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Liu Xiu is the founder of China. His ability and appearance are among many emperors in China. However, at the beginning of the Eastern Han Dynasty, he was faced with a difficult problem, that is, who should stand behind him.


In fact, after Liu Xiu married Yin Lihua, the woman he loved very much at that time. Later, in order to appease Hebei and strengthen his own power, he married Guo Shengtong, the granddaughter of Liu Yang, the Han clan's lineage.


At that time, when Liu Xiu went to Hebei for development, he could be said to be in poverty. Without the help of Guo Shengtong's 100000 troops, he would not have done a great job. Therefore, Liu Xiu finally established Guo Shengtong as the queen. However, shortly after his accession to the throne, he immediately abolished Guo Shengtong's position as Queen. Why?


First of all, the marriage between Guo Shengtong and Liu Xiu was not out of the original intention, but was a victim under the politics of the war. When Liu Xiugang was sent to Hebei Province to consolidate his power, he could be said to be alone and have no power. At that time, Wang Lang, who was in power in Hebei Province, was absolutely crushing Liu Xiu. So if he doesn't think of other methods, he can only.


At the right time, Liu Yang, the royal lineage of the Western Han Dynasty, took a fancy to his strength and character and decided to form an alliance with him. Faced with such a good opportunity, Liu Xiu could not have foolishly missed the opportunity given by heaven. So in order to consolidate their interests, he married Guo Shengtong, Liu Yang's niece.


With the help of Liu Yang, Liu Xiu didn't have too many concerns. He attacked Handan directly, defeated Wang Lang and became a local vassal. Of course, no matter for Liu Xiu or Liu Yang, the position of princes is far from satisfying their ambitions. Under the joint efforts of the two, they continue to fight south and north to win the world.


After Liu Xiu became the emperor, Liu Yang, who helped himself to win the world, naturally dared not treat him badly before he had consolidated his power. Therefore, Liu Xiu was granted the real king and enjoyed the same prosperity as the royal family. It's a pity that Liu Xiu, who got the world, no longer needs Liu Yang's help when his power is absolutely in his hands. Instead, he is afraid that his foreign relatives' dictatorship will become the chicken ribs of his own power, so he has the heart to suppress Liu Yang, so Guo Shengtong, who married him because of the marriage, becomes the victim of politics.


Secondly, it is Liu Xiu's guilt about his wife, Yin Lihua. There is a saying in history that when you marry a wife, you should marry Yin Lihua. It's Liu Xiu's love for her.


Although Liu Xiu is a descendant, in fact, by the time of his policy, he has been equal to the common people. When he was young, he studied in Xinye and lived in his brother-in-law's house. Because his brother-in-law had a little relationship with Yin Lihua's house, he was able to know the lady of Xinye's family. In this view, Liu xiubian has a love for this young lady, so Yin Lihua is actually his first love.


In history, Yin Lihua is a virtuous empress. It has been recorded that she is respectful and thrifty. She is not easy to enjoy treasures, and she does not like to laugh and joke. Her nature is benevolent, filial and compassionate. Therefore, after marrying Yin Lihua, Liu Xiu really dotes on her first wife.


However, Yin Lihua was not able to make her own decision on the post. Knowing her husband's dilemma, Yin Lihua gave up the position of Queen and persuaded her to make Guo Shengtong the post, which also made Liu Xiu feel more guilty.


In fact, Yin Lihua can see farther than Guo Shengtong. Liu xiuneng, step by step, conquered the world and became the emperor. The great credit lies in Lihua. Liu Xiu chose Guo Shengtong to be the queen at that time, but it was not because of love, but because she was more helpful to her position.


After Liu Yang's downfall, facing the domineering Guo Shengtong in the harem, he will naturally feel guilty for Yin Lihua and like to enlarge infinitely. Without interest and love, Liu Xiu dismissed Guo Shengtong as the king of Zhongshan without hesitation because of her old age, aging color, jealousy and other charges.


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