated lawyer in Chicago, Charles gitteo. For some reason, gito was obsessed with the idea that if he killed Garfield, the Republicans would unite again, and the grateful Republicans would reward him with an executive job for his service!


He borrowed $30 and went to Washington.


James A. Garfield may be famous for being the only president who has worshipped with assassins.


Looking for an opportunity to kill unsuspecting victims, gito followed the president into the Christian church on Vermont Avenue and sat in two rows behind the president. But gito decided not to assassinate during the service. As he later said, that's because "I'm afraid to hit some innocent people."


On June 18, 1881, gutteo, who had failed in his plan, followed the president and Mrs. Garfield to the railway station, but he believed that Mrs. Garfield, who was already ill, could not bear to witness her husband's killing.


On July 2, 1881, President Garfield entered the Baltimore and Potomac railway stations in Washington without any guards, accompanied only by Secretary of State James Blaine. Brian stops to talk to a friend, and gito sees the opportunity. He ran behind the president and fired two shots at close range, all of them. When onlookers handed in gito's gun, they heard him say, "this is it! They have to give me that job!"


In the killer's pocket, they found a letter to the White House. In the letter, gito apologized to Mrs. Garfield for what he called the "necessity" of killing her husband. The assassin assured Mrs Garfield that, as all devout Christians know, the president is happier in heaven than in Washington. But when people take the shot president out of the railway station, heaven is far away from the shot president. The bullet didn't hit the fatal spot, but it carried the contagion. Garfield was tortured for weeks as the doctor probed the bullet. Instead, doctors asked Alexander Graham Bell, a famous telephone inventor, if he knew what he could do to find the bullets embedded in the president's body. Mr. bell designed an electronic instrument at once. When you take this instrument near any metal, it makes an audible click. After Garfield's use, the device worked well for many years, until it was eventually replaced by an X-ray machine - but doctors could not find the bullets in President Garfield's body just because they ignored Bell's explicit instructions. Bell warned that when using the instrument, there should be no metal other than the metal to be found. Doctors tried to probe with a probe while Garfield was lying on a bed of metal frames and metal springs. After many weeks of this medical error, death took Garfield's life on September 19.


He was a compromise candidate at the Republican nomination convention. President Garfield, who was elected in 1880 under the condition of mutual compromise between the parties, has always been a contender between the two parties in the Republican Party, and he himself has an ambiguous attitude. Because of the uneven distribution of official positions, on July 2, 1881, Garfield was shot by the Republican diehard Charles gito at a railway station in Washington, D.C., in the middle of September 19, 1881 Garfield died on Sunday. Gito was hanged the following year.


4. President William McKinley, the third president who was assassinated

  威廉·麦金莱(William Mckinley,1843年1月29日-1901年9月14日)是美国第25任(第29届)总统。他18岁从军,以少校军衔退伍,先后当过律师、县检察官、众议员和州长,1897年当选为总统。执政后,他采取提高关税和稳定货币的政策,加上其他措施,美国的经济有了很大起色,麦金莱从而获得“繁荣总统”的美名。对外,他发动。他在布法罗去世,享年58岁。麦金利是美国立国后被刺身亡的第三位总统。

William McKinley (January 29, 1843-september 14, 1901) is the 25th (29th) president of the United States. He joined the army at the age of 18, retired as a major, served as a lawyer, county prosecutor, Congressman and governor successively, and was elected president in 1897. After taking office, he adopted the policies of raising tariffs and stabilizing the currency, together with other measures, which greatly improved the economy of the United States. McKinley gained the reputation of "prosperous president". Externally, he launched. He died in Buffalo at the age of 58. McKinley was the third president to be assassinated after the founding of the United States.

  威廉·麦金莱遇刺案(英语:Assassination of William McKinley)发生在1901年9月6日,第25任美国总统威廉·麦金莱在美国纽约州布法罗泛美博览会的音乐圣殿被枪击,行凶者里昂·乔戈什是无政府主义者,他用一把隐藏起来的左轮手枪打中了正在与自己握手示意的麦金莱。伤势是致命的,总统于一个多星期后的9月14日因坏疽逝世,享年58岁。

The assassination of William McKinley occurred on September 6, 1901. William McKinley, the 25th president of the United States, was shot at the music Temple of the Pan American fair in Buffalo, New York. Leon Georgos, an anarchist, shot McKinley with a hidden revolver, who was shaking hands with him. The injury was fatal and the president died of gangrene on September 14, more than a week later, aged 58.


McKinley, who won the US presidential election in 1900 and was re elected successfully, likes to communicate directly with the public and is unwilling to protect his office. President secretary George B

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