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日本地震最新新闻消息 日本茨城县南部发生里氏5级地震


According to the latest news of the earthquake in Japan, at 4:53 a.m. local time on May 14, a magnitude 5 earthquake occurred in the south of Ibaraki County, Japan, with a focal depth of 50 km.


Photo source: screenshot of the website of Japan Meteorological Agency


According to reports, the earthquake caused shaking of magnitude 4 (most people in sleep were awakened) in Japan's Ibaraki, Tohoku, qunma and Saitama counties. Shaking of magnitude 3 (most people in the house can feel it) was also observed in Tokyo area 23 and other places. However, the earthquake did not cause a tsunami.


According to police and fire departments in nine cities with magnitude 4 earthquakes, no reports of the disaster have yet been received.


In terms of railways, according to the East Japan Railway Association, after the earthquake, all Shinkansen and ordinary speed railways in Tokyo did not stop operation.


In addition, according to the disaster prevention and crisis management section of Ibaraki County, the second nuclear power plant in the East China Sea, located in Donghai village of Ibaraki County, and other nuclear power facilities have not been abnormal.


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What should I do in case of an earthquake?


Although earthquakes are unavoidable and uncontrollable for human beings at present, as long as we master some skills, we can also minimize the damage from disasters.


1. Don't rush in a big earthquake


The average time of destructive earthquake is only 12 seconds from people's feeling of vibration to the destruction of buildings. In this short period of time, you must not panic. You should make a quick choice to ensure safety according to your environment. If you live in a bungalow, you can run to the door quickly. If you live in a building, don't jump. Cut off the power switch immediately, turn off the gas, and avoid to a place with a small span such as the washroom, or under a table or bed. Evacuate quickly after the earthquake to prevent strong aftershocks.


2. If there are too many people, find a hiding place first


Schools, shops, theaters and other places where people gather should avoid panic in case of an earthquake. They should immediately hide under desks, chairs or solid objects, and evacuate orderly after the earthquake. Teachers and other on-the-spot staff must calmly command people to take shelter on the spot, and never take the lead in running around.


3. Keep away from dangerous areas


If you encounter an earthquake in the street, you should protect your head with your hands, and quickly move away from the building to the center of the street. In case of an earthquake in the countryside, please keep away from cliffs, steep slopes, river banks and high-voltage lines. The running cars and trains should stop at once.


4. Keep physical strength when buried


If you are unfortunately buried in ruins after the earthquake, try to keep calm and try to save yourself. When you can't get out of danger, you should keep your physical strength, try your best to find water and food, create living conditions, and wait patiently for rescue workers.


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