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微软终止支持Win7 以后win7还能用吗

微软终止支持Win7以后win7还能用吗?月14日消息,微软给出的公告称,从2020年1月14日开始停止支持Windows 7操作系统,这意味着该公司不会再向数百万台电脑发布任何软件更新,包括可以防止网络攻击的软件补丁。

Can win7 still be used after Microsoft stops supporting win7? According to the announcement made by Microsoft on January 14, 2020, it will stop supporting Windows 7 operating system, which means that the company will not release any software updates to millions of computers, including software patches that can prevent network attacks.

“虽然运行Windows 7系统的PC仍可继续使用,但没有持续的软件和安全更新,PC将面临更大的病毒和恶意软件风险。”微软在其网站上表示。

"Although the PC running Windows 7 system can still be used, without continuous software and security updates, the PC will face greater risk of viruses and malware." Microsoft said on its website.

目前,Windows 7用户有两种选择。如果用户还没有升级到Windows 10,那么拥有一台PC还不到3年的用户可以付费升级,每台起价为139美元。

Currently, Windows 7 users have two options. If the user has not upgraded to windows 10, the user who has a PC for less than 3 years can pay for the upgrade, starting at $139 per PC.

微软最初曾提供免费升级服务,直到2016年7月29日为止。另一种选择是,如果用户使用的PC已达3年以上,则微软建议购买一台运行Windows 10系统的新PC。

Microsoft initially offered free upgrades until July 29, 2016. Another option is that if the user has been using a PC for more than three years, Microsoft recommends purchasing a new PC running Windows 10.

不过外媒报道称,若借助微软官方的媒体创建工具进行就地升级,则用户仍可顺利激活新的Windows 10副本,不过此方法并不能激活全新安装的Windows 10操作系统。

However, foreign media reported that users can still activate the new windows 10 copy smoothly if they upgrade locally with Microsoft's official media creation tool, but this method does not activate the newly installed windows 10 operating system.

据悉,微软确实在2016年推出了免费升级的政策,按理说这项福利早已结束。但实际上,该公司一直没有用心去封堵媒体创建工具的漏洞。通过简单的升级操作,用户可以保留旧有的内容,同时Windows 7许可证将被转换为Windows 10的数字许可证。之后就算执行了全新安装,亦可得以保全。为何要停止支持Windows 7?

It is reported that Microsoft did launch a free upgrade policy in 2016, which is supposed to be over. But in fact, the company has not been careful to block the loopholes in media creation tools. With a simple upgrade operation, users can keep the old content, and the windows 7 license will be converted to a Windows 10 digital license. After that, even if a new installation is carried out, it can be saved. Why stop supporting Windows 7?

微软宣布对Windows 7停止支持和更新的意图非常明显,那就是促使还在使用Windows 7系统的个人用户尽快升级Windows 10操作系统,不仅如此还可以将Windows 7补丁和更新部门的人力转移到Windows 10的更新和补丁推送。

Microsoft's intention to stop supporting and updating Windows 7 is very obvious. That is to urge individual users who are still using Windows 7 system to upgrade windows 10 operating system as soon as possible. Not only that, but also the manpower of Windows 7 patch and update department can be transferred to windows 10 update and patch push.

根据市场调查机构Netmarketshare一月初发布的报告显示,2019年12月,Windows 10系统市场份额占比达到54.62%,而Windows 7位居第二,为26.64%。

According to the report released by netmarketshare in early January, in December 2019, the market share of windows 10 system reached 54.62%, while that of Windows 7 was the second, 26.64%.

可以看到Windows 7的用户占比还是非常大,由于Windows 7的稳定性和易用性,许多人一直选择Windows 7作为个人电脑的操作系统,纵使微软想方设法诱导用户升级到新的Windows 10操作系统,但大多数用户还是不为所动。

It can be seen that the proportion of users of Windows 7 is still very large. Because of the stability and ease of use of Windows 7, many people have been choosing Windows 7 as the operating system of personal computers. Even though Microsoft tries to induce users to upgrade to the new windows 10 operating system, most users are still unmoved.

微软在2015年结束了对Windows 7的所谓“主流支持”,但到目前为止仍向运行这个操作系统的用户提供安全更新,如医生办公室、银行和其他保存着敏感客户信息的机构等。根据微软的说法,“主流支持”包括保修服务以及在其他事件上的帮助,还有“请求非安全更新的能力”等。或标志着PC时代终结

Microsoft ended its so-called "mainstream support" for Windows 7 in 2015, but has so far provided security updates to users running the operating system, such as doctors' offices, banks and other institutions that keep sensitive customer information. According to Microsoft, "mainstream support" includes warranty services and assistance in other events, as well as "the ability to request non security updates.". Or marks the end of the PC era

有行业人士直言,Windows 7的终结也标志着PC时代的终结。当Windows 7发布时,iPhone和它的App store已经面世,但仍然很新奇,而iPad还没有面世。如果你想在电脑上完成工作,或者其它几乎任何事情,你需要一台电脑。仅仅十年之后,情况就复杂多了。

Some people in the industry say that the end of Windows 7 also marks the end of the PC era. When Windows 7 was released, the iPhone and its app store were available, but they were still novel, while the iPad was not. If you want to do work on a computer, or almost anything else, you need a computer. Just ten years later, the situation is much more complicated.

在过去的七年中,个人电脑的销量一直在下降。去年这种情况只以小幅增长结束,主要是由于企业在屈服于不可避免的升级之后,需要购买新的PC来运行Windows 10。在许多情况和使用案例中,PC已被智能手机,平板电脑或数字助理等各种设备所取代。不仅是PC,Windows也不再是微软曾经的定义产品。

Sales of personal computers have been falling in the past seven years. This ended last year with only a small increase, mainly because businesses had to buy new PCs to run Windows 10 after succumbing to inevitable upgrades. In many cases and use cases, PC has been replaced by various devices such as smartphone, tablet or digital assistant. Not only PC, windows is no longer Microsoft's defined product.


Of course, this is not to say that the PC is dead. In the foreseeable future, the PC will still be the main device people work on. Many office and knowledge workers will agree. But now there are many other options. People may be working on tablets or mobile phones, while some people can hardly touch a PC outside of work.


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