由于波音737连续发生严重事故,2019年全球大面积停飞,这让波音公司在2019年收到了前所未有的考验。当地时间1月13日,美国飞机制造商波音公司方面宣布,David L. Calhoun(戴维·卡尔霍恩)当日起开始担任波音公司的总裁兼首席执行官职务。

Due to the serious accidents of Boeing 737, a large area of the world will be grounded in 2019, which makes the Boeing company receive an unprecedented test in 2019. On January 13 local time, the Boeing company, an American aircraft manufacturer, announced that David L. Calhoun (David Calhoun) began to hold the post of president and CEO of Boeing from that day on.

波音董事会主席Lawrence W. Kellner(劳伦斯·凯尔纳)表示,“凭借深厚的行业经验和可靠的业绩记录,David是在波音公司104年的历史中度过这个充满挑战时刻的正确领导者。我们有信心Dave将使波音向前迈进,并高度重视我们的价值观,包括安全,质量和诚信。”

Lawrence W. Kellner, chairman of Boeing's board of directors, said, "with deep industry experience and a solid track record, David is the right leader to spend this challenging time in Boeing's 104 year history. We are confident Dave will move Boeing forward and attach great importance to our values, including safety, quality and integrity. "

劳伦斯·凯尔纳补充称,“我们也要感谢Greg Smith担任临时首席执行官,并很高兴波音在他恢复担任波音首席财务官兼企业绩效与战略执行副总裁一职后继续受益于他的贡献。”

Lawrence Kellner added, "we would also like to thank Greg Smith for his interim CEO role and are pleased that Boeing continues to benefit from his contribution after he resumes his role as Boeing CFO and executive vice president of corporate performance and strategy."


David Calhoun, 62, has held various senior leadership positions in Blackstone, Nielsen holdings and general electric, according to Boeing officials. During his 26 years at GE, he has led a number of business units, including GE Transportation and Ge aircraft engines. He has been a member of Boeing's board of directors since 2009 and served as chairman of the board from October 11 to December 22, 2019.


David Calhoun said, "in the face of challenges, I am honored to lead Boeing's talented people. We will work together to strengthen our safety culture, enhance transparency and rebuild trust with our customers, regulators, suppliers and the public. With the strength of our team, I am confident in the future of Boeing, including the future of 737max. "


David Calhoun emailed all Boeing employees that day, sharing the top priorities for 2020.


"I recognize the lessons you have learned (many of them painful) from the experience of the past 18 months that will bring us to the business we do," David Calhoun said in an email


The email pointed out that this is a critical moment for Boeing. We have work to do to maintain our values and build our strengths. "I see things that are done well, but I also see opportunities to be better. This includes more transparent interaction between us and our stakeholders, making ourselves accountable for the highest safety and quality standards. "


In his first days and weeks as president and CEO, David Calhoun said he would listen closely to employees, customers, partners and regulators to ensure that expectations are understood and gradually met.


To this end, he has set the priorities for 2020:


First, restore security services to 737max. That must be Boeing's main focus, he said. This includes following and working with the regulator's leadership to ensure that the regulator is fully satisfied with the aircraft and Boeing's work so that Boeing can continue to meet its commitments to customers.


The second is to rebuild trust. "Many shareholders are disappointed with us, so it's our job to fix these important relationships," he said. We will do this by rebuilding transparency even more than expected. We will listen appropriately, urgently and respectfully, seek feedback and respond. "


Third, focus on values. "Every day, we are committed to shared values, while at the same time further strengthening our culture," he said. Your voice is important. We will create an inclusive environment that includes oversight and accountability, with safety, quality and integrity at the forefront. "


Fourth, excellent operation. "Operational excellence is a way for us to work together to provide our customers with safe products and services, while constantly improving our quality indicators," he said. It requires a targeted approach, and all of us need to find opportunities to ensure that we are committed to the most important things, and all of us are accountable for that. "


Fifth, maintain production status. He said measures would continue to be taken to maintain the existing supply chain and staff expertise in order to ensure safety, intelligence and the highest quality standards when starting production again and increasing productivity.

六是投资未来。他表示,波音的市场在增长,客户需求在不断发展,竞争在不断加剧,技术也在以前所未有的速度发展。因此,波音必须不断创新才能成功。“我们将继续投资于我们的全球劳动力以及新的流程和技术,这将帮助我们在定义航空航天的未来时变得更加安全高效。”他表示,这项工作包括为CST-100 Starliner的首次载人飞行任务做准备,777X和737 MAX 10的首次飞行,全球服务业务的进一步发展以及与巴西航空工业公司合作关系的敲定。

Sixth, invest in the future. Boeing's market is growing, customer demand is growing, competition is intensifying and technology is developing at an unprecedented speed, he said. So Boeing has to innovate to succeed. "We will continue to invest in our global workforce and new processes and technologies that will help us become more secure and efficient in defining the future of aerospace." He said that the work includes preparation for the first manned mission of CST-100 starliner, the first flight of 777x and 737 Max 10, further development of global service business and finalization of cooperation relationship with Embraer.


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