Emperor Liang Yuandi


Xiao Yi (508-554) was the seventh son of his. His nickname was Qifu. He ascended the throne in Jiangling in the first year of Chengsheng (552) and was known as emperor yuan of Liang. However, only two years later, Jiangling city was conquered by the Western Wei Dynasty, and Xiao Yi was defeated. Although Xiao Chen, a puppet supported by the Western Wei Dynasty, was still there, the Liang Dynasty was actually destroyed. After the Yuan emperor came out, he was imprisoned first, and then his nephew Xiao Chen sent someone to crush him to death with a soil bag. He was 47 years old.


Xiao Yi grew up in a family with a strong literary atmosphere. His father Xiao Yan, his elder brother Xiao Tong and his third brother Xiao Gang are all famous writers in the Liang Dynasty. Xiao Yi was "smart and handsome, talented and brilliant, speaking as a theory, sound like a bell". As a result of his hard work in childhood, he was blind in one eye, so he was mocked by Xu Guifei with "half face makeup". However, Xiao Yi is still eager to learn. He often has many attendants around him. He studies in turns. It's common day and night, so he knows a lot of ancient books. Xiao Yi is good at painting and calligraphy. He once painted himself,


From painting and calligraphy, "the three wonders of time and people". Xiao Yi also liked to collect books and kept collecting and copying them. Later, Wang Seng argued that more than 80000 volumes of books had been sent from Jiankang and more than 100000 volumes had been collected in the secret palace. But it's sad that when Jiangling city is about to be conquered, Xiao Yi even "orders Gao Shanbao to burn 140000 volumes of ancient and modern books". These precious paintings and calligraphy accumulated over the years disappeared with his little Dynasty.


Xiao Yi is a man of "good mannerism, much suspicion, no dummy in the name.". If there is a slight victory over oneself, it will be destroyed. ". This jealous personality may also be inherited by Xiao Yan, his father. However, it is undeniable that Xiao Yi has made some achievements in literature and works. In November of the third year of Chengsheng (554), when the army of the Western Wei Dynasty attacked under the bars, "the emperor still wrote poems without abandonment". Xiao Yi once said, "I'm ashamed of being a warrior, I'm a scholar." However, when the enemy came under, he was still immersed in Wenhan and didn't repair his military equipment, which doomed him to break his family and country.




Empress Chen (553-604) was named Shubao, ziyuanxiu and huangnu. He was the eldest son of emperor Chen Xuan. In the 14th year of Taijian (582), Chen Shubao became the last monarch of the Chen Dynasty. Since his childhood, empress Chen was "born in the deep palace and skilled at women's hands", so before and after his accession to the throne, he was always "short of wine and lust, not caring for political affairs". Especially after the Ninth Five-Year Plan, life is more extravagant, "there are 50 people who are sycophantic and Mink on the left and right, and more than a thousand women who are beautiful and skillful to follow.". In addition, three pavilions, Linchun Pavilion, Jieqi Pavilion and Wangxian Pavilion, were specially built for his beloved concubines Zhang and Kong. All day long, he entertained with more than ten courtiers, such as President Jiang and Kong fan, in the backyard, which was called "visiting guests". He also let eight concubines, such as concubines Zhang Guifei and Kong Guiren, sit together, drink wine, write poems and ignore the government affairs, which eventually led to internal and external troubles and broke the country.


In history, general he ruobi and his troops were sent to cross the Yangtze River. When hearing that the Sui army was on the river, Chen Shubao encouraged himself and said, "Wang Qi is here, Qi Bing has been here three times, Zhou Bing has been here again, and all is destroyed. Whoever takes this place will be defeated." Kong fan, a sycophant, echoed that the Sui army would not cross the river. Therefore, the emperor and his officials "played tricks and wine, and wrote poems.". It was not until the Sui army attacked and quarried stones, went down to Jingkou (now Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province), and the Chen Dynasty's garrison kept watching the wind and kept warning ahead, that the later Lord pretended to say, "I should be in charge of the Sixth Division, clear the eight tables, and be able to guard inside and outside." Naiming, fan Meng, Fan Yi and other generals divided forces to guard the capital and the key points along the river. Even the monks, nuns and Taoists in Jianye city were armed, but it was too late. In a few days, the South Korean army was defeated like a mountain. General Ren Mannu surrendered to Han to capture the tiger, and led the Sui army to the palace city through Zhuque bridge. In a hurry, Chen Shubao said, "under the blade, I have no plan." So he and his beloved beauties Zhang and Kong hid in a deep well of Jingyang palace, but they were finally searched out of the well by Sui soldiers and made prisoners of war.


Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty treated empress Chen, the late monarch of the state, favorably and gave him a lot of gifts. He introduced several times and provided good wine and vegetable fields. It's said that Chen Shubao loves donkey meat and can drink a stone of wine every day. He is often drunk. He even asked Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty for an official title, which was ridiculed as "heartless" by Yang Jian. At a banquet, empress Chen improvised a poem to flatter Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty. Yang Jian said to the later master, "is it not because of the wine that this defeat will be done? How can we think about the current situation?"


The emperor of the Southern Dynasty, who only drank wine and wrote poems, was very similar to Emperor Liang Yuan in his style. However, he lived for 16 years after his death. By the end of the fourth year of Renshou (604), Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty, Chen Shubao, 52, died in Luoyang. He was given the title of "Yang", a short title of great wall county Duke. Later generations know that Chen Shubao was named "Chen Yangdi" before Yang Guang.


Although empress Chen is an incompetent monarch, he is quite accomplished in literature and art. He did have some praiseworthy achievements in his poetry creation. In addition to the flower in the backyard of Yushu, which was regarded as the voice of the nation's subjugation, he also wrote works on the subject of conscription and thinking about women. His poetry style is mainly gorgeous, and there are good sentences in the scenery Lyric. Another example is the poem he wrote with Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty when he went to mount Mang in Luoyang: "the sun and the moon are virtuous and the mountains and rivers are strong. Peace cannot be rewarded. I wish to send a letter to the East. " Although it belongs to the work of praising saints of Goethe school, there is no lack of grandeur in it.


Empress of the Southern Tang Dynasty

  要说亡国之君多才艺,五代的南唐后主李煜更是一位典型人物。李煜(937-978 年),重光,他是南唐中主李璟的第六个儿子。本来按照封建帝室的继承制度,他是无缘登上宝座的,依他的自身意愿和天赋才能,他也只希望做一个舞文弄墨的风流才子。李璟就是一位有名的词人,李煜继承了其父的风范,文人习气和贵族风格在他身上得到了很好的展现。他通晓音律,擅长词章,又工书善画,还是著名的艺术品收藏家。尤其是他的词作,更是在中国文学史上具有划时代的价值,历来广为传诵。

Li Yu, the late master of the Southern Tang Dynasty in the Five Dynasties, is a typical figure. Li Yu (937-978), Chongguang, is the sixth son of Li Jing, the leader of the Southern Tang Dynasty. Originally, according to the inheritance system of the feudal emperor's office, he was not destined to ascend the throne. According to his own wishes and talent, he only wanted to be a talented person who could write and write. Li Jing is a famous poet. Li Yu inherited his father's style, and the literati's habits and aristocratic style were well displayed in him. He is a famous art collector. He is good at music, calligraphy and painting. In particular, his ci works are of epoch-making value in the history of Chinese literature and have been widely read.


Li Yu loved calligraphy very much since he was a child, and created a calligraphy art called "golden wrong sword" by historical books. His works were still handed down to the end of the Northern Song Dynasty, and nine of them were included in Xuanhe painting manual. Unfortunately, the Northern Song Dynasty did not satisfy the future generations.


Li Yugong is good at calligraphy and painting, and is good at appreciation, so he also likes collecting. In addition, with the power and financial resources of the emperor, he has collected a lot of blue ink in his life. He also attached great importance to the appreciation and collection of ink, especially for Li Tingyao, chengxintang paper and Longwei inkstone, which were well-known in the Southern Tang Dynasty. At that time, most of these three kinds of stationery tools were produced in the area of Shexian County, Huizhou. They are actually the forerunners of Huimo, xuanzhi and Sheyan of later generations. Li Yu has made great contributions to the protection and inheritance of these three traditional Chinese crafts, which should be remembered by later generations. However, he also committed the same crime as emperor Liang Yuandi. On the day when the Northern Song army conquered Jinling, he ordered people to burn the calligraphy and painting of the inner mansion to ashes, leaving endless pain for later generations.


After Li Yu was captured in the north, when he recalled the past life situation, he felt more or less guilty, which can be seen from some of his later works. According to the song people's book of songs of the Western Qing Dynasty, when the Northern Song Dynasty army came to the border, Li Yu "wrote the poem" Linjiang immortal "in the besieged city, but the city was broken before he left.". After learning this, he once said to the officials, "if Li Yu managed the country by writing poems, would he be captured by me?"


According to reports, when I first met Li Yu, I also said, "what a scholar of Hanlin." Fate is to play tricks on people like this, but let talented people become kings. The dislocation of life role not only brings tragedy to them personally, but also causes irreparable disaster to the nation.


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