I believe that many small partners know that TD zhengzhibo is a very popular anchor for fighting fish, because the previous broadcast of improper content led to the closure of the live room, and the live content was once reported, requiring the closure of zhengzhibo. At that time, there was a female guest in the studio. Many people were very curious about who this SM female guest was. Let's have a look with Xiaobian!


Who is TD integrity bosm's female guest


When it comes to the industry of live broadcasting, there are various forms of live broadcasting, such as singing, dancing, performing talents, chatting, relying on beauty and so on. Of course, in addition to these, there are also some improper ways, such as selling meat, various large-scale programs and so on. Such live content is bound to be banned. However, zhengzhibo was blocked before, because of making large-scale programs in the live broadcast room! It was banned!


At that time, zhengzhibo may have wanted to give you a new way of live broadcasting, but what this new way brought to him was that the studio was closed. After all, this way is really a bit inappropriate. The scale is too large. I actually performed a sm scene with a female guest in the live room! Both sides are suffering from lingerie!


Honest Bo kneels on the ground directly and is led by the female guests. This scale is really too big. It's just the taste of SM! Many people are very curious about who this female guest is! For such a program, of course, it must have a good relationship with integrity blog! As for who it is, Xiaobian doesn't know.


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